Success for Projectors telecourse – detailed course outline

Yay!! I’m very excited about teaching this course live again. The course will begin on Sept. 15.  To learn more and register, click here:

While the course has lots of slides and data and examples, it is also a transformational course.

The core transformational intention and commitment for the Success for Projectors telecourse
is to help Projectors accept, value and leverage their Projector-ness.

That may not sound of much importance to some, but I know many of you can already see and feel the huge potential impact of this in your lives.

The second core intention is to help those who love or work with a Projector
to accept, value and leverage that Projector’s Projector-ness,
and for them to help that Projector value their own Projector-ness. 
( I hope that made sense.)

This second core intention is how we spread the transformation exponentially.  And it’s why non-Projectors are warmly and whole-heartedly welcomed into this course, too!

I’m also VERY practical and am committed to providing usable knowledge in this course that really makes a difference.

I’m a deep believer that the more each Human Design Type embraces and lives their Type and Strategy, the better place this world will be.

And since I am a Projector, my focus is with Projectors.  And invite EVERYONE to come play with us!

Below is an outline of the Success for Projectors course, with a sampling of the issues that we will “dance with”, explore together, and create solutions for in each major area of a successful life. 

***This is NOT a complete outline***  It’s just meant to give you a sense of the types of issues we’ll cover in each of the five Modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to Projectors; Role and Purpose of the Projector

A.  Successfully playing the “game of life” as a Projector

B.  Dealing with the “bossy, controlling, know-it-all” Projector image; what to do if others perceive you as this

C.  What it means (and doesn’t mean) to manage, guide and direct others; how to do it correctly energetically

D.  Projector energy in a Generator world

E.  How to “know yourself” even though you’re not designed to

F.  How to cope with (or avoid) bitterness, isolation and feeling misunderstood

G.  How to “be a lighthouse” and let your aura speak

H.  The Projector’s vital role in human and planetary evolution, and how to gracefully step into and fulfill that role


Module 2 – Decisions and Actions for the Projector

A.  Why Type and Strategy are so important for ALL Types; and why for Projectors in particular

B.  How life becomes “effortless” when living from your Self (vs. efforting from your Not-Self)

C.  Living from your body, not your mind; learning to trust yourself; how your strategy and response differ from a Sacral strategy and response

D.  What “waiting to be invited” really means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to use it; how to “stack the deck” in your favor as a Projector

E.  Freeing the Projector to be the fullest expression of their uniqueness

F.  Projector consequences of following strategy vs. not following strategy

G.  How to leverage your time and energy while waiting for the invitations

H.  What to do after you get an invitation

I.   There are no “Projector Police” — experiment!

J.   What if an invitation was correct, you entered it correctly, and it still didn’t work out???

K.  What gets in the Projector’s way of following their strategy


Module 3 – Money, Business and Wealth Strategy for Projectors

A.  How to navigate the world of business as a Projector

B.  Why you need to heal the burnout FIRST

C.  How to get more clients and/or move your career forward; marketing for the Projector

D.  How to get recognition correctly, and why you need it

E.  How to be “inconsistent” as a Projector, and still be successful

F.  How attract followers and let your tribe find you (rather than you try to find them)

G.  How to leverage you time, energy and brilliance

H.  How the Projector’s long term planning should differ from Sacral Types

I.  How your beliefs affect what you attract into your experience; avoid stinkin’ thinkin’


Module 4 – Relationships for and with Projectors

A.  How Projector energy affects others (it’s not personal!)

B.  Is sleeping alone really important?

C.  Not knowing when enough is enough, and how that affects relationships

D.  Communicating effectively

E.  Tips for healthy relationships as a Projector

1.  How to live/work with other Types

2.  How to manifest a partner

3.  How to disengage/end a relationship/quit a job

4.  How to have the people in your life not feel “managed” by you

5.  How to get invitations/recognition/attention appropriately

 F.  Tips for others in relationship with a Projector

1.  How to respect the Projector’s energy and alone time

2.  How to bring out the best in Projectors

3.  What to do when you feel “managed” by a Projector

4.  Inviting and recognizing Projectors; keeping harmony

G.  Projectors as parents, as children, as bosses, co-workers, etc.

H.  Projector relationship with Self, and with Higher Power


Module 5 – Health, Balance and Self-Care as a Projector

A.  Projector characteristics that impact health and well-being

B.  Healing the burnout

C.  How to stay out of “life as an exhausting struggle”

D.  How to release the energy of others (to restore your energy “integrity”)

E.  The keys to being resilient as a Projector

F.  Mistaken motivations and predictable behavior issues

G.  Great self-care ideas


To learn more about the course and register, click here:

7 Responses to Success for Projectors telecourse – detailed course outline

  • Nur says:

    thank you for focusing your efforts on helping projectors. I’m experimenting with my projector design for 3 years and still encounter difficulties in moving towards my fullness. especially in the economic sphere. In fact the current and persistent economic crisis brought me back to my parents and I have not got the time to regain my autonomy. live a very precarious situation, .Being also continually judged as vague and maladjusted

    Since the course is over, have a recording of it? Is somehow possible free access to the development of the topics covered

    Thank you so much for your attention and response

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi Nur, I’ll be teaching the course again LIVE in September. Be sure you’re on my email list to get notified of the details, or email me:

  • Carles Avila says:

    Hi Evelyn
    My name is Carles, living in Barcelona (Spain), and I am a 1/3 emotional projector.
    Can you send me more info about the Success for Projectors telecourse in September? (cost, schedule, time, number of sessions,..).
    I’d be delighted to sign in.


  • connie osier says:

    Hi Evelyn, i just found out about Human Design and learned that i am a projector. i know almost nothing about this. are you offering another class for projectors and can you recommend any books on the subject so I can learn to live more in tune with myself

  • Elena Supervielle says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    When are you going to do the Projector Telecourse again?

    • Evelyn says:

      While I may offer this course again live in the future, I don’t know when that will be. In the meantime, it is available as a home study course. You can find out more about that course HERE.

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