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Let’s get practical.

Why bother learning all this Human Design stuff about yourself?  What good does it really do?

I could go on and on about the profound impact it makes on my clients’ lives, the life-changing difference it’s made in my life, and how it can literally give you a complete ‘paradigm shift’. (That phrase is bandied about quite a bit… but knowing your Human Design does permanently change the way you see yourself, others, and the world. That is a true paradigm shift.)

But I’m not going to. Instead, we’re going to get really practical.

Knowing your Human Design Type and Strategy Human Design Mandalagives you a decision-making and action-taking strategy that is specifically correct for YOU. 

It’s not some generic approach. Not something that works for me but probably won’t work for you. Not something based on subjective answers you gave to a bunch of generalized questions.

This is completely specific to you.

It’s YOUR PERSONAL energy configuration. The one you were born with. And it doesn’t change over time. The only thing that does change is your expression of those energies. But that’s a topic for another post.

Decision-Making and Action-Taking

When you make choices and take actions in a way consistent with your personal energy blueprint, it becomes easy to make the right choices and take the right actions. And I don’t mean morally right or wrong… I mean what is specifically and personally right for YOU.

Right for who YOU are and where YOU are going in life. Right for leading you to your personal and unique purpose for being here. Right for helping you fulfill your role, express the best of you, and live life at peace with yourself and the world.

And at a practical, everyday level… it makes things go better and flow better.

Instead of pushing a boulder up a hill trying to make things happen or feeling like you’re constantly paddling upstream, you learn to float downstream and leverage the power of the current to help you get where you want to go, and have what you want to have. You work WITH your energies, not against them.

Roles and Strategies

The only way to KNOW your Role and Strategy is to know your TYPE, which you learn from your Human Design Chart. Click here if you don’t have yours yet.

There are five different Types, and each Type has its own Role and Strategy.

Some people are designed to work, some are designed to guide and direct, some are here to initiate work and relationships. Most of us (92%!) are here to wait—even if only for a split second—before making decisions and taking actions.

When you know exactly how to operate in life for YOUR greatest ease and success… it changes everything!

Below are the basic Roles and Strategies for each Type. In a Human Design Full Reading with me, we would spend 30 minutes or so talking about YOUR Role and Strategy, so you completely get it and know how to use it. But the summary below will give you enough to get started.

From this list you’ll also begin to understand the ways in which some people are so different from you.

If you are a Manifestor…

  • You are here to make things happen; you are the only Type designed to initiate action directly from ideas.
  • You have a “motorized” Throat Center enabling you to impact people and be more easily heard than other Types.

Manifestor Strategy:

  • Inform those in your ‘impact field’ before you take action; wait only for your own sense of timing.


If you are a Generator…

  • Generators are the workforce of the world, with sustainable life force energy for working a job, raising children, etc.
  • Your Defined Sacral Center gives you internal guidance on decisions and actions that are correct for you.

Generator Strategy:

  • Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no) before making decisions/taking action.


If you are a Manifesting Generator…

  • You are also the workforce of the world, with sustainable life force energy for working a job, raising children, etc.
  • Your Defined Sacral Center gives you internal guidance for making correct decisions; your “motorized” Throat gives you impact and effectiveness.

Manifesting Generator Strategy:

  • Wait to respond with your Sacral sounds (uh-huh is yes, uhn-uhn is no), then inform those in your ‘impact field’ before making decisions/taking action.


If you are a Projector…

  • You are here to manage, guide and direct others and their activities.
  • You are not designed to work a regular job; you don’t have sustainable energy.

Projector Strategy:

  • Wait to be invited into major choices in life (jobs/career, marriage, moving, etc.); wait to be recognized or asked before sharing your wisdom, advice or opinion.


If you are a Reflector…

  • You are here to reflect the well-being of your community, family, etc., and be an early warning signal of any trouble.
  • Can be very wise about human potential.

Reflector Strategy:

  • Wait 29 days before making important decisions, then take all action needed.

I invite you to comment on what you’ve learned about yourself, and/or the results you’ve had if you’ve applied your Strategy in your life. Also, feel free to share this information with your friends. (I’m happy to run charts for them too!)

If you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about a Full Human Design Reading with me, click here.


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