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More About Evelyn – Background and Credentials

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One of my favorite things to do is solve puzzles and figure things out. So I do Sudoku puzzles because I love the challenge of applying pure logic in determining the right answers. In fact, I have a secret fantasy of creating an e-videocourse that teaches people how to reach level 3 proficiency in just a few weeks!

But my real puzzle-love is crosswords. I do both puzzles in the Sunday newspaper almost every week. Of course they are great for exercising my brain, keeping my memory sharp, and expanding my vocabulary. But they are so much more than that.

main headshot2-smallThere is something about that exquisite moment—that flash of insight—when I figure out a clue and I know I’ve got the right answer. The Sunday puzzles offer dozens of such exhilarating moments. I’m positively addicted. And those moments are always sweeter when I’ve struggled a bit to figure them out. It’s just not as fun when it’s too easy. (Probably because of the Struggle energy in my Chart!)

Imagine my delight and fascination when I discovered Human Design. It’s a complex system of lots of little puzzle pieces that need to be understood individually—then put together into a coherent and meaningful whole picture about someone’s life. It’s the ultimate puzzler’s dream! AND it allows me to serve my fellow human beings (and humanity as a whole) in an exceptionally meaningful way… all while my puzzle-solving yaya’s are getting met. Life is good!


Human Design Specialist Certification Training

Within a few months of being introduced to Human Design in 2008, I enrolled in Karen Curry’s intensive 8-month training course to study the system and learn how to give accurate, insightful and empowering Human Design readings. I am investigative by nature (confirmed by my personal Human Design chart!), and I dove in enthusiastically and began doing readings as soon as possible—so I could complement my training with lots of hands-on experience. I am certified at the highest level that Karen offers (Level 4) and I continue to expand my knowledge and skills by doing client Readings and studying intermediate and advanced course work in Human Design.

Health & Wellness Coaching Training

Despite significant success in my business career (click here for even more details), and before I found Human Design, I knew there was more I could be doing to help people on a personal level but I wasn’t sure what. When I learned about a 12-month Health Coach Training program in early 2007, it felt like a great fit (you’ll see why in the next section) and I eagerly jumped in. I learned excellent coaching skills (including the Co-Active Coaching model and Dr. Prochaska’s six stages of change), specific health coaching approaches and issues, and marketing techniques. In working with clients, I discovered that health coaching seemed to invariably lead back to life coaching. Interestingly, that’s what co-active coaching says—coach the whole person. When I found Human Design I realized it was the missing piece that allowed me to coach my “whole client” from the beginning of our coaching relationship. Human Design helps my current clients improve their life as well as their health, with insights into their unique tendencies and specific ways to address behavioral issues.

Lifelong Active Interest in Health and Well-Being

My parents had a health-promotion business (a public Sauna with optional massage) when I was growing up, so I had an early introduction to the idea of caring for (and sweating the toxins out of!) the body. When I made the decision to become a vegetarian in 1977, I investigated its health benefits—and I’ve been hooked on the natural approach to health through diet ever since. Over the years I’ve read many dozens of books, taken a wide mix of courses, and experimented on myself with a host of diet variations, exercise programs, fasting, mental attitude approaches, and understanding the spiritual connection of all living things. My focus has always remained on promoting and maintaining good health and supporting the body in healing itself. Click here for additional details about my background and other formal qualifications.

My Human Design

In addition to my personal interests and background being well suited for Human Design and coaching, I’ve learned (through my Human Design chart) that my personality traits, intuition, and natural talents are the perfect combination for the work that I now do. Click here to see my Chart.

Personality Traits

I am a natural teacher, leader and guide, which is consistent with being a Projector (one of five Types in Human Design). I am here to know others and help them manage their energies more efficiently and effectively. Teaching Human Design and coaching people are perfect expressions of my Design. I am empathic which means I can feel others’ feelings. This is very useful in coaching you to reach your goals and for explaining your Human Design to you. I adjust my approach to accommodate where you are in the moment, otherwise—especially if you are emotional by Design—you might not hear me! I am naturally investigative and experimental (I have a 1/3 Profile), which means first I study, then I experiment to figure out what actually works. Then I share what works with others. And I keep investigating, experimenting and sharing. That’s what I do naturally.


I have consistent access to intuitive energy as defined in Human Design, so I have keen awareness of what’s going on in the moment. I also take people in at a soul level so I sense deeply what’s going on with them personally. This ability to be present, aware, and ‘tuned in’ to who my clients truly are is a gift that serves me and my clients during my Human Design Readings and my coaching.

Natural Skills and Talents

I am skilled in synthesizing and integrating data and ideas into a useful and practical “big picture” and I am able to communicate it. This means that I’m good at explaining complex systems—like your unique Human Design—in ways that are easy for you to understand. I am also very detail-oriented and give practical, step-by-step solutions for you to implement. I have natural people skills and my clients always feel better after speaking with me. I love to uplift the spirit of those around me. I have positive energy, a good attitude, a cheerful outlook and genuine enthusiasm.

Personal Growth

My early awareness of self-improvement through health, plus my long-term interest in understanding and improving my relationships, lead me to a variety of personal development work in the ‘80s and ‘90s. I committedly continue this work as it provides an experiential base from which I learn about myself and through which I understand and coach others. Among my favorite authors and programs are Landmark Education courses, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, Mike Dooley’s work, the Conversations with God series of books, and the Abraham-Hicks materials. My personal growth and development work has helped me to survive (and thrive!) despite divorce, financial setbacks, losing an ex-spouse to AIDS, my father to a heart attack, my step-father to an aneurysm, and my mother to cancer.

My Mission and Passion

All my life I’ve felt driven to help others, using whatever tools and abilities I had at the time, from figuring out how to repair a friend’s bicycle chain during a long bike ride as a teenager, to learning software in my business world so I could help others use it. Now, my tool set and skill level have greatly expanded and I’m on a deliberate mission to empower people to create a life they love!

My Life Purpose/Mission

I am finally clear about my mission in life: to empower people with information and self-knowledge that enriches their life experience and helps them embrace their own magnificence. It took me a while to find this clarity, so I’m patient with clients who haven’t found theirs yet. And I have tools and skills to help you find YOUR passion and clarify your mission. The most rewarding part of the work I do is helping clients find their Life Purpose and decide how they want to fulfill it.

My Passion

I’m so passionate about empowering people to love themselves and live the life of their dreams, that I want everyone to have this opportunity. I hope you’ll join me—as an active client or even a silent partner—in transforming the world in which we live by transforming our own lives first.

Self-knowledge and self-empowerment are the starting points.

Self-confidence, clarity, success, vitality, fulfillment, a sense of purpose, and great relationships are the rewards.

Are YOU ready to make your life better? I invite you to get started by requesting your Human Design Chart and FREE Decision Maker’s Kit here.