Human Design Strategy – Back to Basics 

by Evelyn Levenson

How to Make Decisions and Take Actions that Align with Your Authentic Self

Having a how-to manual for your life would be great, wouldn’t it!

  • Knowing when to zig and when to zag
  • Knowing the best way to approach and influence people
  • Making big decisions with confidence
  • Knowing when you are on-path to fulfill your soul’s purpose, and how to get back on track when you’ve strayed

This is the core of how your Human Design Strategy can help you. It’s the User’s Manual we’ve all been hoping for!

Even if you already know your Strategy, you will get value from reviewing these basics.

All About Energy Alignment

Here are the fundamentals of using Strategy to help you live a happy and successful life.

There are five energy Types in Human Design—each has a different energetic structure.

The five Types are called: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. You learn which Type you are from your personal Human Design chart. Click here if you don’t have yours yet.

Each energy Type has a specific decision-making and action-taking Strategy.

When you make decisions and take actions using the Strategy for your Type, you align with your natural energetic structure. That alignment allows for “flow” because you’re working with your natural energy, rather than against it. It’s like turning your canoe around and floating easily downstream after having paddled upstream so hard for so long.

Your Type is the PERSONAL energy configuration you were born with-it does not change over time. The only thing that does change is how you express the energies you carry. That is addressed during a one-on-one Human Design Reading.

Your Role in Life and Your Human Design Strategy

The correct Role for you in life is directly associated with your Human Design Type. This makes it so much easier to choose the right career and work opportunities!

Human Design MandalaSome of us are designed to work, some are designed to guide and direct, and some are here to initiate work and relationships. A few of us are here to be a mirror for everyone else.

For most of us (~92%!), our correct Strategy is to wait—even if only for a split second—before making decisions and taking actions. But there is much more to it than that.

Below are the basic Roles and Strategies for each Type. In a Full Human Design Reading with me, we would spend 30 minutes or so talking about YOUR Role and Strategy, so you completely get it and know how to use it. But the summary below will give you enough to get started.

From this list you’ll also begin to understand the ways in which others are different from you.


Manifestor Role Manifestor image

  • You are here to make things happen; you are the only Type designed to initiate action directly from ideas.
  • You have a “motorized” Throat Center enabling you to impact people and be more easily heard than other Types.

Manifestor Strategy

  • Inform those in your ‘impact field’ before you take action; wait only for your own sense of timing.
  • We informally call it the “throw the spaghetti against the wall and see if it sticks” Strategy since you need to actually start things before you know if they are correct for you.


Generator RoleGenerator image

  • Generators are the workforce of the world, with sustainable life force energy for working a job, raising children, etc.
  • Your Defined Sacral Center gives you internal guidance on decisions and actions that are correct for you.

Generator Strategy

  • Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no) before making decisions/taking action.
  • This means having a gut/Sacral response to everything and anything around you, which is your indicator of whether something is correct for you to take action on.


Manifesting Generator RoleManifesting Generator image

  • You are also the workforce of the world, with sustainable life force energy for working a job, raising children, etc.
  • You are the busiest of the five Types, and may skip steps in your hurry.
  • Your Defined Sacral Center gives you internal guidance for making correct decisions; your “motorized” Throat gives you impact and effectiveness.

Manifesting Generator Strategy

  • Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no), then inform those in your ‘impact field’ before making decisions/taking action.
  • This means having a gut/Sacral response to everything and anything around you, which is your indicator of whether something is correct for you to take action on (though you may need to start something for final confirmation, and then not continue doing it if it no longer feels correct).


Projector RoleProjector image

  • You are here to manage, guide and direct others and their activities.
  • You are not designed to work a regular 9-5 job; your energy is powerful when used correctly but it isn’t sustainable. You need to manage your energy deliberately.

Projector Strategy

  • Wait to be invited into major choices in life (jobs/career, marriage, moving, etc.); wait to be recognized or asked before sharing your wisdom, advice or opinion.
  • When you wait, the right people will invite you to the right opportunities. But only accept invitations that feel “delicious” to you!


Reflector Role

  • You are here to reflect the well-being of your Reflector imagecommunity, family, etc., and be an early warning signal of any problems.
  • You are here to be wise about human potential and the human experience.

Reflector Strategy

  • Wait 29 days before making important decisions, then take all action needed.
  • Surround yourself with good friends and family, and talk about your decisions.
  • It may be challenging for you to find the best path for you—go with what feels good.

“Is This Your Final Decision?”

There is another factor that influences our correct decision-making—it is called Authority. It could be the subject of an entire article, but for now I’ll simply say that if your Authority (shown on your personal Human Design chart) has the word “emotional” in it, you need to wait at least a day or two after your initial response before making a decision, to see if your initial answer changes. You are not designed for spontaneous decisions! (You can learn more about how to apply your Authority in a personal Reading.)

I wrote a related article on Human Design Strategy which you can read here.


I would love to read your comments on what you’ve just learned about yourself and your Human Design Strategy, or the results you’ve had if you’re already applying your Strategy in your life. Also, feel free to share this information with your friends. (I’m happy to run charts for them too!)

If you would like to learn more about a Full Human Design Reading with me, click here.


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  1. Evelyn:

    How far do you go in testing your response as a manifesting generator? Could you also try it out in your imagination, acted it out in the form of drama then observe what happens. To much delving into the trial and testing can cost you money, time, and effort?


    1. Hi Ray, great questions. Test your response until you get a clear yes or no from your Sacral. If you are emotional, be sure to also wait through your emotional wave. As an MG, that may be hard–but slowing down an MG a little is often a good thing. You’ll be more focused and effective if you’re not going too fast and being too scattered.

      Trying things out in your imagination is usually a very good idea, and is correct for the MG. If you’re good at visualizing things clearly, you may be able to get a true Sacral response from that. But many MGs will need to get started on something for a truly clear response. As much as possible, keep your options open and give yourself wiggle room and back-out clauses so you can try things without getting locked in. While there are costs in time, money and effort, these are also valuable learning experiences. We often learn more from what doesn’t work than from what does! Hope that helps. Keep me posted on how it’s going for you. ~Evelyn

  2. Thanks, Evelyn. I am still learning that when things make sense in your head that you can still be wrong even though you are right.


  3. Evelyn:
    I was wondering what books you recommend on the subject (I already have a manual of HD by Linda Stone). I have found some other titles: “The Definitive Book of Human Design…”, “Human Design” (Parkyn, Chetan, Dennis…), “The prophesy of Ra Uru Hu and…”, and “The Book of Lines”. Out of curiosity I was wondering what kind of design chart you had…maybe.

    1. Hi Ray, I have Linda Stone’s manual which I really like and Chetan’s Human Design book which I also really like, and those are the two books I recommend. My HD teacher, Karen Curry, will be having her own book published this fall which I’m eagerly anticipating. I suggest you check it out when it is available. Jovian Archives has loads of materials, and if you’re ready for that level of specificity then those might appeal to you. Richard Rudd also has some great material. Ultimately, go with those that resonate with you and feel correct for you.

      As for my chart, it’s on my website and reachable from this page I’m a 1/3 Projector. Happy exploring, and let me know how it’s going for you! ~Evelyn

  4. Thanks, Evelyn. I already have Linda Stone’s manual. On memorial day Chetan’s book enexpectedly caught my eye at Half-Price bookstore, and on top of the discounted price 30% off, for $7. Wow! Didn’t anticipate getting something that soon! I am 1/3 as well. If you look at the enneagram personality type 5, the investigator, you’ll see a striking resemblance, as if someone copied off the other. Ever since I was a kid I’d spent hours devouring encyclopedias. Being a pastor’s and missionary kid I finally resolved something I’ve been thru Human Design I had accepted as “me”, I felt so uneasy and restless sitting on other peoples speaking, preaching, teaching, seminars, not to mention college lectures. I go way to fast and prefer to be given many books and with all the huge energy I have rush forward with my pilot programs, personal projects, and research.

  5. As a MG, I’ve experienced that sustainable energy when something grabs and holds my interest. However, I find selecting the best career or work opportunities for me frustrating (surprise, surprise!) because I feel like I could do it all. I was so overwhelmed that, at one point, I stopped working because I cried almost day at the job I did have but didn’t know what type of work was ideal for me. Are there any posts in the archives about employment by design?

    1. Stacy, I will look through and see if there are any posts on employment by design. I believe that knowing how your strategy for your TYPE helps you in finding an employment situation that works for you. But I will look through the archives and if I don’t find something, I will suggest it as a possible topic for a future Quick Spotlight to Evelyn. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Hi Stacie, I haven’t written anything specific about careers and Human Design, but it’s definitely something we would cover in a personal Reading. Given your level of frustration and overwhelm, I’d highly recommend a Reading.

  6. Thank you for the article and guidance. I am very new to Human Design but so far, I just love all that I am reading and learning. It really rings true with me and I am sure as I get more familiarizad with the subject matter I will find out a lot about myself. Thank you.

  7. I love to initiate! As a Manifestor I get a kind of high when I get an idea, when my creative
    Juices are flowing! Then when I get started I love being in my flow. I feel really good as I keep going on to completion. Everything aligns for me when I am emotionally clear and with synchronicity three times in my chart and when I am being responsible (twice in Saturn) I am
    Blessed with more synchronisitc events, improvement in my well-being and abundant resources! It almost feels like I’m an MG with all of this going on along with the gate of Power ????. Of course, as Evelyn knows, having the cross of tension with the 48 can be a
    Conundrum when we get paralyzed in the fear of inadequacy. So I borrow the rest of the channel,
    Gate 16 (just do it/enthusiasm) from my daughter and go for it!
    When I am in motion, initiating, I am fearless and I love it! It’s like my
    type knows this is how we roll and we will make
    An impact. I am seen, heard and responded to! It’s so nice compared to having been married to another Manifestor for 20 years (now divorced for 3) and being ignored and worse. I even have a lovely Generator man in my life. Oh how sweet it is to get a response all of the time! ????
    Thanks for posting and keep up the great work/mission!
    Your fellow Certified Level 3 Human Design Specialist
    Connie Wetzler

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