The Gift of Grace 

by Evelyn Levenson

Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves some grace.

We humans are so hard on ourselves. When was the last time you were really kind and compassionate… to yourself? You are probably much kinder and more patient with others–unless you happen to hold them to the same unattainably high standards as you hold yourself.

On top of that, we are immersed in a constantly swirling world of comparisons, judgments, accusations, consequences, and guilt.

Sometimes, we just need a little slack and some compassion.

The concept of grace and surrendering to grace lives primarily in Gate 22 (at the top side of the Emotional Solar Plexus Center) of the Human Design chart. This gate embodies the passionate, emotional, and creative energy of being your unique self and making YOUR unique contribution to the world. It takes courage and faith to follow your passion, and grace to allow for the right timing. Learn more about Gate 22 here >>

I recently started reading Caroline Myss’s book, Defy Gravity, in which she begins by talking about grace and forgiveness. It struck me as a vital topic to explore–for myself, with you, and as a public conversation.

There is a distinct deficiency of grace and forgiveness in the world these days.

Forgiveness isn’t rational. It often makes no sense to forgive someone (or yourself) for doing something awful, or even for doing something awkward. But true forgiveness, the forgiveness that is beautifully entwined with grace, comes from a completely different place than rationality. It comes from a “not rational” place. It comes from a place of love, of faith, of knowingness, and of surrender to the divinity in all of us and in all things. It comes from grace.

So, as you go about your day today, and in coming days, I invite you to practice giving some grace to yourself and to others. Remember your humanity and your divinity. And their humanity and divinity.

Before I go to bed these days, I imagine myself being awash in a complete state of grace. Complete love. Complete acceptance. Complete forgiveness. Allowing it to breathe me and soothe me. Feeling every cell in my body infused with total grace. When I do this, I sleep better. I’m more relaxed. More at peace. I feel more whole, and more integrated with the fabric of life and all its wonder.

Even if we don’t have Gate 22 activated in our charts or activated by the transits, we can still invoke the feeling of grace whenever we choose. I invite you to choose it… often.

Here’s to putting more grace in the world. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

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