Great tool for you… and it’s NOT Human Design! 

by Evelyn Levenson

I came across this “tool” several years ago and find it very useful for myself and my coaching clients, so I wanted to share it with you. It will help with your progress toward Self-Love. And most of us need all the help we can get with that!

Here’s why this tool is relevant to Self-Love:  the first key to Self-Love is SELF-AWARENESS.

While Human Design is absolutely brilliant in the self-awareness department, there are a few other tools that are also helpful.

I like this one because it is a self-assessment that you can use anytime, for any purpose, and completely tailor it for YOUR needs and desires. It also helps you track your progress and shows you visually where you are the most out of balance.

It’s often called the Life Wheel, and it consists of a simple circle divided into 8 pie wedges.

Here’s how to use it: Life Wheel

  • Write next to each section of the wheel the name of an area of your life that is important to you, e.g., Health, Family, Business/Career, Fun, Hobbies, etc.
  • Rate your satisfaction in each section of the Wheel as 1 – 10 (1 = lowest rating, 10 = highest rating) and draw your rating line across each section (see sample below)
  • Optional: Set an Intention for each section (make each one specific)
  • Choose which section(s) to work on first and improve your satisfaction there
  • Each month, rate your Wheel again; see your progress; set new intentions
  • Adapt the Wheel to adjust to your evolving priorities; you can also create a new Wheel from a specific section of this Wheel to create more detailed awareness and balance in your highest priority areas

Here is a sample Wheel that I filled in.Life Wheel sample

Of course, you’ll choose your own section topics and rate yourself.

You can see that this wheel looks a little out of balance, with two scores of 5. I may want to focus on one or both of these first.  To support myself in improving my Health score, I may want to create an additional Wheel just for health, and use section topics such as Sleep, Relaxation, Nutrition, Weight Management, Exercise, Hydration, Deep Breathing, Energy/Vitality. Then I could rate myself in each of those areas and choose one or two to focus on immediately.

I think you see the simplicity, flexibility, and power of this little tool.

For your convenience, I created a handout (PDF) of a blank wheel that you can fill in to assess YOUR life balance. The handout includes instructions for using the wheel. Click the button below to register for instant access.

I’d love your feedback, comments, and experiences with trying it!


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  1. This is this third time in as many days that imagery of an overflowing cup and serving from the saucer has been presented to me. Perhaps I should pay attention, starting with completing a wheel? Thank you, Evelyn!

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