Did you know that we are all hardwired differently?

There are 5 basic configurations, called
Human Design Energy Types. 

Each of us is one of those Types.

If you aren't living in harmony with YOUR
Energy Type,
chances are . . .  you're going to struggle.

What works for one Type doesn't
work for another.

It's not that you're doing something wrong. 

If what you're doing isn't working, it's not your fault.

When you're trying what everyone tells you to do, and you're watching it work for them and for others but not for you, the problem isn't YOU . . .  it's your TYPE.

You're simply wired differently. 

There is no ONE formula for success that works for everyone.

Each Type has its own path to success

Each Human Design Type has its unique energetic wiring, its basic role in life, and its own strategy for making decisions and taking actions.

Which Type are YOU?

Manifestor – here to initiate actions and projects
Generator – here to work and raise a family—with sustainable energy
Manifesting Generator – here for work, family and finding the fastest way through things
Projector – here to manage, guide and direct others
Reflector – here to mirror back the health of your community

[If you don't know your Type yet, here's where you can get your Human Design chart)

The beauty of Human Design is that once you know your Type, then you can learn to be successful with how you ARE hardwired . . .

. . . and you can STOP trying to be something or someone you're NOT. 

It's hard to succeed sustainably when you're ACTING LIKE a different Type than you are.  It just doesn't work.  It's not personal.  It's just energy.

You may even wonder if you're cut out for the work/business/relationship/challenge that you're engaged in right now.  You doubt yourself.  You feel broken. 

Here's the thing.  You're NOT broken, you're amazing.  And anything can work.  You just need to follow your Design and create success in the way that's right for YOU.

The easiest path to success is . . .

. . . NOT "more, more, more."  It's not more learning, more doing, or putting more things on your plate.

The easiest path to success is to BE YOURSELF and learn to leverage Who You Are.

There are two simple steps:

STEP 1 - Learn which Type you are [get your Chart here]

STEP 2 - Learn how your Type is wired to succeed

If you don't know Who You Are and how to use your specific strategy for success, you're never going to truly succeed. 

Knowing and “living” your TYPE will unleash your full potential (and magnificence!) and help you create the life of your dreams!

It is THE place to start to make THIS YEAR your BEST YEAR YET!!!

Learning the hard way

I used to work in the corporate world and I appeared successful from the outside . . .  great job, upwardly mobile career path, travel, independence.  Vice President of a company before I was 30.

But that wasn't the whole story.  Inside I felt lost, broken, exhausted and miserable. 

It was my struggle to find my own unique path to TRUE success that led me to study Human Design intensively since 2008 and help 100's of people with personal Human Design Readings.

Human Design is the ONLY thing I've found that gave me answers to why my life wasn't working -- despite outward appearances.   And it gave me a powerful tool for transforming my own life and also helping others to find their unique path to success.

It was my drive to help even more people than I can help one-on-one that led me to put together all I've learned into a series of Courses that teach the fundamentals of Type and Strategy, and how to apply this information in our lives.

I am now a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist who is grateful every day for my new life and for this understanding of how we are individually wired and how to use that knowledge to find our unique  path.

The easiest way for YOU to learn how to be successful with YOUR Type is with my Success By TYPE Self-Paced Courses.

SUCCESS BY TYPE Courses for you

These digital audio programs (with transcripts) give you everything you need to start living your Type and using your decision making Strategy.  You work at your own pace, at times convenient for you.
Most courses about Type and Strategy give you all 5 of the Types… whether you want them all or not.

Because these self-study courses were originally taught as separate courses — ONE FOR EACH TYPE — you can buy them as separate courses, ONE FOR EACH TYPE!

You can truly customize your purchase to suit YOUR NEEDS!

“Learning from this course that I was a Manifestor gave me a sense of peace that there wasn’t anything wrong with me… because I always felt I was so different from the rest of my family. They did not understand my entrepreneurial spirit and kept telling me I was crazy to give up a nice, safe corporate job with a high salary and perks to start my own business. I finally understand that this is my true calling and I am the happiest when I can start new projects and no one can tell me “no”. If something I try doesn’t work, then I try something new!  I’m moving forward now knowing I am being my true authentic self and living my purpose.”    ~Linda Allred, Baton Rouge, LA

Also, EACH COURSE goes way beyond just Type and Strategy.

Here is what is covered for EACH of the FIVE TYPES:

The main focus is on DECISION-MAKING AND ACTION-TAKING. This involves your Type, Strategy, and Authority. Plus, we also explore who you are at your core and how to truly operate effectively in your life. The recorded Q&A section of each class focuses on how to implement and apply all of this knowledge.

In Audio #1 – Introduction to Type; specific characteristics and decision-making strategy and issues for YOUR Type, including examples and recorded Q&A that deepens your full understanding of how to USE this information in your life.

In Audio #2 – YOUR Type in relationships, specifically your Type as children, your Type as parents, your Type’s characteristics (and challenges) in relationships, and the dynamics of YOUR Type in relationship with each of the other Types.

In Audio #3Behavior issues for YOUR Type; the 8 resiliency keys so you learn how to be happy, healthy and resilient for YOUR Type; plus an interview with a person of your Type who shares their experiences with us.

“I took the Manifestor and Projector courses, and the biggest thing I learned was the 8 Steps for Resiliency & life strategies. Now I’m thinking about how I can work my strategy & create a life of my dreams. Being OK with not fitting family & societies expectations. Evelyn is a thorough and clear communicator and is able to explain the Human Design types well. She offers specific techniques or strategies that you can use in your day-to-day life to be more aligned with your path.”   ~Linda, Ottawa, Canada

What You Get with your
Success by TYPE Self-Paced Courses

There is a complete 3-part self-study course about EACH of the FIVE TYPES

   Each Type’s course has three 1-hour recorded audio classes, including original Q&A segments

  Every recorded audio class has a complete written transcript, so if you prefer to read rather than listen you’ll have everything you need

  So for EACH TYPE there is a total of 3+ hours of audio and approximately 70 pages of written transcripts

  If you get ALL 5 TYPES, you get 15+ hours of audio and approximately 350 pages of written transcripts!

You can buy JUST ONE TYPE, just the few that interest YOU, or get a great deal on ALL 5!

(Curious about how the Success by TYPE Courses differ from Karen Curry Parker’s “Human Design Level 1” course?  Visit our FAQ Page)

“Learning about Human Design and my "TYPE" has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I've studied some on the Projector with Karen Curry and with Kyle Curry, and your training is helping me get even more comfortable with "getting ready" AND watching for the INVITATIONS. I now have much needed clarity, peace, trust and confidence.  I feel relieved and happy knowing that by understanding my design type, and learning to understand it on deeper levels, my life will FLOW with a greater ease and success. And that I know where and how best to share my gifts with the world. This has felt very liberating for me! I want to shout it from a mountain top how helpful this "system" is. And as a Projector I now know that is not my "WAY", unless I've been invited into it ....”     ~Shema Satya, Fairfax, CA

There are two ways you can get these Courses

Option #1 – ALL 5 COURSES   With either Option, you’ll learn Success by Type for YOUR Type.  But if you also want to know and understand your family, your kids, your spouse, even your co-workers, at a new deep level then we highly recommend this Option, so you get ALL the information about ALL 5 Types. 

It’s for you AND it’s for you having a deeper understanding of those around you.  Get ready for amazing impacts on your relationships with the people in your life!  All 5 Courses together are only  $127   (See Option 1 below)

Option #2 – BUY ONLY YOUR TYPE   If you just want to know about YOUR Type, choose your Type at Option 2 below and you’re all set.  Each Type is $47.

Option #1 - ALL 5 COURSES

The BEST deal is, of course, to get ALL 5
Success by TYPE Courses together!

That’s a total of 15+ hours of audio recordings and over 350 pages of transcripts.

In addition to learning how to live YOUR life more effectively, imagine the power of knowing just what to say that will motivate and inspire those around you…loved ones, family, friends, business colleagues.

You pay just $127.

Not $235 -- the full cost of all 5 courses at the individual price of $47 each.

Just $127.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life and find the answers you've been looking for your whole life!

[Can you tell that I REALLY want to make this easy for you . . .  because I REALLY want you to have and use this priceless information.]

Here are some highlights of what you'll learn in each Type-Specific Course

Success By TYPE for Manifestors

  Your unique version of decision-making (and why it looks like you’re making mistakes, but you’re not!)
  Why you want a “back out” option in your new endeavors                                                        
  Whether you should complete what you start
  Why it’s so hard (but so important) to “inform”
  How to awaken your initiating energy, if it’s asleep
  How to leverage the energetic impact you have on others
  How to improve your relationships
  How you can be more resilient in life
 . . . and much more! 

“I am constantly trying new things and realize this is part of being a Manifestor. I learned that I try things and see if they work for me.  I’m emotional so I need to wait to feel what is right for me. I am able to inspire others and start things, being pure energy being. My energy is strong so I can approach others, even for dating. Well, this is nothing I have been taught before, being a woman!  I am stepping into my power in the right way now. Thank you, Evelyn, for a great 3 sessions of training.”   ~Sheryl Scherer, Huntington Beach, CA

CHOOSE the Success by Type Course for MANIFESTORS

Success By TYPE for Generators

  Your defining characteristics and inherent goals
  What it REALLY means to “wait to respond” (and what it doesn’t mean)
  How to wake up your Sacral Response
  The two ways you can access your internal guidance system
  What to do if you can’t seem to make the Sacral Sounds
  Why you get frustrated and what to do about it
  How to have a “full tank of energy” every day, and also get good sleep
  Why your Sacral Response may not be your “final answer”
  How to improve your relationships
  How you can be more resilient in life
  . . . and much more!

“I learned about how the Generator and Projector types work, and how to work with each type to benefit both of us. It explains how I get myself in trouble by pushing myself too hard, and it helps me to understand how things work best for me. It also helped me to understand what is part of my nature, why it is specific to me, and how to use it for my good. The Q &A session was very helpful as well.
"Evelyn is truly an amazing teacher, and an excellent communicator. You can tell that she loves what she does and is great at explaining each type, answering questions in the Q&A, and has a wonderful layout in her emails that really help you see all the vital information easily. She makes everyone feel welcome and presents the classes in a delightful way. She is patient and really gives her best to help people understand how it all works, and in a very genuine way. I anticipated and enjoyed every class. Time for everyone to polish up a fresh apple, this teacher deserves bushels full. Thank you, Evelyn!”   ~Karen R., Los Angeles, CA

CHOOSE the Success by Type Course for GENERATORS

Success By TYPE for Manifesting Generators

  What you are REALLY designed for (which is different than Generators and Manifestors)
  How to “wait to respond” when you are moving at the speed of light!
 The two ways you can access your internal guidance system
 Why you NEED to inform, why it’s hard to do, and how to do it right
 How to focus your considerable energy so you’re more effective
 What to do if you can’t seem to make the Sacral Sounds
 Why you get impatient and what to do about it
 How to avoid being busy doing the “wrong” things
 Why you skip steps when doing things
 How to improve your relationships
 How you can be more resilient in life
 . . . and much more!

“The Human Design system has helped me [Manifesting Generator] understand and accept myself. One important benefit of studying the system is that I now have a valuable tool to use when I make decisions. I also find it easier to love myself and others. Less judgment. Evelyn makes the principles easy to understand.”   ~L.Y., Rocklin, CA

CHOOSE the Success by Type Course for MANIFESTING GENERATORS

Success By TYPE for Projectors

  What you’re here to do and why you need other people
  How being a good “lighthouse” will improve your effectiveness and success
  How to manage your energy to avoid burnout or recover from it
  Your core struggle and biggest lesson to master
  What it REALLY means to “wait to be invited” (and what it doesn’t mean)
  What to do when it feels like LIFE ISN’T FAIR
  How to avoid (or pull yourself out of) the negative downward spiral of bitterness
  Your BEST approach for being heard and being valued
  How to get the attention you need, personally, in relationships, and in business
  Why correct timing is your best friend, and how to find it
  Exactly what to do when you have something to contribute but no one is asking
  How to improve your relationships
  How you can be more resilient in life
  . . . and much more! 

“I’m so glad that Human design found me!! The saying is true, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear." I'm so grateful for Evelyn also saying yes to Human Design, she has such a special way of simplifying how design works for each type. Human Design has helped me to not judge myself and others. It has explained a lot of why I have the negative talk going on with myself. The big one for me is the bitterness—I am a projector!! Finding out my design has made my life explode in every area. I am more productive on daily basis. I feel complete and ready to tackle what ever comes up next. Thank you.”    ~Julie Wolf, Wheeler, WI

CHOOSE the Success by Type Course for PROJECTORS

Success By TYPE for Reflectors

  Why your life experience is SO different from the other Types
 What to do when you are not thriving where you are
 How to track and work with the many energies influencing you each month
 Why you need a consistent and supportive group of friends
 How to get the recognition you need while protecting yourself from unwanted energy
 The three things you need to do to make good decisions for yourself
 Your tremendous potential for wisdom
 How the natural flow of things will help you with decisions
 Why you need to give yourself time for decisions and transitions in your life
 How to improve your relationships
 How you can be more resilient in life
  . . . and much more!

CHOOSE the Success by Type Course for REFLECTORS

Here is a recap of what you get . . .  for only $127

  • ALL 5 Success by TYPE Courses -- self-paced, immediately available digital downloads
  • 3 audio classes for EACH TYPE covering Type characteristics, applying Strategy to decision and actions, improving relationships, understanding behavior issues, enhancing health and resiliency
  • That’s a total of 15+ hours of audio recordings and over 350 pages of transcripts.
  • You will learn all about YOUR Type, PLUS you'll learn about the Types of your family, friends and loved ones so you can improve your relationships with them.
Imagine finally being able to create the success you've been wanting and dreaming about all these years, because you finally understand how YOU are wired for success.  This can be your reality when you know how to leverage YOUR Type and Strategy!
“The projector tele-series was great. It reconfirmed the importance of strategy, but most of all it was good to have other projectors stories which helped me to relate.  I now have some of the basic tools, but implementing them is sometimes harder to do. I have to remind myself not to revert to old patterns. Evelyn was wonderful, her clarity and knowledge helped to bring the projector persona home and gave me hope. Thanks a bunch, Evelyn.”    ~Linda, Toronto, Canada
BUY ALL 5 COURSES for only $127 . . . WHAT A GREAT DEAL! << click here >>