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Series: Fear Gates of the Spleen #5 – Gate 32

Once a year there is a cycle in which the sun activates each of the gates of the Spleen Center, also known as the “Fear Gates of the Spleen.” Knowledge about each of these gates will help you understand the energy as it transits and also help you master the energy if it is defined in your Human Design chart.

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Gate 32 – Fear of Failure

—Timing of the Transit

This gate is being activated by the sun from October 14 through October 19.

—BasicsGate 32

Gate 32 is connected to the Spleen Center and is part of the Ego sub-circuit within the Tribal circuitry.

Called the energy for Continuity, this gate has an instinctive recognition of the ambitions and transformations that will provide successful continuity for the tribe (which also means family, community, company, etc.).

—High Expression

—The highest application of this energy is to evaluate what has the best potential to work, and determine which ambitions and dreams are worth bringing forward.  It adapts as it embraces and assimilates change.

The Gate 32 uses wisdom and intuition to compare the benefits of stability with the opportunities of risk and new ideas.  It recognizes the value of transformation and change, and looks for the most successful route for the tribe to move forward while minimizing risk to ensure continuity.

It also looks for talent and skills that will help the tribe transform and meet its challenges.  This energy can “smell” what will help and what might hinder long term success and endurance.

Low Expression

Although the intuitive impulse is available for guiding the tribe responsibly, it’s possible to not “hear” or to override that intuitive “hit.”  The Gate 32 energy can also work too hard, or too ambitiously, out of fear of not succeeding.

This energy can be indecisive as it weighs and evaluates possible outcomes.  There can also be resistance to change and lack of adaptability.

—Potential FEAR

-Fear of failure at a personal level – “I won’t succeed at this, and will let the tribe down.”

-Fear of failure at a tribal level – “The tribe won’t survive.”

—What This Means as a Transiting Energy

While the sun is transiting Gate 32, you may find that your senses and intuition are keener for assessing what to do or not do, and what changes to embrace (or not embrace) for your success and that of your family/tribe/community/company.

Others may also be making choices about whether to move forward during this time.

Notice if you or others are being driven by the fear of failure.

—What To Do

-Know that this is just energy and that it too shall pass.

-Be patient with yourself and your fears (and the fears of others). Those fears are just trying to keep you safe and keep you from failing.

-Listen for that intuitive awareness that occurs in the moment, and choose to trust it.

-If the fear of failure is stopping you in your tracks, recognize that it’s probably just False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.), take a deep breath and push through it.  Nothing would ever get done if we let the fear of failure stop us.

-If you are feeling indecisive about moving forward, notice your “gut instinct” about it.  Does something smell fishy?  Do you smell a rat?  Or do you not yet trust your intuition?  Or, is the fear of failure driving your indecision?

-Practice distinguishing your gut instinct/intuition from the fear of failure.


Next, look at the post on Gate 50 – Fear of Responsibility or of Failing One’s Responsibilities.


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  • gloria Girelli bruni October 14, 2018, 3:05 pm


  • Milena Bernardinello October 14, 2018, 4:20 pm

    Hi Evelyn,
    great and helpful information, as always. Just a quick question,
    How can we projector listen to our ‘gut instinct’ given that we general don’t have this aspect? Are there ‘other signal’ available – or more predominantly available – for us to help supporting this energy?
    Thank you.
    Project 3/5 with Emotional Authority.

  • Marga October 16, 2018, 8:00 am

    Yes this is a fear I clearly recognize…so this is it really , the fear of failing the tribe when I don’t live up to my potential. Thanx Evelyn

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