Success for Projectors telecourse – detailed course outline

Yay!! I’m very excited about teaching this course live again. The course will begin on Sept. 15.  To learn more and register, click here:

While the course has lots of slides and data and examples, it is also a transformational course.

The core transformational intention and commitment for the Success for Projectors telecourse
is to help Projectors accept, value and leverage their Projector-ness.

That may not sound of much importance to some, but I know many of you can already see and feel the huge potential impact of this in your lives.

The second core intention is to help those who love or work with a Projector
to accept, value and leverage that Projector’s Projector-ness,
and for them to help that Projector value their own Projector-ness. 
( I hope that made sense.)

This second core intention is how we spread the transformation exponentially.  And it’s why non-Projectors are warmly and whole-heartedly welcomed into this course, too!

I’m also VERY practical and am committed to providing usable knowledge in this course that really makes a difference.

I’m a deep believer that the more each Human Design Type embraces and lives their Type and Strategy, the better place this world will be.

And since I am a Projector, my focus is with Projectors.  And invite EVERYONE to come play with us!

Below is an outline of the Success for Projectors course, with a sampling of the issues that we will “dance with”, explore together, and create solutions for in each major area of a successful life. 

***This is NOT a complete outline***  It’s just meant to give you a sense of the types of issues we’ll cover in each of the five Modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to Projectors; Role and Purpose of the Projector

A.  Successfully playing the “game of life” as a Projector

B.  Dealing with the “bossy, controlling, know-it-all” Projector image; what to do if others perceive you as this

C.  What it means (and doesn’t mean) to manage, guide and direct others; how to do it correctly energetically

D.  Projector energy in a Generator world

E.  How to “know yourself” even though you’re not designed to

F.  How to cope with (or avoid) bitterness, isolation and feeling misunderstood

G.  How to “be a lighthouse” and let your aura speak

H.  The Projector’s vital role in human and planetary evolution, and how to gracefully step into and fulfill that role


Module 2 – Decisions and Actions for the Projector

A.  Why Type and Strategy are so important for ALL Types; and why for Projectors in particular

B.  How life becomes “effortless” when living from your Self (vs. efforting from your Not-Self)

C.  Living from your body, not your mind; learning to trust yourself; how your strategy and response differ from a Sacral strategy and response

D.  What “waiting to be invited” really means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to use it; how to “stack the deck” in your favor as a Projector

E.  Freeing the Projector to be the fullest expression of their uniqueness

F.  Projector consequences of following strategy vs. not following strategy

G.  How to leverage your time and energy while waiting for the invitations

H.  What to do after you get an invitation

I.   There are no “Projector Police” — experiment!

J.   What if an invitation was correct, you entered it correctly, and it still didn’t work out???

K.  What gets in the Projector’s way of following their strategy


Module 3 – Money, Business and Wealth Strategy for Projectors

A.  How to navigate the world of business as a Projector

B.  Why you need to heal the burnout FIRST

C.  How to get more clients and/or move your career forward; marketing for the Projector

D.  How to get recognition correctly, and why you need it

E.  How to be “inconsistent” as a Projector, and still be successful

F.  How attract followers and let your tribe find you (rather than you try to find them)

G.  How to leverage you time, energy and brilliance

H.  How the Projector’s long term planning should differ from Sacral Types

I.  How your beliefs affect what you attract into your experience; avoid stinkin’ thinkin’


Module 4 – Relationships for and with Projectors

A.  How Projector energy affects others (it’s not personal!)

B.  Is sleeping alone really important?

C.  Not knowing when enough is enough, and how that affects relationships

D.  Communicating effectively

E.  Tips for healthy relationships as a Projector

1.  How to live/work with other Types

2.  How to manifest a partner

3.  How to disengage/end a relationship/quit a job

4.  How to have the people in your life not feel “managed” by you

5.  How to get invitations/recognition/attention appropriately

 F.  Tips for others in relationship with a Projector

1.  How to respect the Projector’s energy and alone time

2.  How to bring out the best in Projectors

3.  What to do when you feel “managed” by a Projector

4.  Inviting and recognizing Projectors; keeping harmony

G.  Projectors as parents, as children, as bosses, co-workers, etc.

H.  Projector relationship with Self, and with Higher Power


Module 5 – Health, Balance and Self-Care as a Projector

A.  Projector characteristics that impact health and well-being

B.  Healing the burnout

C.  How to stay out of “life as an exhausting struggle”

D.  How to release the energy of others (to restore your energy “integrity”)

E.  The keys to being resilient as a Projector

F.  Mistaken motivations and predictable behavior issues

G.  Great self-care ideas


To learn more about the course and register, click here:

Example of how Type & Strategy can make/break marriage & business [case study]

It’s easy for me to talk about the power of using Type and Strategy in our lives (I’m a bit biased, of course!), but it makes the most sense when we can hear how it really impacts other people in their lives.

So I thought I’d share a quick story with you about Karen and Sergio and how they used their Types and Strategies to improve their marriage (of 27 years) and their business.

When Karen came to me for a Reading, she was struggling. She and her husband run a gallery together… he is the artist and she manages the business.

  • She was worn out from the daily operations of being at the gallery every day
  • She wasn’t using her true brilliance for strategically increasing their business
  • They were irritated with each other from the whole process

First, we focused on her. She is a Manifestor so she is designed to initiate things and get the ball rolling, but not to do all the work of implementing and follow through.

As Karen learned her Type and Strategy, she realized that it wasn’t correct for her, energetically, to work “in” the gallery and she was much more effective (and happier) when she worked “on” the gallery with her innovative ideas.

So she started delegating more to their employee and spending less time there. And her husband, the artist, started spending more time in the gallery which felt good to him and the customers loved being able to meet and talk with the artist himself.

Their pattern for implementing ideas to grow the gallery’s business had been that she would enthusiastically share a new idea with him (maybe a new painting style, new subject matter, or different arrangement of the gallery), and he would begin the process of shifting his work and moving things around to implement her idea.

But within no time, she would have several new ideas and be eager to implement those instead. She’s a Manifestor so that approach of “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks” is correct for her. She’s designed to have lots of ideas and start things.

But Sergio, who is a Projector, was exhausted from trying to keep up with her ideas. He had energetic whiplash from the speed of her frequent changes in direction! And it was a source of friction and frustration for both of them.

As they understood the dynamics of their different Types and Strategies, they realized that he could simply wait until some of her ideas “stuck to the wall” before he began implementing. And she agreed to “invite” him to implement an idea only when she felt good and clear about pursuing that particular idea.

They were so excited (and grateful) to have simple and sensible solutions to their issues. Their respective Types and Strategies were honored. And above all, the solutions felt inherently right to both of them.

Also, by her own admission, Karen said that the core Manifestor strategy of “informing before acting” had literally changed her life!

Now, they did both have personal Readings with me, plus a Relationship Reading, but here’s the point I want to drive home:

What had the greatest impact for them was simply knowing their basic Type and Strategy… which is ALL found in my Success by TYPE courses.

You can learn more about the Courses:


P.S.  We’re not all meant to succeed in the same way.  What works for one person won’t work for another.  Learn more

Resource: There’s an Art to “Possibility Thinking”?

Here is a GREAT resource for helping you have an awesome life that you love (which is both my motto and my mission!).

A dear friend gave me a copy of this book while we visited together during a recent trip. As much personal development work as I’ve done, I had not come across it yet… which really surprised me.

It’s truly a gem.  [click the title below to learn more, read reviews, etc.]

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

This husband and wife team draw from their combined growth and success in both personal and professional arenas to bring us a practical manual for generating and applying “possibility thinking” and creativity in our lives.

This can change your entire outlook on life, relationships, and success. They offer 12 “practices” that turn problems into possibilities which open the door to inspired solutions.

An uplifting and transformational, as well as practical, book.

I plan to incorporate many of these concepts into my own coaching programs—that’s how much I like this book!


[If you choose to buy the book from the above link, I may get a tiny commission from’s affiliate program. Please rest assured that I only recommend books and programs that I believe have great value and integrity and that I have personal experience with.]

Resources: Evelyn’s Interview on Internet Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Andréa Dykstra on her radio show Shortcuts to Spirituality. Andrea is an accomplished author, coach, speaker and radio host who is always looking for quick and effective ways to help herself and others access our spiritual nature and connect to Source. (Of course she looks for shortcuts, she’s a Manifesting Generator!!!)

Human Design is a great fit for her new show. She had a little experience with it even before we met last year at a business conference, then I did a quick Reading with her and also explained the basics about her husband’s chart and their energetic composite.

During the radio interview, Andréa shares about how Human Design has changed the way she makes decisions and has given her new confidence for following her powerful instincts and piercing intuitive awareness. She also talks about the impact this knowledge is having on her marriage.

I gave a quick yet comprehensive overview of Human Design and the five energy Types and Strategies during the interview. Plus, I did an impactful mini-Reading live on-the-air with the winner of the mini-Reading drawing. I think you’ll really enjoy the replay!

Here’s the replay link: (easily navigable on the left hand side, under archives, or via the inline player—look for Human Design).

I also made a special offer to the listeners (which includes YOU if you listen to the replay!) for my Success By TYPE Self-Study Courses and a brand new combo of SBT courses with an Initial Reading.

These special offer prices expire May 15, so I encourage you to act soon if you’re interested. And if you would like a Reading with me, the sooner you sign up the sooner you can get on my calendar (which is booking up).

I hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities….the SBT courses are 50% off and the combo package is an excellent deal!

Resource: Born Messy, or Just Need Help Getting Organized?

My good friend and colleague Dana Rayburn specializes in helping Born Messies get organized and stay that way.

She is a confessed Born Messy herself. After gradually figuring out how she could get and stay organized, she spent 10 years as a Professional Organizer getting lots of experience helping others.

She is also someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). Her self-organizing efforts have helped her live a calmer, happier and more productive life. So she evolved her coaching practice into a focus on helping adults with ADD or ADHD develop effective coping strategies in their lives…and get better organized!

And she’s written a great ebook called Get Organized for Life!

This book is written to help anyone get better organized and put in place the habits and mindset necessary to stay organized. That’s the hardest part.

I read the book in one day and started putting her simple methods into practice immediately.

Dana’s book is an enjoyable read with a very practical approach to a tough topic. She knows that most people have trouble tackling big messes of clutter and disorganization. So she makes it completely doable and even almost fun.

This isn’t a bunch of organizing tips. It’s a simple, systematic approach to shifting your behaviors.

I’m not really a Born Messy myself but my systems have gotten very overwhelmed in recent years and my organized behaviors have been slipping. Get Organized for Life! is perfect for me, and I’m already seeing results in my home and office… and in my behaviors.

There are those who are Born Organized and easily live an organized life.

There are those who are Born Messy, who need help to get and stay organized. Then there are a bunch of us in the middle who need help, too. This book is for the Born Messies and all the rest of us in the middle.

Meet Dana at her website:

Learn about and order her ebook here:


I only recommend people, products and programs that I am familiar with and trust.

Resource: Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year!

The place to start is by DREAMING and ENVISIONING what you truly want.

Daydreaming is a GREAT way to spend some of your tropcial islandprecious time! Make an appointment with yourself for some creative imagination time. Conjuring up and picturing in your mind what you’d like to achieve, who you’d like to be, and how you will feel when you have all of that is time very well spent.

Start with a broad stroke dream: a clear vision of your ideal life and how you would feel living that life.

Also have a more specific dream: what you would love to accomplish in the coming year and what you will be/do/have/feel as a result of that.

Now you can set specific goals and time-based milestones, IF that approach is effective for you.

Or, if you’re like most of us, goals are more frustrating than helpful–so you’ll want to set some powerful intentions.

Here are two articles I wrote that can help you set powerful intentions for success:

When you believe you are limited, you are. When you believe your possibilities are limitless… they are!


Resource: Karen Curry’s NEW Book on Human Design

Just published this week, you’ll want to add this excellent reference book to your library… and actually read it cover to cover!

Understanding Human Design

The New Science of Astrology:
Discover Who You Really Are

by Karen Curry

My Human Design teacher, mentor and dear friend Karen Curry just published her comprehensive new book about Human Design. In my humble opinion, it’s the best book on the market to help you understand and APPLY your Human Design chart.

If you order now you’ll have your book in a few days (or buy the Kindle version and start using it right away!).

Karen has been a Human Design Specialist and teacher for more than 13 years. She has taken her experience and her unique perspective on Human Design and created a simple, easy-to-understand manual that will help you discover how you can start creating an authentic life…a life that will make your soul soar…simply by being yourself.

Knowing your Human Design can help you create a truly authentic life, improve your relationships, your health, your creative expression and deepen your connection with Source. It is truly a revolutionary, evolutionary tool!

Here’s a video from Karen explaining more about her book, Human Design and how YOU have an important role in making this world an even better place…

When you order your copy of Karen’s book, Understanding Human Design, The New Science of Astrology, you will receive a really cool free bonus of 3 free Introductory Teleclasses with Karen.

PLUS, for a limited time, you’ll receive an ADDED BONUS of Karen’s powerful, life-changing program, Abundance by Design. Abundance by Design is a 7-hour homestudy program designed to help you understand your personal abundance blueprint and help you create a brand new way to manifest abundance in your life…the PERFECT abundance just for you. This is a $147.00 program, but you get it free when you order the book (while offer is still available).

(By the way, I’m not getting any money from this endorsement. I just think this book can make a big, positive difference in your life!)

To order Understanding Human Design, please click on the link below and follow the instructions so you can claim your free bonuses!

This book will help you BE the fully expressed, authentic and magnificent YOU that you are designed to be!

Resource: The Abundance Manifesto

Here is excellent support for increasing abundance and flow in your life…repeat out loud daily for best results!

The Abundance Manifesto

from Karen Curry

1. I am a radiant, magnetic Being.

2. Abundance is my birthright and my natural state.

3. I attract everything I desire into my life with effortlessness and ease.

4. I know that unseen loving forces are supporting me constantly.

5. I focus my attention and energy on having exactly what I want manifest in my life.

6. I am fully open to the magic of the Universe helping me with every step of creation. Miracles happen to me every day.

7. I am deeply grateful for all of my life experiences. I know they are helping me expand my thinking and my consciousness.

8. My positive emotions show me that my attention is in alignment with my desires. I am on my way to creating exactly what I want.

9. I surround myself with people who support my creative process.

10. Abundant opportunities are always presenting themselves to me.

11. Creation is a constantly evolving process. I am always doing it right! I am always growing and changing!

12. I take guided actions that are in alignment with my desires and beliefs.

13. I am fully supported, deeply loved and magnificently powerful! I am an unlimited Child of the Universe.

A different kind of community support…

A friend shared this link and I thought you might enjoy it, too.

It’s true “food for thought” in terms of what’s possible in family and community support for each individual.

My favorite line is: “The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment; it is love and the remembrance of identity.”


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