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New Group for Reflectors! Explore and grow with fellow Reflectors

I recently reached out to a colleague, Leslie vanWinkle, who is a Reflector and a Human Design Specialist, about creating an opportunity for Reflectors to be together and learn together.

She is excited and moving forward with putting together an online group where Reflectors can:

  • come together and support each other
  • learn how to decondition and release the influence of other people and the environment (without getting overwhelmed and hijacked by the energy of others), and
  • explore how Reflectors can step into their unique role in service to their communities.

If learning more about (and possibly joining) this group is something that appeals to you, please send an email to:
Leslie vanWinkle at  humandesign4lm@gmail.com   (the “lm” in the address stands for Life Mastery)

Leslie has created a Facebook group that is open to Reflectors and family members/loved ones of Reflectors, with more events in the planning stages. Input and co-creation from group members is welcomed!

She has a handout that is particularly useful for Reflectors, which she will send to you along with directions for how to join the Facebook group. (Just give her a few days; as a Reflector, she follows her own internal timing).

In your email to Leslie, please tell her a bit about yourself.  For example:

When did you learn you were a Reflector?  How has that affected your life?  Have you had a Human Design Reading yet?  What’s your biggest challenge as a Reflector (or as the ally of a Reflector?

She is looking forward to connecting with each of you and inviting you into the group.



“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Reflectors

Reflectors – “Mirror, mirror …”

[Reflector]Reflectors, the last Type in our series on Types in Relationship, are very rare (less than 1% of the population) but are very important pieces in the whole puzzle of humanity.

They are here to reflect the health and well-being of the community they belong to. We gain clarity about ourselves as a group (and to some extent, personally) as we see ourselves reflected back to us through the Reflector—they are our mirror.

They are exceptionally wise beings who should be sitting on a purple cushion being consulted by leaders and elders regarding the health and correct direction of the community. But our modern day environment is often not very Reflector-friendly.

All nine of their Energy Centers are OPEN (white), so they are energetically open and very sensitive beings. Because of this, they are more influenced than any other Type by the Gate energies moving through the moon—all 64 Gates move through the Moon every lunar cycle of 29 days.

To make correct decisions, a Reflector must wait 29 days—through a full lunar cycle—to see how they feel about the decision after moving through all those energetic influences.

You can imagine how challenging that decision-making Strategy is in today’s fast-paced society!

With this basic understanding of Reflectors, we’ll look at their issues in relationships after the description of this Series below.

About This Series

Human Design gives us deeply insightful knowledge about the nature of WHO we are and HOW we behave as human beings.

Your personal Human Design chart (you can get your free Human Design chart here) helps you understand the energy dynamics and personality characteristics of YOU.

Human Design also helps you understand the other people around you and the nature of YOUR relationship with them.

This makes possible the achievement of supportive, fulfilling,
and constructive relationships in every area of your life.
And in every relationship in your life!

Wouldn’t THAT be something!

This series of articles about “Human Design TYPES in Relationships” will help you move forward along this most noble and worthy path. 😉

Today’s article explores how the REFLECTOR TYPE interacts with OTHERS.

[continue reading…]


Health Indicators in Your Chart – Part 1: The Five Types

Use Your Human Design Chart to Help You Stay Healthy and Vibrant – Introduction

There is no shortage of theories and advice for addressing health issues and challenges, and for attempting to maximize our well-being.

Here is a very different approach:  use your Human Design Chart!

[When you’ve read this article (Part 1),
Click here to read Part 2 about the Nine Centers
Click here to read Part 3 about Significant Gates and Channels ]

Your Human Design Chart contains information about the energy configuration you carry—it shows the energetic structure you were born with. (Click here if you don’t have your Chart yet.)

This set of energies interacts within you, influencing your behavior and your ability to handle stress and pressure, and determining the most effective way for you to operate in the world.

Your set of energies also interacts with the people around you, influencing them and being influenced by them.

Evelyn's ChartThe energies you carry (your “definition”) are colored in on your chart. These are energies you experience consistently and broadcast out to the world.

The Centers, gates and channels that are white (your “openness” ) are areas where you take in the energy of others. The inconsistency and intensity of these open areas can be confusing and overwhelming, but our openness is also our greatest source of wisdom in life. This wisdom comes from experiencing the full range of human expression in each area where we are open.

How Your Chart Affects You

The Human Design Chart is a bit like a circuit board. Energy flows through [continue reading…]


How to Tell If You’re Living Your NOT-SELF — Part 2

In our recent article How to Tell If You’re Living Your NOT-SELF — Part 1, we began an exploration of the useful and revealing Human Design concept of the NOT-SELF by looking at Generator and Projector Types.

Here in Part 2, we complete the topic by looking at Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, and Reflector Types.

The introductory sections are repeated below so you don’t have to read Part 1 to understand Part 2!


Does your path feel a bit bumpy at times? Are you struggling, or seriously lacking “flow” in your life? If so, you may be experiencing your NOT-SELF theme!

“What is a NOT-SELF Theme?”

confused round faceWhen you are NOT living according to the decision-making Strategy of your Human Design Type, you are probably living your NOT-SELF.

“So, How Can I Know Who My REAL-SELF Is?”

That’s easy. Your Human Design Type (from your personal chart—if you don’t have yours click here) is the fundamental energy structure you were born with. This structure determines the role in life you are “designed” to play and also gives you the decision-making and action-taking strategy that is specifically correct for your energy.

“Why Is That Important?”

When your choices and actions are in alignment with your natural energetic structure—which they are by using the Strategy for your Type—then you are living true to your real SELF… your Authentic SELF. And that’s when [continue reading…]


Quick Spotlight – Even Outward Success Doesn’t Quiet Self-Doubt

One of my clients is a Reflector Type—that rare and precious contribution to humanity (less than 1% of the population). Reflectors are open and sensitive beings here to mirror back to us the health and vitality of our communities—and ourselves. Reflectors have all nine energy centers Open (white).

This Reflector has achieved impressive success and worldwide recognition for her work and accomplishments (she’s in her mid-fifties), including psycho-spiritual work and the ability to readjust energy fields.

Yet she shared with me that until her Human Design Reading she was still criticizing herself for feeling different from others and not fitting in, and still judging herself for lacking energy and not being able to keep up with others.

This amazed me and was a great lesson and reminder that outward success does not necessarily erase the self-doubt and self-criticism that so many of us carry our whole lives… often starting in childhood.

I am happy to report, though, that over the course of her three Reading sessions she really made peace with who she is, why she’s here, and how (and why) she’s different. She’s now more honoring of herself, her special talents, and her special path. She saw where she was allowing herself to be a “victim,” she unhooked herself from that, and has found a renewed sense of direction in her life.

Every day I’m grateful for the clarity, dignity, and self-acceptance that Human Design brings to people.



Human Design Strategy

Human Design Strategy – Back to Basics

How to Make Decisions and Take Actions that Align with Your Authentic SelfQuestion Mark Face

Having a how-to manual for your life would be great, wouldn’t it!

  • Knowing when to zig and when to zag
  • Knowing the best way to approach and influence people
  • Making big decisions with confidence
  • Knowing when you are on-path to fulfill your soul’s purpose, and how to get back on track when you’ve strayed

This is the core of how your Human Design Strategy can help you. It’s the User’s Manual we’ve all been hoping for!

Even if you already know your Strategy, you will get value from reviewing these basics.

All About Energy Alignment

Here are the fundamentals of using Strategy to help you live a happy and successful life.

There are five energy Types in Human Design—each has a different energetic structure.

The five Types are called: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. You learn which Type you are from your personal Human Design chart. Click here if you don’t have yours yet.

Each energy Type has a specific decision-making and action-taking Strategy.

When you make decisions and take actions using the Strategy for your Type, you align with your natural energetic structure. That alignment allows for “flow” because you’re working with your natural energy, rather than against it. It’s like turning your canoe around and floating easily downstream after having paddled upstream so hard for so long. [continue reading…]


Celebrity Chart: Sandra Bullock

posted 2013/03/28

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Sandra Bullock

Birth: July 26, 1964 at 3:15 am in Arlington, Virginia


Actress and comedian Sandra Bullock stepped into stardom in the 1990’s making over 20 feature films that decade alone, including Speed and While You Were Sleeping (a personal favorite of mine), finding a lucrative niche in the romantic comedy genre.

Appearing in another 15 films from 2000-2009, she solidified her position as a serious talent and box office draw. That decade included her very popular films Miss Congeniality, Crash, and The Proposal, culminating with The Blind Side in 2009 for which she won an Oscar and several other Best Actress awards and which finally showcased her dramatic acting talent.

In 2007, she was ranked as the 14th richest female celebrity with an estimated fortune of $85 million. In 2010 she was chosen by People Magazine as “Woman of the Year.”

She has two new movies due out later this year and one so far for 2014.

In her “spare time” she runs her own production company and was executive producer of the TV sitcom George Lopez in a deliberate effort to promote Hispanics in the media. She also owns two restaurants, a bakery and floral shop in Austin, Texas!

Is this powerhouse of a woman a Manifesting Generator like Angelina Jolie (profiled in January 2012)? NO! Miss Bullock is one of the rare and beautiful humans known as a Reflector!

Her Chart

As you see from her chart below, Sandra has NO DEFINED CENTERS, which means she is a Reflector Type. Reflectors are here to be a mirror for us and reflect back to us the health and well-being of their community. [continue reading…]


Human Design Strategy Basics

[You can read an updated/expanded version of this article about Human Design Strategy HERE]

Let’s get practical.

Why bother learning all this Human Design stuff about yourself?  What good does it really do?

I could go on and on about the profound impact it makes on my clients’ lives, the life-changing difference it’s made in my life, and how it can literally give you a complete ‘paradigm shift’. (That phrase is bandied about quite a bit… but knowing your Human Design does permanently change the way you see yourself, others, and the world. That is a true paradigm shift.)

But I’m not going to. Instead, we’re going to get really practical.

Knowing your Human Design Type and Strategy Human Design Mandalagives you a decision-making and action-taking strategy that is specifically correct for YOU. 

It’s not some generic approach. Not something that works for me but probably won’t work for you. Not something based on subjective answers you gave to a bunch of generalized questions.

This is completely specific to you. [continue reading…]