Article: The Auras of All the Types and What They Mean 

by Evelyn Levenson

This is an excerpt from my book Becoming an Empowered Projector. While the book is about and primarily for Projectors, it addresses the context in which Projectors operate in this world–which includes all the other Types! This piece is from Chapter 1, Projector Role and Aura, and it describes all 5 different auras and how they work.


Each Human Design Type has its own aura configuration which establishes the nature of how each Type interacts with the world. The aura is the holistic energy field that surrounds and emanates from a person. From a quantum perspective, it is the mental and emotional field around us that contains our identity, our definition, and our conditioning.

The aura of Generators and Manifesting Generators is open and enveloping, reaching out from them in every direction and wrapping others in their inclusive energy field like a big warm blanket. This is not a personal interaction—their aura envelopes everyone within aura-distance: in front, behind, beside, above, and below.

The Manifestor’s aura is closed and self-contained, distinctly not warm and inviting. This doesn’t mean Manifestors cannot be warm and inviting. They can be when they choose to be, but the nature of their energy field keeps people away so they can do their initiating and manifesting with as little interruption and interference from others as possible.

The nature of the Reflector’s aura is to reach outward and sample the auras and energies of other people. This sampling allows them to be the mirror and barometer they are here to be by giving them little bite-size tastes of what is happening around them. In this way, Reflectors can accurately reflect the people and groups surrounding them without taking in the energy of those people and groups.

Reflectors are specifically designed to not be conditioned by people and groups, despite the Reflector’s extreme openness of nine undefined centers. Instead, they are influenced and conditioned by the transits, those constant movements of planets, sun, and particularly the moon through the 64 gates of the Human Design mandala wheel. This conditioning from the transits gives them further input about the status of what goes on around them, without being overtaken by the energy of other people.

As you can see, each aura is quite different from the others. The Projector’s aura has its own very distinct configuration and purpose.

The Projector aura is penetrating and, in this way, it is very personal. This aura is naturally focused on the person in front of them which allows the Projector to experience and take in the energy and essence of that person. This process of absorbing the other person’s energy gives the Projector the “data” they need to be able to guide that person, if invited. The Projector receives and can use energy from that person while being conditioned by their energy. This can lead some people to view Projectors as energy parasites, but this is not accurate. Energy emanating from definition in the chart is limitless and is not diminished by others taking in that energy. Someone’s energy can be “sucked dry” by another person only when that person allows it to occur at an emotional or mental level; that is not what happens at the energetic level.

It is important to understand that the Projector is not projecting their own energy into the other person. It is quite the opposite, the other person’s energy flows back toward the Projector. However, the Projector’s penetrating aura can still be uncomfortable for the other person. The other can feel naked and exposed by that concentrated and keen inquiry and observation by the Projector. It is also possible for the other person to love that attention and focus from the Projector, and they can even feel jealous when the Projector shifts their focus to someone else.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Your comments are welcome!


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  1. What you say about the aura is profound. I hadn't looked at the energy movement between the types like that before. What you said about the Projector aura is so true and explains so much. No wonder I like to be alone!

  2. Yes YES / Yes……..from ONE projector to the other …..loved your use of words…purr-fect
    with wisdom we ALL can become & BE the LOVE & light we were born to shine !!
    I feel blessed to have been introduced to YOU my heart sister….love georgine

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