The Truth About Projector Recognition and Invitations 

by Evelyn Levenson

This series, called Navigating the Projector Path, is intended to explore and address the issues that Projectors face and help Projectors align with their Truth, step into their power, thrive as the full expression of themselves, and perform their vital global role of guiding the energy of others and creating and maintaining the quantum energy grid of the planet (thereby guiding the world!).

A Projector does not need recognition and invitations from others in order to feel good about themselves and about what they have to offer. Period.

They only need others in order to help make things happen or, even better, to contribute to things already happening, so Projectors can bring their immense brilliance and wisdom to help grow and improve those “things.”

If opportunities/invitations are not being offered for whatever reason, that in no way diminishes (or, in no way should diminish) the Projector’s sense of self and value. Getting the correct recognition and invitations may simply be a matter of positioning yourself well and then waiting for the right opportunities to show. Lack of recognition or invitations is NOT a judgment against you.

Think of it like playing golf. If you are a golfer and you want to play, you need several things to come together. Ideally you know how to play and have been honing your skills. You also need some balls, tees, and clubs–the “tools” of the game. Then, you need a golf course to play on. That is where the invitation/venue comes in.

As a Projector, you have skills and tools and are just waiting for the right “golf course” opportunities to show up. You CAN (and should!) continue to feel good about yourself, your skills, and your tools while you wait. Golfers do! They don’t feel diminished as golfers if they don’t have a course to play on today.

Projectors tend to make their sense of self-worth dependent on receiving recognition and invitations. But in truth, self-worth is independent of recognition and invitations.

Let me explain.

Recognition is simply a feedback mechanism for letting us know whether our “positioning” and “message” and “presentation” are aligned with our Truth and our highest good, and are therefore being noticed by the “right” people—the ones who want and need OUR skills and tools.

The value of recognition is the energy and attention (and, usually, opportunities) it brings to the Projector.

Invitations simply provide the venues for us to “ply our trade” and be the best version of ourselves. The value of an invitation is the energy it provides the Projector to fulfill the specific opportunity they are invited into. It also provides a flow of energy the Projector can step into, instead of needing to create that flow themselves. Of course, the Projector should not accept all invitations—only those that feel correct and aligned (based on their personal Authority).

Self-worth is our healthy respect for Who We Are and what we bring to the game. It is not tied to recognition or invitations.

At the risk of “mixing metaphors,” this brings me back to my favorite analogy for Projectors… the lighthouse. The value and usefulness of a lighthouse is in no way diminished if only one (or even zero) ships needed its guidance yesterday, or last week, or last month. It still stands, ready to serve, for those ships who specifically need THAT lighthouse. The lighthouse doesn’t even have to work very hard at doing the guiding… it’s already doing it all the time.

A lighthouse does, however, require regular maintenance (hint hint) to perform its function optimally. So, take GREAT care of yourself while you are putting out your beacon (your aura) to the world and feel GREAT about yourself as you wait for the ships who need YOU to find you and your beacon. If the right ships are not finding you easily, try adjusting your beacon a little. Make sure you are shining YOUR true light into the world. Then the right ships (and opportunities) will be drawn to you.

Disclaimer Note: I’m also a pragmatist and believe in doing what you need to do when you need to do it. You may not always have the “luxury” of waiting for an invitation. I don’t mean to imply that waiting for an invitation is nothing more than a “luxury.” Invitations are of IMMENSE value and benefit to Projectors. But we live in a Generator-led and Manifestor-inspired world that doesn’t yet promote the appropriate recognition of Projectors and their vital role. So, we need to make peace with What Is for now, and find ways to navigate this current world—a world that very much needs us but doesn’t always know how to support us.

Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences are welcome in the Comments below. Let’s explore these issues together.

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  1. I always find very fascinating the way you explain and point out topics. I really consider you “illuminating” just like a lighthouse (excellent metapher, by the way!)
    Thank you for being you.

  2. Thank you, I agree and it is lovely to see it reflected back to me through someone else’s words. Much appreciated and I shall think and absorb it more fully.

  3. Loving the lighthouse analogy and the reminder to look after yourself so that your true light shines out brightly. Sing gloriously from your own song sheet and wait – the right people and opportunities will show up. Boom!

  4. Thank you so much Evelyn! You are a lighthouse in this world – illuminating like a lighthouse, and always explaining things in a very soft and clear way!
    Thank you for being you in the world just now! Hugs from Kirsten in Denmark

  5. Thank you for the lovely metaphors. It is always reassuring to read that it’s ok (even if very uncomfortable) to just BE as a projector, while waiting to be invited… The light house metaphor is excellent on so many levels.

  6. Thanks for these reminders Evelyn, especially the lighthouse metaphor. I can get ‘impatient’ or feel discouraged waiting for an invitation/ recognition. Being a Projector is lots about the ‘inner game’ of the Design.

  7. Thank you Evelyn for being such a great example of being a Projector who knows how to step into the flow of energy that is present so that you can be a beacon of Light in such a clear and loving way!

  8. Thanks Evelyn! I like the analogy, especially being able to step into the flow and not having to create it myself. Is a great reminder to just follow what you enjoy and trust the rest will show up in some way so we can adjust or step in and go.

  9. I also like the lighthouse metaphor, but it sure is lonely, being a lighthouse. What if your heart’s desire in invitations is to be “partnered in an enterprise”? Not much chance of that, clinging in splendid solitude to a rocky shore. I may be providing a beacon for others, but what about my loneliness? What if performing my necessary service of being a solitary beacon is a large part of what is making me unhappy–because it is so lonely?

    1. Yes, Marcia, that is shortcoming of the lighthouse analogy. I don’t mean to imply that Projectors are (or should be) isolated and lonely. Because Projectors are here to guide others, we are–by definition–people who need people! Some of us are wired to be more independent of others (Single Definition people), and some wired more for partnership (Split Definitions). Loneliness can be a good motivator to reach out and connect with others. We don’t need invitations to reach out. We’re all human and have many issues that are common to most of us, like loneliness. Trust that the right people will be receptive to your reaching out. Joining Projector groups online can be a place to start. If you’re not already there, try my Empowered Projector Group on Facebook:

    2. Marcia, I understand your frustrations, being a Projector can be lonely. Over time I have recognized that I get to choose every aspect of my lighthouse, and the more I create it out of joy and those things that make me feel successful, the happier I am to embody it. YOU get to choose your shoreline, the quality and nature of your light, the style and purpose AND the company of your lighthouse. Today is an incredible new moon and this thread is inspiring me to create using my ideal lighthouse for the upcoming month. Time to dig out some crafty materials :). In the meantime, there is much support to be found from fellow Projectors here.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I am just learning and adding HD to my life and business and often struggle with these very mindsets at a Projector, this really hit home for me!

  11. Evelyn, thank you for this wonderfully insightful article. I have known I am a Beacon of Light ever since my 1976 NDE. That guided me, along with prior encouragement from others, to be a Guiding Light passing forward all that was given to me. I am a Healer, an Empath, a Psychic, Palmist and Teacher. Your words ring so true. The biggest challenge is attracting a Relationship to share joy and happiness. I am already having that but seems many people want a Codependent needy person to rescue. Anything you can recommend for attracting Healthy happy partner is appreciated.

  12. Thank you, dear Evelyn, for all that you do in support of Projector types. Through your writings and teachings, you shine your light so that we may also be beacons. Your thoughtful and clearly articulated guidance is always appreciated!

  13. I really appreciate your words! They ring so true:). I love receiving invitations, and that seemed to happen naturally when I was young .. but now that i’m in my 50’s and am building a new lighthouse, there are new obstacles…. lately, it’s been higher energy people stepping right into my light, blocking it, distracting from it, or actually using it..maybe I’m building in the wrong place:). I really do like this lighthouse analogy. Thank you!!

  14. I’m a 6/2 Projector who’s married to another 6/2 Projector… but we didn’t meet until I was 48 and he was 51. I think my single time was supposed to be “me time,” with hindsight, (and I did have a first marriage in my late 30s/early 40s that was a mistake… oh well, live and learn). But it wasn’t easy being single while everyone else around me was getting married and having children. I felt like there was something wrong with me. :’-(

  15. This is such good reminder and both metaphors so apt.
    A lighthouse has no expectations ever. How good is that, so therefore no disappointments.
    And no turning the light off due to that.
    Of course we are humans and the light flickers on and off due to certain circumstances.
    With gratitude

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