Celebrity Chart: Royal Baby George, Prince of Cambridge 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2013/07/26)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Royal Baby George, Prince of Cambridge

Birth:  July 22, 2013 at 4:24pm in London, England


Duchess and Duke of Cambridge
Photo: Surtsicna [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—Prince William and the former Kate Middleton—gave birth to their much-celebrated first child on July 22. The royal babe, a son, was named a few days later: George Alexander Louis. He is officially third in line to succeed to the British throne.

First and second heirs to the throne ahead of him are his grandfather (Prince Charles) and his father (Prince William). His uncle (Prince Harry) is now fourth in line. His great-grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II) has ruled for over 60 years and is 87 years old.

His official title will be His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Earlier this year the Queen decreed that all of William and Kate’s children will be titled Prince or Princess. Also, the British realms are considering a new law that would give girls equal opportunity to the throne. The current centuries-old system gave younger male royal offspring preferred ascension to the throne over their older sisters.

Given this baby’s “born to rule” status in life, let’s look at his chart for clues to the personality we can expect to see as he matures and the life purpose that he’ll be unfolding.

His Chart

As we have no experience with this little being yet, we have nothing but his chart to guide us for now. Bear in mind that a Human Design chart shows the energetic structure that a person is born with. The energies carried in this structure determine the person’s general characteristics and tendencies but are not a fixed fate or future prediction.

Each energy carried has a high expression, a low expression, and the range in between. Regardless of the person’s individual expression of the energy (which can be influenced by many things), each energy will be a “theme” in that person’s life. So let’s look at the big themes in the Baby Prince’s chart.

Baby Prince chart

Type and Strategy

Prince George is a Generator so he will have sustainable energy from his defined Sacral Center (red square) for performing his many royal duties throughout his life.

The most crucial thing he will (hopefully) learn will be to trust his inner guidance system—his Sacral (gut) responses. So often we are trained to override those instinctive responses with “logic.” It’s not that logic is bad, but each has its place. His powerful “inner compass” will guide him well…if he allows it.


Trusting his instincts—and trusting himself—could be a major issue for the Prince. He has the Gate 63 in his Kiron which indicates a spiritual purpose/challenge of correctly using this energy of doubt and suspicion. This energy is intended for ideas and information; it’s the beginning sequence of logical thought which questions and attempts to prove everything. It’s a powerful and useful energy that helps to separate bad ideas from good ones using logic and testing (the Scientific Method of starting with a hypothesis that you attempt to disprove is a great example of this energy).

But in its low expression, the energy can be turned inward and become self-doubt. It can also be turned outward and become doubt and suspicion about others.

With the modern and loving upbringing that the Prince is likely to have with his parents William and Kate (we’ll look at their charts in a future article), the Baby Prince will hopefully live the highest expressions of this important energy from the start. As we’ll see, it is a key component in his overall life purpose.

Incarnation Cross:  Right Angle Cross of Laws (2)

The Incarnation Cross is a person’s path in life….what they are “designed” to do. The Prince George is designed to usher in new values that expand the possibilities of the human experience. He will also uphold the rules and laws of the past that serve the greater good but his potential brilliance will be to bring change to how society supports families and cares for and educates children.

With his Incarnation Cross energies he is likely to be a big dreamer but also grounded; he will intuitively understand the need to “accept what IS” before moving forward to change it. This acceptance of current limitations—in its low expression—can result in staying stuck in “what IS” but the rest of his chart tells me that he will more likely be a “change agent” for the greater good.

Strong Individual Circuitry

Our Baby Prince has ALL of his defined Channels in the Individual “Knowing” Circuit—28-38, 60-3, 39-55. This will give him a deep “knowing” about life, people, and how to proceed. This knowing is not based in logic or even experience…it is pure connection to higher awareness. He won’t know how he knows things, he’ll simply know them.

These Channels will also give him powerful individuality. He is not here to “fit in” and be like everyone else. By his station in life he is already different from 99.99% of the world. But his intense individuality will cause him to be different from his royal family as well. He won’t necessarily be rebellious (although with his Gate of Provocation—Gate 39—he might be), but he will “march to the beat of his own drummer” and will seemingly “not care” about following rules and protocols. This might be tough for him, given the equally powerful expectations he will be subject to.

Emotional Authority

He is among approximately 50% of the world population that directly experiences emotional ups and downs. His 39-55 Channel ensures that his will be the dramatic “high highs and low lows” and that he will appear “moody” or melancholy at times. This also may be tough for him, as he’ll be expected to behave according to standards. Hopefully it will get easier for him with maturity. And he’s certainly not the only “royal” to have powerful emotional waves!

The upside of this emotional intensity will be great passion and, especially combined with his Gate 1 of Creative Self-Expression, great creativity. He is likely to have a deep love of music.

This 39-55 Channel also comprises provocation and the recognition that true abundance comes from spirit, not from the material world. This gives me great hope for Britain and the world. This Prince, with his status of power and influence, will recognize and lead us into the planetary paradigm shift of abundance-based thinking, and away from fear-based and lack-based thinking. Even if he never becomes king, he will still be a force for powerful change in the world.


The Baby Prince also has the Channel of Struggle (28-38). The high purpose of this energy is to find what is truly meaningful in life and to operate from there. People with this energy are designed to struggle to find and bring forth that meaning in their lives. As his Gate of Struggle (28) is in his Saturn—a challenging position for this energy—he will likely need to really wrestle with this until he finds his own (very Individual!) footing.

Open Centers

Five of his nine Energy Centers are open (white geometric shapes on his chart vs. color-filled). This means he has many places where he takes in energies from people around him and amplifies those energies. His open Head and Ajna Centers (top two white shapes) show that he will be open to the ideas of others and open-minded about information, thoughts and beliefs. Pretty good qualities for a monarch, especially a modern one!

But I want to focus on his open Throat Center (white square) because of its significance. Then we’ll wrap up this article.

Two of the many implications of an open Throat Center are: 1) the person must wait for the right timing to share their ideas and information in order to be heard and valued, and 2) the person has the innate ability to speak on behalf of others, to be the “voice” of the people. Given the Prince’s station in life he probably won’t have too much trouble “being heard” but he will be truly powerful and effective in his communications when he waits for the right timing and opportunities (his Sacral guidance will really help him here).

How lucky for the world that this Prince will have the capacity to hear and speak for “the people.” He holds the promise of being “the people’s Prince (or the people’s King!)” much as his grandmother Diana was affectionately called “the people’s Princess.”


As always, there is much more I could say. A Human Design chart has so much vital and useful information about a person. But I will simply provide a synthesizing statement about Baby Prince George that adds reference to a few additional energies I haven’t specifically covered.

The Prince is designed to (struggle to) find ways to provoke change—change that preserves what’s good from the past and brings in new creative ideas that are grounded in the meaning of life and in an abundance-based paradigm that recognizes spirit as the source of all abundance. He will also have the skills to direct and manage resources to accomplish these changes and serve the greater good. Sounds like great “king” material to me!

I welcome your comments.

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  1. Thank you so much for this analysis! I totally enjoy your celebrity Chart segment of your newsletter…and they are so informative to help me understand some aspects of my family’s charts. I am fairly new to your newsletter. I will have to visit your blog.


    1. I agree with Jacqueline, I too enjoy your celebrity charts. I am also looking forward to your new program. Thanks again for your HD site which brings clarity and understanding to this new way of looking at ourselves.

  2. Love your profiles, Evelyn! I’m an astro-numerologist now studying Human Design and concur with everything you’ve brought out about the little prince. His will not be an easy life but potentially a highly productive and impactful one. We’ll all be watching, won’t we?

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