Quick Spotlight: MG uses chart for better vacation! 

by Evelyn Levenson

A Manifesting Generator client recently shared with me how she directly applied her understanding of her Human Design chart while on vacation…. and what a noticeable difference it made.

The 34-20 is her only defined channel so she is a super fast Manifesting Generator and also very Open—7 of 9 centers undefined. Add to that her Gate 19 (sensitivity) and we understand that she is very sensitive to and affected by other people and her environment.

Her children are adults now and she’s a busy, successful personal organizer (she gets in and gets the job DONE!). She is a 2/4 profile so she also needs some alone time, despite her normally hectic schedule.

She recently took her longest vacation ever—she and her Significant Other went to Italy for a month.

During the trip she used her Sacral responses to guide her choices of what to do, what not to not do, and how long to stay in places. Her S.O. is a Generator so his Sacral responses were considered too, but because of her unusual sensitivity he was willing to make sure that she was comfortable. Here’s an example.

She loved the old energy and history throughout Europe, but places that had seen a lot of violence or death were quite uncomfortable for her so she allowed herself to leave and didn’t try to force herself to stay in those places.

He is a 6/2 profile, and they discovered that both of their 2nd line Hermit personalities preferred staying over night in quaint places outside the bustling cities, although they enjoyed exploring cities during the day.

These understandings of themselves allowed them to enjoy their trip to the fullest.

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  1. It is amazing how learning about yourself…and your partner makes like so much more enjoyable. Being a 1/3 Manifesting Generator…with Gate 48, my husband (3/5 MG) let’s me take the reigns on investigating…err “planning” our vacations. I create a binder that I call “the Big Book of Fun” that is organized by days and events….including maps, menus of the restaurants we want to try, history of the places we are going, etc. I want to know everything I can about the area and must see things to do. I even create a flexible itinerary so we are able to get everything in (of course, we use our emotional solar plexus as authority to decide the order for the day.) 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, Amanda! Thank you for sharing that. My 1st line Profile (I’m a 1/3, like you) is salivating over your Big Book of Fun. woohoooo!!!

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