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Series: Fears of the Spleen #2 – Gate 18

If you haven’t read the Intro to this series, you can read that HERE.
Knowledge about each of these gates will help you understand the energy as it transits and also how to master the energy if it is defined in your chart.

Gate 18 – Fear of Not Being Perfect

—Timing of the Transit

This gate is being activated by the sun from September 27 through October 2.


Gate 18 is connected to the Spleen Center and is part of the Collective Sub-circuit called Understanding (or Logic).

Called the energy for Correction, this gate is all about logic, patterns, and serving the greater good.

—High Expression

—The highest application of this energy is to correct patterns, to see what is “off” and how to fix it.  Life is full of patterns which help us understand our world and predict what may happen next. 

Gate 18 is a brilliant energy for any kind of diagnostic work and for improving things. It challenges what needs correcting, which can include challenging authority.  Correcting patterns restores the vitality and perfection of the patterns for the benefit of all.

Low Expression

—This can look like criticism and fault-finding.  Offering correction that has not been asked for can feel to the recipient like being judged and criticized.  Another low expression is turning that criticism inward and becoming very self-judgmental, which can be debilitating to the person with the Gate 18 defined.

—Potential FEAR (can be avoided with high expression of the energy)

-Fear of not being perfect, or not being perfect enough

-Fear that no one and no thing will ever be perfect enough

—-Fear of authority or resistance to authority

—What This Means as a Transiting Energy

While the sun is transiting Gate 18, you may find yourself feeling more critical toward yourself or others.  You may notice that others are more critical of you or others.  The world may seem on a rampage of criticism and judgment, with unrealistic expectations of perfection.

—What To Do

-Know that it is just energy, and that this too soon shall pass.

-If any external or internal criticism (or fear of it) is holding you back, take a deep breath and move forward anyway.  The fear will dissipate as you move through it, and you’ll look back and wonder what you were so afraid of!

-Focus on what is right and what is working, not what is wrong.  You may be aware of what’s wrong and can work to correct it, but you don’t need to keep your attention there.

-Wait to be asked for your “corrective” input.  Don’t offer unsolicited “advice.”


I previously wrote a separate post about Gate 18.  Learn more about it here:  Quick Tip: The Blessing (and Curse) of Gate 18

Next gate in this series:  Gate 48 – Fear of Being Inadequate or Not Ready


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  • San October 4, 2018, 3:29 pm

    I feel totally related to this gate 48 (since forever, not only now) and I was sure I had it in my chart but actually no! How can you explain living so close to a gate which is absent from my chart? I have all the others gates of the spleen activated except the 50 also

    • Evelyn October 9, 2018, 1:32 pm

      We all have all of the gates in the chart, whether they are defined in our birth chart or not. So we have the potential to experience that energy. The most common and consistent way is by having that gate defined, or we may experience it during a planetary transit. We can also be influenced by the definition of the people we grew up with, or with whom we live now. And sometimes we just chalk it up to life experiences that established beliefs and behavior patterns in us.

  • Rita Brownen October 8, 2018, 3:29 pm

    Wow! Just back from a 7 day holiday abroad with my 5 sisters. Have spleen defined as well as gates 18, 44 And 57. My closest sibling lashed out at me and shredded me in front of the others, telling me she didn’t know if she could solve my problems. I went there thinking I was never so problem free in all my life! Another sister got into the fray! I came home devastated, hurt and vowing never to go back home again, nor be buried among them! Maybe last week was my spleen acting up. Phew! There is more to come.

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