Series: Passions of the Solar Plexus #3 – Gate 22 “Creativity and Grace” 

by Evelyn Levenson

This series explains the energy of each gate around the Emotional Solar Plexus Center so you can learn to harness your natural passions and creative energy to manifest the life you desire. For each gate, we’ll cover the circuitry of the gate, its gifts and challenges, its “passion,” and practical ways to apply this information. These points hold true whether your Solar Plexus Center itself is defined or open. The Introduction to this series can be found here.


Every gate energy belongs to particular circuitry within the chart, which is like an electrical circuit board. This circuitry shows the evolutionary role of the gate energy and how the energy moves through the chart. Each Circuit Group has two Circuits within it.

Circuitry of this Gate

Circuit Group: Individual
The Individual Circuit Group serves the world by bringing forth uniquely individual change (mutation) which indirectly empowers others to transform. It is personal energy, here to follow its own direction and not fit in with others.

Circuit: Knowing
The Knowing Circuit energies are agents of the creative process that drives human growth and evolution. These energies understand the world by simply “knowing,” not based on logic or experience.

High Expression of this Gate

If you have the Gate 22 defined in your chart, you are creative, expressive, and even dramatic at times. You can be very social and graceful in your interactions with others when the mood is right, though quite the opposite when the mood isn’t right.

Although Gate 22 does not get to Throat Center (unless Gate 12 is also defined), this energy yearns to express itself, influence others, and transform the world!

This is Individual (transformational) energy that has internal “knowing” and has faith in the universe and its perfect unfolding. When you surrender to right timing, you have influence and wisdom. Like all Individual energy, you may also experience melancholy and feel like you don’t fit in. While not a high expression of Gate 22, it’s also not a low expression… it’s just part of the energy.

In the highest expression, you recognize that grace, charm, and beauty come from within, and must be cultivated and valued for them to express outwardly.

Your emotional energy calibrates your heart alignment and fuels the attraction of “like” vibrations to you (which is the Law of Attraction at work). So this Gate 22 energy helps you in creating your life experience as well as being creative in traditional ways.

Low Expression of this Gate

If Gate 22 is defined in your chart, your low expression of this energy can be moody and overly dramatic. Your depth of emotion can overpower others, and when your mood is low, you can be distinctly un-charming and un-social, and even push people away.

You may only hear what you feel like hearing: mood-driven selective hearing. You may fear there is nothing worth listening to. When you do hear something of interest, you usually must hear it multiple times to fully know it.

At times you let your low vibration emotions (despair, settling, giving up, powerlessness) shut down your creative and expressive energy. And you may live in fear of not being supported by others in your passions and desires.

Passions of this Gate

With your Gate 22 defined, you have a passion for creativity, grace, and charm. You have an eye for art, an ear for music, and you’re probably poetic and romantic!

Your charm is magnetic and, when the mood is right, you can “work a room” (in a good way). Whether your Solar Plexus Center is defined or open, Gate 22 can have an emotional openness that allows you to be a great listener.

Tips for Using this Energy

-Pay attention to your moods and align your actions appropriately; e.g., if you’re in a bad mood, don’t try to socialize.

-Allow your feelings and the depths of your emotions. But–especially if your Solar Plexus Center is defined–wait before you act or speak so you gain clarity about your feelings and about the timing of sharing them; don’t act impulsively.

-Be deliberate and open in listening to others (when you’re in the mood).

-For the best experience of this energy (and the best overall life experience), develop a regular practice that helps you sustain “a high frequency of emotional energy and alignment.” In other words, do what helps you feel as good as possible as often as possible.

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Next gate moving clockwise around the Solar Plexus Center:

Gate 36, with a passion for “exploration and adventure.” If your Gate 36 is defined, start noticing how much you crave new experiences and new challenges. And how much you hate/avoid boredom!

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    1. If a gate or channel is undefined (white), it takes in and amplifies that energy from people who have it defined (and when that energy is transiting). So, if you have the Gate 22 undefined, you will occasionally experience the energy (sometimes very amplified) but it will not be consistent like it is for those who have it defined.

  1. You did a full reading for me several years ago 3 sessions. I appreciate the information with my growth and awareness since then: 2012. Thanks for sending me these posts. It helps me release old programming.

    Born 9-5-41 and am a Manifestor with 3 channels defined: 20-57 and 22-12 and 35-36 and incarnation cross 64-63/35-5.

    1. Each Gate energy in the chart has a range of possibilities, a spectrum of ways in which the energy is expressed.  We may experience the “low” end of the spectrum as troublesome or painful — the “shadow side” of the energy, while the “high” end of the expression feels more aligned and desirable. Some people associate these with the vibration of the energy, the low vibration feeling denser and heavier while the high vibration feels lighter.

      1. Thank you so much for clarifying. I was thinking it had more to do with if it was defined or undefined. In this series (which, I LOVE!), when the gate is undefined, I suppose I was hopeful to learn how that impacts us, too. So much to learn!

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