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Series: Fear Gates of the Spleen #7 – Gate 28

Once a year there is a cycle in which the sun activates each of the gates of the Spleen Center, also known as the “Fear Gates of the Spleen.” Knowledge about each of these gates will help you understand the energy as it transits and also help you master the energy if it is defined in your Human Design chart.

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Gate 28 – Fear of Lack of Purpose, Fear of Death

—Timing of the Transit

This gate is being activated by the sun from the morning of October 25 to the evening of October 30 (Eastern Time in the US).


Gate 28 is connected to the Spleen Center and is part of the Knowing sub-circuit within the Individual circuitry.

Called the energy for Struggle, this gate calls people to feel more alive and to strive to find meaning and purpose.  It’s also called the energy of the Game Player.

—High Expression

—The highest application of this energy is to seek (and find) what gives meaning and purpose to your life. This connects you to what is worth living for, even what is worth dying for.

People with this game player energy may enjoy living life on the edge, using the spontaneity of the Spleen Center to experience the thrill of being alive.

The correct struggle (entered according to your Strategy and Authority) will lead to discovering value and meaning in life.  When you find what gives your life meaning and you live from a grounded sense of purpose, the everyday struggles you may have experienced previously will tend to fall away.

It’s possible to embrace the struggle and enjoy the challenges you encounter, knowing they lead to deeper meaning and purpose, and knowing how good it feels to triumph over the struggle!

Playing the game (of life) well has its own rewards.

Low Expression

For those experiencing the low expression of this energy, life can feel like a fight or a struggle with no redeeming value or point.  Those who have this energy defined often do things the hard way, even though there was an easier way available.  Things that are too easy may seem to have less “value.”  For example, the idea that:  if it’s worth having, then it’s worth struggling for, and if it doesn’t involve struggle, then it’s not worth having.

Those with this energy defined may take big risks in order to feel alive and live life to the fullest, or they may struggle with depression, despair, and even suicidal thoughts.  Efforts to numb this much emotional pain can lead to addictions or substance abuse.

—Potential FEAR

-Fear of lack of purpose – not finding or fulfilling one’s purpose in life

-Fear of death – dying before finding what makes life worth living

-Fear that life is empty and meaningless – can lead to despair and desperate attempts to feel alive, or to being casual (not caring) about being alive

—What This Means as a Transiting Energy

While transiting, this energy can bring up questions of what we’re committed to in our lives and what our true purpose and intentions are.

There may be more fights and struggles in your local world and on the global scene as well.

This can also be a time for getting deeply in touch with and appreciating what brings meaning and purpose to your life.

If you have not found or are not living your purpose yet, you may experience fear around whether you’ll ever find it.  Or, if you do find it, whether you are up to the challenge of fulfilling it.

There may be a heightened level of pleasure seeking (for escape) and/or deeper despair.

—What To Do

-As with all splenic fears, it is just energy and it soon shall pass.

-This a very good time to evaluate what holds meaning in your life and, perhaps, what you could let go of that no longer serves you (especially if your Spleen Center is undefined).

-If fears around finding your purpose have been holding you back, either break through them now or wait until this transit passes and the energy around the issue is less intense so you can move through it with less struggle.

-If life just feels like one struggle after another, stop.  Breathe.  You may wish to step back and take the 30,000 foot view of your life and your direction, and see how all of your “challenges” have shaped your experience and your wisdom.

-You and those around you may benefit from your sharing about your struggles, but only if they are asking and eager to hear what you have to say (this is projected energy, so it needs the right timing to be shared).  Remember:  teach from your scars, not your wounds.  If the pain is too fresh, you might not be ready to share productively about it.


Next, we conclude this series with the Gate 44 – Fear of Repeating the Past.


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