Let’s put some context around this craziness… 

by Evelyn Levenson

[written 3/20/20 about the coronavirus pandemic]

First, let me give you a virtual hug. In these days of social distancing I miss the closeness and affection of hugs and cheek kisses. (I’m half French… cheek kisses are important!)  Hugs are very healthy for us… except under these unusual circumstances.

I hope you are staying well and calm. Fear, worry, panic, anxiety, despondency all drain our immune system… just at a time when we need our immune system to stay as strong as possible.

I thought it might be helpful to put some bigger-picture context around this pandemic and the related disruptions it’s causing in life as we knew it. It’s the unknown that causes the most stress, and having some context takes a little of the uncertainty and feeling of “free fall” out of the picture.

The context I’m referring to is the 2027 Solar Plexus Mutation that Ra Uru Hu foretold.This is an evolutionary transformation for all of humanity. To keep it simple, we are shifting from a paradigm of lack, fear, and competition into a new paradigm of abundance, caring, and cooperation.

This is a BIG shift. Even the Human Design chart will be changing!

Of course, this won’t happen overnight. We won’t wake up in 2027 and suddenly everything will be peachy-keen. This transition has been in the works for hundreds of years and will continue well past 2027. But 2027 is the focal point of the shift, and it’s only seven years away.

Any big shift in society causes a LOT of push-back and turbulence before, during, and after its focal point. The abolition of slavery in the U.S. is a good example. That even caused a bloody and horrible civil war. But eventually the change was adopted and integrated into society and we rebuilt the infrastructures of life upon a new, higher platform—a more humane platform.

I invite you to keep this bigger perspective in mind as you navigate these confusing and uncertain times. Knowing that we’re actually moving toward a significant improvement in human life can help ease the fears.

What this time actually calls for is engagement, but in new ways. Yes, stay home if you don’t need to go out and practice smart hygiene and self-care until this covid-19 pandemic is under control. But even during this time we can open our hearts and watch out for each other–while keeping our physical distance. We have the blessings of smart devices, internet, email, text, and social media.

I am heartened to read how people are reaching out to neighbors and making sure everyone has food, medicines and supplies they need. The human creative impulse and the caring impulse are alive and well. People are socializing with others for cocktail hour by video conference. Much of the work and schooling around the globe are being done virtually. So many are finding innovative ways to be helpful.

We will need to invent new ways of doing business and socializing. New preparedness for crises. New dynamics for healthcare and for supporting well-being. New economic measures and new roles for governments and institutions.

We probably won’t be returning to the “normal” we knew… the normal you may be longing for at this point. But there will be a “new normal.” One that WE (you and me and everyone around us) will be crafting and forging as we move forward together.

It is up to each of us to participate in creating the world as we would like it to be. One step at a time. Peace. Compassion. Sustainable resources for all. Healthy planet, healthy people. Workable solutions. Fairness, justice, food and shelter for all. Education for all. Dignity. Respect. Cooperation. (Add your own list here.)

One of the core foundations of creating this new normal is self-awareness. Only by knowing ourselves can we make choices (and even compromises) that are correct and in alignment with our highest ideals and the intentions of our soul. Only by knowing yourself can you fully play your unique role in this transition. We are all alive during these times for a reason. You are here for a unique purpose with a personal contribution to make to the world. The better you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to fulfill your role.

Here are some suggestions for navigating these current challenges:

  • Stay calm and be as prepared as you can for the coming months of uncertainty and newness (but no hoarding!).
  • Amp up your faith in humanity and keep the big picture in mind.
  • Pay attention to the advice of experts and the directives of your government. Reducing the spread of covid-19 is paramount. Because we can carry and spread the virus without having any symptoms, honoring the guidelines for reduced socializing and gatherings, for enhanced hygiene, and for social distancing is critical for the benefit of you, your family, the healthcare system, and everyone on the planet.
  • Open your heart and reach out in appropriate ways to help those in need.
  • Continue to learn about YOU and integrate as much self-knowledge from your Human Design chart as you can.

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I’m working on a new series of articles, this one exploring the Passions of the Solar Plexus Center. Navigating our emotions and harnessing our ability to create our desires are of crucial importance right now. Watch for the first article in this new series soon.

And for right now, I am intending that we all stay centered and calm, informed and cooperative, compassionate and prepared, healthy and grateful (for all that IS working right now). And be sure to ask for help if you need help. We’re all in this together.


P.S.  I have a fairly open Human Design chart: 4 defined centers and 5 open. I’ve been feeling very distracted and unfocused lately, probably from the craziness of the last few weeks. If you have a lot of openness too, you may be feeling a little off balance. Please make self-love and self-care your number one priority.

P.P.S.  No matter what your chart looks like, you are the coolest person you will ever know. Take GREAT care of yourself. ❤️

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