Quick Spotlight: Positive Attitude During Divorce? 

by Evelyn Levenson

A recent Reading and Coaching client, a 4/6 Projector, was in the process of negotiating terms (including child custody issues) in a contentious divorce from her husband of 17 years. And she had an extraordinarily positive outlook and was very centered and calm!

When we began her Full Human Design Reading a few months before, the divorce seemed likely and she was (in her words) “obsessed with the question of what to do” and with the feeling that she was not aligned with what she was supposed to do in her life.

She had known about Human Design for a year before finding me. She had had some readings that were confusing and taken some courses that didn’t completely make sense to her. She researched it online and read a book about it. She was fascinated and knew she had found an amazing tool, but it had not quite come together for her yet.

Over the previous years she had also done a lot of personal growth work, meditation, soul searching, therapy, yoga, etc., all of which helped but had not actually shifted her old beliefs and issues around her difficult childhood and difficult marriage.

With her Full Reading she was able to see herself with remarkable new clarity, embrace her core self (for the first time in her life!) and feel grateful for all that had happened to her, including a recent car accident that totaled her car–she’s fine–but gave her an opportunity to put into practice her new-found sense of self and trust in the perfect unfolding of everything.

In her words, “What I thought were my biggest flaws are my biggest gifts… I’m now comfortable in my own skin… I have a light in my eyes and I feel beautiful… I trust the abundance of the universe.”

Together we looked at her husband’s chart, too, and she gained a new understanding and compassion for his path, experience, and expression of his energies. She had no anger or bitterness. She was centered and clear, and not reactive. And she didn’t feel guilty anymore about the marriage not working. She saw both their roles in it and was at peace with what was happening.

Although there was still uncertainty about how the divorce terms would play out, she stood fully in her truth in all the proceedings, felt good (no fear), and was excited about the future that lies ahead for herself and her sons.


(Learn about a Full Reading here. Learn about Relationship Readings here.)

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