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Series: Fear Gates of the Spleen #6 – Gate 50

Once a year there is a cycle in which the sun activates each of the gates of the Spleen Center, also known as the “Fear Gates of the Spleen.” Knowledge about each of these gates will help you understand the energy as it transits and also help you master the energy if it is defined in your Human Design chart.

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Gate 50 – Fear of Responsibility, or of Failing One’s Responsibilities

—Timing of the Transit

This gate is being activated by the sun from the evening of October 19 to the morning of October 25 (Eastern Time in the US).


Gate 50 is connected to the Spleen Center and is part of the Defense sub-circuit within the Tribal circuitry.

Called the energy for Values, this gate is the guardian of rules and laws for the tribe/family/business/community, and also the challenger of outdated or self-serving rules.

—High Expression

—The highest application of this energy is to establish the moral code of the tribe, e.g., right and wrong, highest values, etc.  This is especially important for transmitting the set of values to children so the tribe remains unified and viable in the long term.

The Gate 50 uses wisdom and intuition to identify those laws and rules that do not serve the community, and to challenge or change them.

This gate is part of the nurturing energy of the Tribal Defense Circuit (the 27-50 channel) so it cares deeply about the well-being and survival of the tribe.  While it does not carry the direct care-taking energy of the Gate 27, it feels responsible for the proper nourishment of the family.  Someone with Gate 50 defined may enjoy cooking for friends and loved ones.

A well-nourished tribe has optimal physical and neurological development, ensuring long-term health and survival.

Low Expression

Because it is such an integral part of supporting and “guarding” the tribe, the Gate 50 energy can easily be manipulated by guilt – especially when paired with an open Emotional Solar Plexus Center.

While the high expression takes one’s responsibilities seriously, the low expression can go in one of two directions.  Either the person with the defined Gate 50 totally abdicates and runs away from their responsibilities, or they are overly responsible and take on burdens and duties that are not theirs.

The worst effect of this second path is not letting others take on their own appropriate responsibilities.  For example, the overprotective parent who does everything for her child and the child does not learn to take responsibility for herself.  This can also lead to exhaustion and burnout for the person with the defined Gate 50.

Two more possible low expressions: being a strict and inflexible enforcer of  rules and laws, or being a flagrant, irresponsible breaker of rules and laws.

—Potential FEAR

-Fear of responsibility – results in running away from it.

-Fear of failing one’s responsibilities – results in overcompensating by running toward responsibility and becoming excessively responsible (out of fear of failing those responsibilities).

—What This Means as a Transiting Energy

While transiting, this energy will heighten our awareness of values, responsibilities, laws and rules.

You may notice an increase in the high expressions and low expressions described above, both in yourself and in others.  If you pay attention to the news, you may recognize the effects of this energy at the local as well as international level.

Gate 50, like all four gates in the Defense Circuit (50, 27, 59, 6), is an Aura Busting energy.  This means that people who have predominantly Individual circuitry or predominantly Collective circuitry will more easily be drawn into Tribal energy and (temporarily) feel obliged to honor the rules of the tribe/family/community/workplace.

—What To Do

-As with all splenic fears, it is just energy and it soon shall pass.

-It’s a very good time to assess how you are showing up for your various responsibilities in life.  Taking on too much?  Not fully stepping up?

-It’s also a good time to look at your boundaries, especially regarding family and workplace, to ensure they are healthy.  Tribal energy demands that the tribe’s needs come first, before individual needs.  This is when your boundaries may get tested.

-If your fear around the issue of responsibility is stopping you from moving forward, take a deep breath and push through it.  If you’re taking too much responsibility–out of fear–take a deep breath and re-read the paragraph about boundaries above.

-This is a great time to cook up a big batch of food and see that everyone is fed and happy!  Personally, I’ll be doing my Thanksgiving food planning during this transit!

Next, look at the post about Gate 28 – Fear of Purpose, Fear of Death.


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  • Manoj October 20, 2018, 1:08 pm

    Great insight ..Evelyn .
    I’m reminded of Osho quote that almost human beings are driven from fear & greed , either we respond to fear or to greed , and life,s dilemma is neither one of any will thrive us but in the middle one ” aspect can which is love , compassion .

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