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Resource: Karen Curry’s Original Book on Human Design

You’ll want to add this excellent reference book to your library… and actually read it cover to cover!


Understanding Human Design

The New Science of Astrology:
Discover Who You Really Are

by Karen Curry

My Human Design teacher, mentor and dear friend Karen Curry Parker has published a comprehensive book about Human Design. In my humble opinion, it’s the best book on the market to help you understand and APPLY your Human Design chart.

If you order now you’ll have your book in a few days (or buy the Kindle version and start using it right away!).

Karen has been a Human Design Specialist and teacher for about 20 years. She has taken her experience and her unique perspective on Human Design and created a simple, easy-to-understand manual that will help you discover how you can start creating an authentic life… a life that will make your soul soar… simply by being yourself.

Knowing your Human Design can help you create a truly authentic life, improve your relationships, your health, your creative expression and deepen your connection with Source. It is truly a revolutionary, evolutionary tool!

Here’s a video from Karen explaining more about her book, Human Design and how YOU have an important role in making this world an even better place…


Click here to learn more and order Understanding Human Design >>

This book will help you BE the fully expressed, authentic and magnificent YOU that you are designed to be!

[The link above is an affiliate link through Amazon; your purchase price is not affected at all, and I may receive a small fee for sending you there.]

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