My Training for a Half Marathon… and the lessons I learned! 

by Evelyn Levenson

It’s amazing what we can learn when we set a goal that seems far above our current abilities: we go through the process of achievement through trial, error, adjustments, and persistence.

Over about eight months, I prepared myself for a half-marathon that took place in January 2013, at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I’d never done anything like this before: 13.1 miles! It seemed—when I started—like an insane undertaking; and looking back, it still does!

By my writing down new strengths I’ve discovered—the weaknesses, too—and then tossing in some accountability by opening myself up through sharing all of it with the world, well, the experience itself became a personal adventure of the highest value.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned along my journey:

  • Perspective is everything.
  • Experience counts.
  • Milestones are important, should be celebrated, and contribute to wonderful feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence.
  • The importance of following a plan.
  • What seems hard now will seem easy later.
  • Pushing past my comfort zone takes me to the next level, where I will need to push past my NEW comfort zone to get to the next level after that.
  • My self-view and self-definition need to keep up with my progress.

While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.
~Henry C. Link

Some other things I’ve learned are the importance of pacing, how to push forward while experiencing pain, and the importance of seeking help when it’s needed.

I’ve rediscovered that a goal so big that it requires the use of your entire physical, mental, and emotional focus over many months helps a person “find a way” to success. To find his or her OWN way. Perhaps the biggest lesson of all is that we’re each unique and must do what works for us as individuals. My experience has helped me, once again, to validate that Human Design is the best tool on the planet for helping us do that effectively. Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses in one area of life proves useful in all areas of our lives.

The “Zone” is that magical place where you have a comfortable rhythm going and it feels like you could keep going forever. When you’re firing on all cylinders with minimal effort. Use my experience to help you “keep going until you find the Zone” for whatever it is your life is asking of you, right now.

Experience is learning from your own mistakes. Wisdom is learning from others’ mistakes.

Join me as I share with you the treasures I’ve discovered (and re-discovered) along my journey. Ride the ups and downs with me and learn how I was able to overcome “myself” along the way.

Read my training updates and see photo of me crossing the finish line!…

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