Series: Passions of the Solar Plexus #5 – Gate 30 “Passion” 

by Evelyn Levenson

This series explains the energy of each gate around the Emotional Solar Plexus Center so you can learn to harness your natural passions and creative energy to manifest the life you desire. For each gate, we’ll cover the circuitry of the gate, its gifts and challenges, its “passion,” and practical ways to apply this information. These points hold true whether your Solar Plexus Center itself is defined or open. The Introduction to this series can be found here.


Every gate energy belongs to particular circuitry within the chart, which is like an electrical circuit board. This circuitry shows the evolutionary role of the gate energy and how the energy moves through the chart. Each Circuit Group has two Circuits within it.

Circuitry of this Gate

Circuit Group: Collective
The Collective Circuit Group serves the greater good and our collective values. It shares information, opinions, experiences, solutions. It is not personal.

Circuit: Sensing
The Sensing Circuit energies use experiences and reflection to learn from the past and discover the cycles of life.

High Expression of this Gate

If you have the Gate 30 defined in your chart, you have the passion, drive, and energy to create the next new experience in your life. Your desires and emotions yearn to express themselves, including the thrill of being alive!

Your “fire in the belly” drives you forward and makes you seem quite intense compared to other people. Although this is intense energy, it is also projected energy so you still must wait for right timing to express your feelings and desires correctly and to take action effectively.

Even if an experience does not turn out as you hoped, if you entered it with clarity and right timing you will learn the right lessons from it. This is collective energy so the true purpose of your lessons and experiences is to share them with others to serve the greater good.

You may think you crave the freedom to pursue your fantasies and desires but you actually crave the expression of your creative energy.

Low Expression of this Gate

If Gate 30 is defined in your chart, your low expression of this energy may be an overly intense and dramatic approach to life. You can burn yourself out with your own intensity and passion and/or burn out those around you.

You may not know what you actually desire or hunger for, so you take a scatter-shot approach. This can lead to a wild ride of leaping into your desires without waiting for clarity. This can also lead to disappointment when your expectations are not met.

Passions of this Gate

With your Gate 30 defined, you have a passion for passion and for bringing your dreams into reality. To fulfill this, you must nurture your passions and desires and learn from your experiences.


The Experiential Way is a term often given to a particular segment of the Sensing Circuit (within Collective Circuitry). It follows the progress of our human creative impulse from a dream to a completed experience.

Gate 41 – fantasize, dream, and envision what you might want
Gate 30 – focus on a specific desire and pursue it with passion
Gate 36 – eagerly jump into the experience you desire to have
Gate 35 – collect experiences and apply what you’ve learned

Tips for Using this Energy

-Connect with your passion and your fire. Focus on what your heart desires!

-Let go of expectations and enjoy the experience fully. Learn to not take experiences personally; they are just experiences.

-Whether your Solar Plexus Center is defined or not, take time for your decisions if emotions and desires are involved. Don’t leap impulsively into new experiences. Use your Strategy and Authority to clearly feel which desires to pursue.

-Find and share your passions with others who are open to hearing about them.

-Recognize your own intensity and appreciate that most people are not as intense or passionate as you are.


Next gate moving clockwise around the Solar Plexus Center:

Gate 55, with a passion for “faith and abundance.” If your Gate 55 is defined, start noticing your level of faith (or lack of faith) in the abundance and benevolence of the universe.

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