Series: Passions of the Solar Plexus #4 – Gate 36 “Exploration and Adventure” 

by Evelyn Levenson

This series explains the energy of each gate around the Emotional Solar Plexus Center so you can learn to harness your natural passions and creative energy to manifest the life you desire. For each gate, we’ll cover the circuitry of the gate, its gifts and challenges, its “passion,” and practical ways to apply this information. These points hold true whether your Solar Plexus Center itself is defined or open. The Introduction to this series can be found here.


Every gate energy belongs to particular circuitry within the chart, which is like an electrical circuit board. This circuitry shows the evolutionary role of the gate energy and how the energy moves through the chart. Each Circuit Group has two Circuits within it.

Circuitry of this Gate

Circuit Group: Collective
The Collective Circuit Group serves the greater good and our collective values. It shares information, opinions, experiences, solutions. It is not personal.

Circuit: Sensing
The Sensing Circuit energies use experiences and reflection to learn from the past and discover the cycles of life.

High Expression of this Gate

If you have the Gate 36 defined in your chart, you have a hunger for the next new experience and a talent for exploration and adventure. Your personal growth and clarity come through emotional challenges and profound emotional experiences.

The constant changes in your life, including your always-changing feelings, can be stimulating and exciting for you, though sometimes overwhelming. Your many and varied experiences teach you to wait for the right timing, in alignment with your Strategy and Authority.

Gate 36 is part of the experiential path within the Sensing Circuit. When the gate is defined in your chart, you seek to transform inexperience into experience, a transition which is felt personally but can be (and often is) applied for the good of the collective.

In its highest expression, this energy seeks to expand the boundaries of human experience and push through limitations–real or perceived. Bicycling on a tightrope across the Grand Canyon is an extreme but vivid example.

Low Expression of this Gate

If Gate 36 is defined in your chart, your low expression of this energy can be emotional turbulence. Driven by your quest for adventure and new exploration, you create chaos around you as you leap into the next exciting challenge (without following your Strategy and Authority).

Boredom is your biggest fear and you’ll do anything to avoid it, including creating or attracting emotional crises. For you, life is all about the experience itself, not the outcome or result… and not even about the person you shared the experience with. This can be especially disappointing (for either or both parties) in relationships and sexual encounters.

Often, experiences don’t measure up to your expectations which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and restlessness.

Passions of this Gate

With your Gate 36 defined, you have a passion for adventure and new challenges. You seek the thrill of the unknown, the untried, and the excitement of new possibilities. You like to “push the envelope” and explore new territory–literally and figuratively.

You may also have a passion for fulfilling your sexual desires–for the good of the collective, of course. {wink wink}

Tips for Using this Energy

-Feelings and fears are “transitory” so seize the moment and enjoy the experience (but be sure to enter it correctly according to your Strategy and Authority, which may involve waiting for the right timing).

-Release any anxiety about stepping into the unknown of your next new adventure and embrace the experience fully–chaos and all!

-If fear holds you back, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone–you’ll be glad you did!

-Your resolve to dive into something new will be tested! Accept and embrace the challenge.


Next gate moving clockwise around the Solar Plexus Center:

Gate 30, with a passion for “passion.” If your Gate 30 is defined, start noticing how much you are driven by your desires and passions. Others may even call you “intense.”

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  1. Yes – most definitely and accurate description of this part of me!! Thank you for writing it all out so clearly.

  2. I really love the way you put things, it’s very clear and exhaustive as well! Do you. Have you ever written a book or are you planning to write one? I’d be happy to buy it! Thank you for all your precious sharing! I feel drawn to get a reading from you, I’m looking forward being able to afford it soon! Emmanuel

  3. Thank you for this! I have Gate 35 and 36 defined so I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about this channel. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog and website for more info.

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