2021 Human Design Solar Transits book will guide you through the year 

by Evelyn Levenson

Are you intrigued with the “transits” and how they potentially affect you and your Human Design chart?

(Transits are the predictable movements of planetary bodies, including the sun, around the 64 Gates of the Human Design wheel.)

Would you like help understanding each solar transit as it occurs?  (They happen about every 6 days.)

Would you like help applying that information to your life, so you can improve your decisions, your actions, and your relationships?

My teacher, mentor, and dear friend Karen Curry Parker has created a truly “evolutionary” tool for this –>  the 2021 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide.

This book walks you through EACH solar transit, with the date it starts, the name of the Gate/Hexagram, and a description of the energy it brings.

Plus, you get three powerful tools to help you understand and APPLY the influence and wisdom available from each Gate.

For EVERY Gate/Hexagram throughout the year, you get:

  1. An AFFIRMATION for that Gate. You can meditate on it, think about it, journal or talk with friends about it… as you deepen your awareness of its impacts and opportunities.
  2. A SET OF QUESTIONS (a writing assignment, if you like to write!) for that Gate, to help you explore the specific opportunities available in YOUR life to learn and grow from this transit energy.
  3. An EFT (“tapping”) SETUP phrase for that Gate so you can leverage the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques process to help you “change your emotional, mental, and genetic programming to help you express your highest potential” using every single solar transit this year.

PLUS, this 2021 Human Design Evolution Guide includes even more!

You’ll find exercises for each:

  • New Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Solar Eclipse, and
  • Lunar Eclipse

complete with a writing/contemplation assignment and affirmation for each.  You’ll also be guided in working with the theme of the lunar cycles and eclipses so you can make the most of these powerful energy cycles.

There is space to write out all of your answers, so this convenient 8.5″ by 11″ workbook can be your weekly (or even daily) companion throughout the year.

You will know what’s happening in the “celestial weather” and what’s coming up next. It can help you choose when to tackle big projects and when to lay low and rest. It’s especially useful to map this information to your Human Design chart to personalize the impacts of the transits and lunar cycles.

Buy your copy HERE >>


Affiliate Link Notice:  If you purchase this item, I may get a small commission for recommending it to you.  I only recommend items that I trust and know are of high quality.  And in this case, I use it myself and love it!  Your price is not affected at all by clicking the above link.

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