Article: Timing… is it really “everything”? (A quick look at manifested, generated, and projected channels) 

by Evelyn Levenson


They say it’s “everything”… but is it really? What do you think?

More importantly, what has been your experience with timing, and with waiting for the right timing… or not?

Can Human Design help us to be better “timers”?

Human Design not only teaches that timing is crucial for most of us, it gives us the specifics of how, when, and why to wait for it.

Thank goodness.

Like me, you probably saw evidence of the need for good timing long before you happened across Human Design. But, like me and so many of us, you weren’t quite sure how to manage it well.

ENTER Human Design! Let’s specifically explore the distinction between manifested channels, generated channels, and projected channels as they relate to timing. These differences are not talked about much in Human Design texts and teachings but they are very useful distinctions to understand and apply.

[If you’re new to HD, a channel is a combination of two gate energies which then provides a complete energy flow between two geometrically shaped centers on the bodygraph. A gate energy is a specific facet of human experience and expression, and a complete channel is an enhanced expression of both gates (like when the total is more than the sum of its parts). There are 64 gates and 36 channels possible, and your particular gate energies show on your chart as black and red numbers in columns and as black and red bars on your bodygraph. Your channels will “color in” the defined centers on your chart. Learn more here]

Manifested Channels (in green below) directly connect the Throat Center (square at throat level of bodygraph) to a motor center (Sacral, Will/Ego, Emotional Solar Plexus). The fourth motor, the Root Center, cannot connect directly to the Throat, only indirectly through other centers.

There are 4 Manifested Channels, the 21-45, the 22-12, the 36-35, and the 34-20 (which is called a Manifesting Generated channel, because it is also among the Generated Channels).

These channels require “informing” the other person(s) before you take action.  For example, 21-45 is the Channel of Money. If yours is defined (colored in, whether red, black, checkered, or any combination), then you probably want to be in charge and take control of things, particularly money, resources and business interactions.

All of your money- and business-related actions will go better (and produce better results) if you inform the people who will be affected before you take action. So, the timing issue for Manifested Channels is informing.Generated Channels (in blue above) are all channels that connect to the Sacral Center (square above the bottom square). There are 11 of them (including the 34-20, which is blue and green checkered above) and they require “responding” before taking action. Only Generators and Manifesting Generators will have these channels.

The Generated Channels are:  5-15, 14-2, 29-46, 59-6, 52-9, 60-3, 53-42, 27-50, 34-57, 34-10, 34-20.  Please note that although their gates are colored in because they belong to other Generated Channels, the 57-10 and the 10-20 are NOT Generated Channels.

Responding involves paying attention to your Sacral Response (gut-level sounds of uh-huh for yes and uhn-uhn for no) which is your personal internal guidance system. You need to “wait” for something to respond to related to a decision or issue you need to address, but once you have that… the response itself is usually lightning fast.

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator who ALSO has a defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on lower right of bodygraph) then you must wait through your emotional wave in order to make a good decision—because your Sacral response may change depending on where you are on your emotional wave.

So, the timing issue for correctly expressing Generated Channels is “waiting to respond” and if you are emotionally defined, also waiting through your emotional wave.

ALL the rest of the channels in the chart are Projected Channels. That’s 22 of them! Projected channels specifically need correct timing to be expressed effectively and correctly, which means using YOUR particular Strategy and Authority and diligently waiting for invitations, energetic openings and clear opportunities to express them.

That’s a lot of waiting for good timing!

Not only are all of those CHANNELS “projected” but so are their GATES.

Even if you are a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator, any Projected Channels OR GATES you have will need to wait for invitations or recognition to be correctly and optimally expressed.

A great example of a projected gate that absolutely requires correct timing to be expressed effectively is Gate 18 – Correction. If you’re not waiting for your advice/correction/suggestions to be requested or invited, then what you offer is not likely to be well received or have the result you intended. [Read a Quick Tip about Gate 18 here]

So, the timing issue for Projected Channels and Gates is waiting to be recognized or invited before expressing those energies.

Here is a related article about Waiting… Love It or Hate It that addresses the waiting issues for each of the Human Design Types.

My point here, though, is that waiting for good timing isn’t just about your Type. It also depends on your defined channels and gates.

So yes, timing IS probably EVERYTHING!


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  1. I have wondered even recently why I would be critical rather than appreciative of myself and others and voila this explains it well .Gate 18.
    Love Marga

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