Celebrity Chart: Sandra Bullock – a Reflector! 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2013/03/28)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Sandra Bullock

Birth: July 26, 1964 at 3:15 am in Arlington, Virginia

Photo Credit: ♠I Love Feet & Shoes♠ via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ♠I Love Feet & Shoes♠ via Compfight cc


Actress and comedian Sandra Bullock stepped into stardom in the 1990’s making over 20 feature films that decade alone, including Speed and While You Were Sleeping (a personal favorite of mine), finding a lucrative niche in the romantic comedy genre.

Appearing in another 15 films from 2000-2009, she solidified her position as a serious talent and box office draw. That decade included her very popular films Miss Congeniality, Crash, and The Proposal, culminating with The Blind Side in 2009 for which she won an Oscar and several other Best Actress awards and which finally showcased her dramatic acting talent.

In 2007, she was ranked as the 14th richest female celebrity with an estimated fortune of $85 million. In 2010 she was chosen by People Magazine as “Woman of the Year.”

She has two new movies due out later this year and one so far for 2014.

In her “spare time” she runs her own production company and was executive producer of the TV sitcom George Lopez in a deliberate effort to promote Hispanics in the media. She also owns two restaurants, a bakery and floral shop in Austin, Texas!

Is this powerhouse of a woman a Manifesting Generator like Angelina Jolie (profiled in January 2012)? NO! Miss Bullock is one of the rare and beautiful humans known as a Reflector!

Her Chart

As you see from her chart below, Sandra has NO DEFINED CENTERS, which means she is a Reflector Type. Reflectors are here to be a mirror for us and reflect back to us the health and well-being of their community.

Sandra Bullock Chart

A happy and stable Reflector is part of a happy and healthy community. If a Reflector is not doing well, they are either in the wrong place (“right place” is crucial for a Reflector) or there is a problem within their community that needs to be addressed and resolved.

Sandra is designed to take in people and energy and reflect it all back. Her design makes her deeply sensitive to everything around her, which likely enhances her ability to “play” other people and to have us so easily believe in her “girl next door” persona.

Her sensitivity (and probably being easily overwhelmed by noise, lots of activity, chaos and drama around her) naturally leads her to remain rather private about her life and relationships.

I’ve seen her on TV talk shows and she is somewhat quiet, very present to everyone around her, rarely interrupts, and contributes to the conversation when appropriate but is not overly focused on herself. She has great timing and is funny, and seems to go with the flow of the conversation rather than lead it. All of this is completely consistent with the highest expressions of her design.

Incarnation Cross and Profile

As Sandra has no Defined Channels or Centers, let’s look at other parts of her chart. Her Incarnation Cross (her life path) is the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected (2). Every Cross has four components. First, in her conscious sun position, is leadership and influence (Gate 31)—which dominates her path. This is democratic leadership—not dictatorial or through power taken. She is designed to express power and influence only when it is granted to her—which it has been through formal recognition of her many successful film performances.

The second key piece of her Cross, in her unconscious sun position, is responsibility (Gate 27). This means she takes responsibility very seriously especially when it comes to leadership and the example she sets with her own behavior and actions. Unlike so many in the heady world of Hollywood who crash and burn through their own undoing, Sandra seems to have staying power and a steady path.

The third aspect of her Cross, in her conscious earth position, is fantasy, creativity, and new experiences (Gate 41). She feels grounded in her own creative imaginings of what she wants and in the impulse for new experiences. This energy gives her the ability to be a visionary in her leadership of others, but can also leave her feeling restless and ever eager for something new.

The last aspect, in her unconscious earth position, is struggle (Gate 28). This is primarily the lofty struggle for meaning and purpose in life, though it can manifest as more mundane struggles and doing things the hard way. She finds grounding and stability in holding true to what is meaningful to her and following the purpose that feels correct to her.

Overall, her path in life is to express responsible, creative and visionary leadership grounded in purpose and meaning. Thank you, Sandra, for being so beautifully “on track”! Her Cross can also involve being thrust forward by unexpected events and circumstances, which may have happened to her… and may yet happen to her.

Her 2/4 Profile means she has Hermit tendencies but can also shine in the networking and connecting with people that are so crucial in the film industry. Although I don’t know what she is like on a personal level, she probably experiences the classic “leave me alone, but where’s the party” syndrome so common for the 2/4 Profile.

A Few Gems From the Rest of Her Chart

In researching Sandra’s life and career, two things struck me—both of which clearly show up in her chart. First, she has been a generous supporter of the Red Cross, donating $4 million to their relief efforts for earthquakes and natural disasters around the world. She also does Public Service Announcements to encourage others to support clean up and rescue efforts.

Here is what I see in her chart that leads her to do these things. She is caring and responsible (Gate 27), committed to communicating that caring (Gate 29), passionate (Gate 22), and holds a deep value of distributing wealth and resources for the greater good of the whole (Gate 45). She has a life theme from age 40 onward of loving humanity and embracing the diversity of the planet (Gate 15), has a life lesson of trusting that true abundance comes from Source not material wealth (and is therefore generous with what she has), knows she leads by example (7 hanging Gates in Individual Circuitry), and is also reflecting the generosity and caring that she sees (and wants to see more of) in the world–because she is a Reflector.

The second thing that struck me was her recent marriage and divorce. She married Jesse James (motorcycle builder and host of Monster Garage show) in 2005 just before her 41st birthday. It was her first marriage. She clearly took her time deciding (very correct for her as a Reflector), although I’m sure she had MANY guys to choose from during her life and stellar career. Reflectors typically see the best in people and operate from that space.

In March 2010, there were rumors of multiple women having slept with her husband during their marriage. He publicly admitted infidelity and apologized to Sandra, then checked into a rehab center with a commitment to save their marriage. But by the end of April Sandra had filed for divorce, and it was final by the end of June.

Her Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution, in her conscious Moon drives her to stand by her principles no matter what she needs to tear apart to do that. When someone violates an important principle held by a person with the 49, there is usually no turning back, no second chance, no “do over” button. Her quick divorce demonstrated her commitment to her principles in a clear expression of her Gate 49 in action.

Final Comments

With no inherent sources of energy in her chart, she has demonstrated remarkable productivity and stamina in her career. When we do what we love in life, it gives us energy. But I would caution her to manage her energy carefully and wait at least 28 days (her decision making strategy as a Reflector) before accepting film proposals, role offers, new business endeavors, etc.  If she leaps in without waiting and without talking about her decisions with trusted friends (which is the only way she can truly know how she feels about something), she may leap into actions and opportunities that are not correct for her.

I could say much more about Sandra and her chart, but this feels like a good stopping point. I welcome your comments and observations!


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  1. 😛 Thank you Evelyn, I love this analysis of Sandra Bullock. She is one of my favorite actresses. I have the same incarnation cross name and loved your explanation of it. My 31/27 is in the Earth and the 41/28 in the Sun. I am also a 2/4 profile with an open G. Thank you so much for sharing this analysis – I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Erik, thank you for your comment/question. I just ran her chart again, just to be sure, and it came up as a Reflector again. The chart program used Eastern Daylight Time, not Eastern Standard Time, to calculate the chart because of the date she was born. If you used Standard Time for your calculation, that may have made the difference. If yours still comes up different than mine when using Daylight Time, please let me know. I’m very committed to accuracy in all that I do, so we could explore this further.

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