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Article: Waiting… love it or hate it?

Below I look at how each Human Design Type is designed to WAIT in some form (and why that’s so hard sometimes!).  But first I want to share a story.

When I was growing up, my mom always had an African Violet plant or two growing on the kitchen window sill above the sink.  I remember being fascinated by their firm but soft and fuzzy leaves, and their delicate and intensely purple little flowers.  Sometimes she had some with blue or pink flowers.

About a year ago, I finally decided to buy my first African Violet plant and put it on the window sill above my kitchen sink, to remind me of my mom.  I really miss her and liked the idea of seeing that plant on a daily basis.

It had no flowers, and the leaves were very limp at first as it adjusted to its new home.

Gradually, the leaves got stronger and firmer.  Slowly the number of leaves grew.

It started looking like a healthy plant.

But there were no flowers.

I watered it, fed it, turned it regularly so it received even sunlight.

No flowers.

I wondered if I needed to give it special food, but the African Violet food available at my local hardware store came in only large quantities—it would take me 100 years to use all of that!

So, I stuck with what I was doing.  And I waited.

I’d be lying if I told you I waited patiently throughout this time.  Sometimes I felt anxious… would it ever bloom? Was I doing something wrong?  Did I get the kind that doesn’t have flowers?  (I don’t think there is such a kind, but I wondered.)

Sometimes I felt impatient and exasperated.  I wasn’t ready to throw it away, but I started resigning myself to it never blooming.  I was trying to make peace with that.

And then, a few weeks ago, after MANY months of no sign of flowers whatsoever, the first little flower appeared.

Then another.  Then more.  This is what it looks like now!

I share this story with you to bring up the issue of WAITING and how much we struggle with it.

Most of us hate waiting.  It feels disempowering, frustrating, maddening, and like a waste of time.

Yet, most of us are DESIGNED TO WAIT for the correct unfolding of our decisions and actions.

So, what’s that all about?   Why do we NEED to wait, yet HATE to wait?  (It doesn’t seem fair!!)

Here’s the short version of why we need to wait in making decisions and taking actions:  waiting allows us to get in touch with and sense the flow of energy.

The flow of energy tells us whether something feels aligned with us or not.

The alignment (or not) tells us whether that thing is correct for us (or not).

If you didn’t have pain sensors in your hand, you wouldn’t know to pull your hand away from a flame before it burned you.  Those pain sensors give you immediate feedback to guide your actions.

The flip-side of that example, the positive (feeling good) version vs. the negative (feeling pain) version, is the waiting process I just described.  Your flow sensors give you necessary feedback to guide your actions!

WAITING is not a prison sentence… you’re not doomed to a life of endless waiting.  Waiting is simply a process that allows you to make correct decisions and take correct action for YOU.  It provides an indicator, a bit like a gas gauge which indicates when you need to take action (to refill your tank).

Let’s go through each Type’s decision and action strategy and how they each relate to waiting.  We’ll start with Reflectors, for a change, and end with Manifestors.  In every case, once the waiting has served its purpose, the person can take all the action they need to take.

Reflectors:  Must wait a full lunar cycle (28-29 days) to make important decisions, because they are intensely affected by the moon and all the Gate energies that move through the moon.  They need this time for clarity about what’s really correct for them.

Projectors:  Must wait for invitations and recognition, and then feel what is correct for them according to their Authority.  Recognition (of their specific talents and qualities) brings invitations, and invitations bring energetic openings that Projectors can step into–which supports their energy management and their non-initiating design.

Manifesting Generators:  Must wait for a response from their Sacral energy guidance, then inform about their final decisions and the actions they’ll be taking.  They usually don’t have to wait long for something to respond to that’s related to their decision/action.

Generators:  Must wait to get a response from their Sacral energy guidance.  They may need to wait a little longer than Manifesting Generators for something to respond to that’s related to their decision/action, but like the MG, they can respond to anything/everything in their environment, including conversations they overhear, broadcast emails, billboards, etc.

Manifestors:  Must wait only for their own sense of internal timing aligned with their creative flow.  Then they need to inform about their final decisions and the actions they’ll be taking.

ALL TYPES need to wait through their Emotional Wave IF they are emotionally defined (lower right triangle on bodygraph is colored in).  When defined, where you are on your Emotional Wave will influence your feelings and responses.  Clarity for the emotionally defined can only be gained over time and seeing what changes for you at various points on your wave.

So what does all of this mean?

It means that ALL of us are waiting for something…. even Manifestors!

So, making peace with waiting seems like a smart thing to do.  No point in being frustrated, angry, impatient, bitter or disappointed all the time!

We make peace with waiting by seeing the value (the clarity, correctness and flow) it brings to our decisions, our actions, and our lives.

As a Projector myself and having MANY Projector clients and students, it’s my observation that Projector Types have a particularly challenging strategy for waiting—recognition and invitations are specific and personal, and are often harder to come by than generic things to respond to.

The “Success for Projectors” course I created goes through all of that plus much more.  I’m planning to teach the course LIVE sometime in the next few months (it’s been a while since I last taught it live).  If you’d like to be added to the Early Notification List for the course, CLICK HERE.  (No obligation.) The course is open to Projectors and non-Projectors alike!

If you ARE a Projector, or LOVE a Projector, or WORK with a Projector, this course could help you beyond what you can even imagine right now.  Learn more about the course HERE (and sign up for the Early Notification List if you’d like ‘first dibs’ when registration opens).


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  • Valdas October 15, 2017, 11:36 pm

    You could make it bloom faster with love and attention. E. g. there are flowers that blooms only once a year or once in a several years. When treated with intense and true love and attention, those flowers no longer stick to natural bloom cycle. They bloom several times in a year or even constantly. And that is without using anything else more but love and attention every day, i. e. fertilization, watering, light stays the same, just add love, attention and lovely talking to flower.

    In essence the same thing could be applied to every living thing.

  • laura October 16, 2017, 8:12 am

    Beautiful African Violet my mom also tended them, so lovely, like you, thanks for waiting.

  • Dorethy October 16, 2017, 8:13 am

    Hi Evelyn,
    Incredibly, yesterday, I pulled down my purple flowering African Violet to tend to her an water and thank her for her beautiful blooms! Also, incredibly, this week I’ve had to “pass over” collaborating with two other fellow Manifestors. I’ve told them I know too many Projectors & Generator-types out there waiting for the invitations, and that if all the Manifestors start working together, the order of the planet will not be graceful!! Just wanted to share my syncs with you!

  • Caroline October 16, 2017, 2:43 pm

    Hi Evelyn,

    Great article, I am continually reminding myself to exercise two specific elements tied in with waiting; trust and preparation. I think I speak for most of us when I say that it is the uncertainty of how long the waiting will last that is challenging. If we knew the “delivery date”, waiting would be much more tolerable. This is where trust comes in, KNOWING that if we wait, we will be rewarded with the correct opportunity for our energy and skill set. In the meantime continue to prepare; once the moment to proceed arrives, your “tool box” will be properly stocked to proceed with confidence and mastery for the opportunity.

    • Evelyn October 16, 2017, 2:49 pm

      Beautifully described, Caroline. That’s exactly the process. Trust can be hard, but it’s a crucial component. Thank you for your thoughts!

  • Ian Goss March 8, 2018, 10:27 am

    Well put indeed. I’m probably in a low wave regarding a 10 hour flight and training in Sedona. Nervous and grumpy I may not be willing or able to learn the technique. Twas a decision in haste so not suprising. However Ive noticed the last months that discomfort can be old conditioning pushing up and certainly doesnt indicate “incorrectness”, not black and white any more..

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