Series: Voices of the Throat #11 – Gate 20 “I Am Now” 

by Evelyn Levenson

This series explains the energy of each Gate around the Throat Center so you will know how to communicate effectively and authentically as YOU. For each gate, we’ll cover the circuitry of the gate, its gifts and challenges, its “voice,” and practical ways to apply this information. The Introduction to this series can be found here. Links to the rest of this series are at the end of this post.


Every gate energy belongs to particular circuitry within the chart, which is like an electrical circuit board. This circuitry shows the evolutionary role of the gate energy and how the energy moves through the chart.

Circuitry of this Gate:

Circuit Group: Individual

The Individual Circuit Group serves the world by bringing forth uniquely individual change (mutation) which indirectly empowers others to transform.  It is personal energy, here to follow its own direction and not fit in with others. 

Circuit: Knowing

The Knowing Circuit energies are agents of the creative process that drive human growth and evolution.  These energies understand the world by simply “knowing,” and are not based on logic or experience.

Special Circuit: Integration

The Gate 20 is also one of four Gates that form the complex channels called Integration.  They are closely related to Individual Circuitry, but not technically part of it.  These energies are focused on bringing change (mutation) through individual survival, living in the now, integrating awareness over time, and generally having little concern for impact on others.

High Expression of this Gate:

If you have the Gate 20 defined in your chart, you are here to be fully present and aware in the moment—which supports your survival, your intuitive knowing, your right action, and your self-focus.

Being present means not holding on to the past or anticipating the future, but being fully absorbed in the NOW… watching, waiting, contemplating.

When you take the time to BE and integrate your awareness, your clarity and wisdom emerge, and your words and actions will come forth in right timing

You can be fiercely individual, marching to your very own drummer and may even be accused of being self-absorbed and oblivious to others.  You are designed for this—it’s not wrong!  This is how you bring about change, by doing things in your own, unique way.

However, you also have an ability to recognize the talents and gifts of others and to unify them through your voice of clarity about present circumstances.  After all, this energy does get to the Throat and so it is designed to communicate its awareness. 

Low Expression of this Gate:

In the low expression, you may feel lonely or melancholy—a quality shared with the other Individual Circuitry gates in the chart.  The Gate 20 is not a social energy and, especially if you have strong Tribal energy in the rest of your chart, you may feel that you want to “belong,” but also feel that you don’t. 

If you are not aware in the now and not taking the time needed to be fully present, you may get your timing wrong and miss your “right action” opportunities.

If your Gate 20 is not connected through defined channels to a motor center (Will, Solar Plexus, Sacral or Root), then it’s a verbal gate, not an action gate, and your impulses for action may be off the mark.

Because of your existential focus on the now, you may not know what you’re going to say or do until it actually happens and you may find that you blurt out words or do things unexpectedly.

Your Voice with this Gate:

This gate uses words that imply you know who you are and are aware in the present moment.  The voice is, “I am now,though few will actually use those words.

You may have trouble talking about and planning for the future because of your NOW focus.

Tips for Using this Energy:

-Take all the time you need to process and integrate what you know, feel, learn, and experience.  Awareness and wisdom cannot be rushed.

-Pay attention to aligning your thoughts, beliefs, desires, and actions.

-Trust that slowing down, being present, and not speaking (and/or not taking action) will reveal the correct next words/actions for you.  Surrender to Divine Order, right timing, and right action.

-Don’t be afraid to be different and to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  That is your greatest gift.  Follow the beat of your own drummer.


Next gate moving clockwise around the Throat Center: 

Gate 16, with the Voice “I experiment.”  If your Gate 16 is defined, start noticing how often you have the impulse to apply logic and experimentation to figure out if it works.

Read the Gate 16 here:

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  1. Thank you, Evelyn!

    What an Enlightening series

    I am a Splenic P, with Hanging Gate 57.

    Do you have anything to say about how I relate to Gate 20 ? It bridges my split.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Christy! You’ll attract the 20 in relationships, because your 57 is a hanging gate, and even more powerfully because it bridges a split. Because of conditioning through this open gate, and the fact that you amplify the Gate 20 energy, you may actually identify with the Gate 20.

  2. This one really speaks to me, especially as a 2/5, 64/63 – 35/5 incarnation cross, emo Manifestor, with defined channels 20-57, 12/22 and 35/36.

    I just listened again to the reading you did for me in 2012 and it speaks ever so much more clearly and deeply now than it did them.

    I shall pass this on. with appreciation, Dian

  3. Evelyn,
    My Dad use to say….knowledge is not yours until you give it away. You give so much knowledge and all for the clicking of the mouse. Therefore, your knowledge regeins high for sure.
    Thank you so much for this series of the gates of the throat…Ra must be extremely enriched in his spirit world by your gift and your sharing. So looking forward to the remaining two gates. Thanks for the gift of a “Human Design for a Life Time”.


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