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Being a Projector isn’t easy–learn to thrive with Success for Projectors 

by Evelyn Levenson

If you are a Projector yourself or you love a Projector, you know that being a Projector can be challenging in this world where Generators and Manifesting Generators are the majority (~70%) of the population. They, understandably, set the norms and expectations.

All people with an open Sacral Center (which includes Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors) are not designed to meet those norms and expectations. You can see the problem!

As a Projector myself, I’ve struggled with the classic challenges of the Projector: inconsistent energy, burnout, trouble getting a job, not feeling heard or recognized, waiting far too long for an invitation, feeling resentment and even bitterness, feeling powerless, not trusting myself, not believing in my own value, not truly knowing Who I Am or why I’m here, not succeeding like my peers, struggling to make a living, feeling like I can’t keep up. I could go on, but you get the picture.

This is why I created a course specifically for and about Projectors… to help them understand themselves, know why they’re here, and learn how to thrive AS a Projector. It’s called Success for Projectors.

I’ve been studying and using Human Design since 2008, and giving readings professionally and teaching since not long after that. I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of Projectors, taught a course about Projectors that was open to everyone, and led intensive healing programs exclusively for Projectors.

The Success for Projectors course was, and is, open to everyone. All types benefit from knowing and understanding each other. Projectors, especially, benefit from knowing themselves and from being around people who understand them and can help support them in ways that are correct for everyone involved.

Everything I’ve learned, everything I know from my own experience, and everything I’ve learned from fellow Projectors and those who love Projectors has gone into this course.

Here’s what’s covered in the five video-training modules of this online, work-at-your-own-pace course:

Module 1 – Projector role, purpose & importance

Module 2 – Decision-making and action-taking for the Projector (especially about invitations!)

Module 3 – Money, wealth and business strategies for the Projector

Module 4 – Healthy relationships for the Projector

Module 5 – Health, balance, burnout, self-care, and resiliency for the Projector


This course sold for far more when it was last taught live. Now it’s available in a convenient on-line format for just $77.

The course includes a video training, audio of the training, slides, and a worksheet to help you integrate and apply the information–for each of the modules. Plus, there is a recorded Q&A call to deepen understanding of the material.

Learn more and purchase instant access to the Success for Projectors course HERE >>

You owe it to yourself to check it out! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that you’ll find the course valuable, so there’s no risk.

Yours in service,

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