Article: Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Fires. . . What do they mean? 

by Evelyn Levenson

A few years ago, where I live was side-swiped by powerful Hurricane Irma. I live in central Florida near Atlantic coast, and we received a few nasty wind/rain bands but were spared the brunt of its force. I felt more exhausted from the tension of the pre-storm uncertainty than from the actual preparations and storm’s battering itself. As a consequence of that event and hurricane activity across the globe since then, I’ve given a lot of thought to “reasons” for so much turbulence near and far.

Major hurricanes in the Caribbean/Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, plus major earthquakes in Mexico, devastating fires in the west and northwest—and that’s just in North America! What does all of this mean? Is there a meaning to it, or are these simply random acts of nature?

I don’t have concrete answers to these questions, but I have found some comfort and understanding by looking to Human Design for insights, as well as to nature herself.

In many of the pairs of Gate energies that create complete Channels in the Human Design Chart, there is often a juxtaposition of an expansive energy with a contractive energy.

One is an energy of unlimited possibilities, and it’s paired with an energy that pulls back and gets more practical and focused.

Here are two examples both located between the Head and Ajna Centers.

Gate 61 is expansive, seeking knowing, asking why, and reaching to know the unknowable. Its channel-mate, Gate 24, is contractive, identifying what can be justified and knowable with confidence.

Gate 64 is also expansive, seeking to make sense of experiences, seeing the big picture, and receiving downloads from higher consciousness (sometimes leading to confusion). Its channel-mate, Gate 47, is contractive seeking insights and clarity at a practical level, and trying to reduce the enormity of life experience into meaningful chunks that can be processed and understood.

Another example:  Gate 45 from the Throat to the Will Center is expansive. It likes to distribute resources—it likes to spend money! Its mate, Gate 21, likes to control and manage resources—it likes to save money. It’s easy to see how this could be challenging in a relationship where each partner has one of those Gates.

Here’s my point.

Built into the Human Design chart is a natural process of expansion and contraction of energies. Energy is not static so there is constant movement going on, probably occurring in some type of cycles.

Cycles of expansion and contraction clearly show up in nature as well. Tides rise (expansion) and ebb (contraction). Forests grow (expansion) and are sometimes burned by lightening strikes (contraction) allowing for new growth to emerge as the forest recovers. The population of a certain animal species will expand when conditions are favorable, then conditions change in ways that control that expansion and the population size shrinks back down. Nature has checks and balances.

Is it possible that we are simply witnessing the natural ebb and flow, checks and balances, of our dynamic planet which is very much alive? Perhaps the events I mentioned earlier are not random… nor are they personal or vengeful. They are simply part of the process of life.

Every choice we make has consequences, some potentially “good” and some potentially “bad.” Living near the ocean has benefits, and risks. Living near mountains has benefits and risks. Being alive has benefits and risks.

My musings have led me to this thought:  when we acknowledge and accept the risks of our choices, we can’t be victims of what happens… just recipients.

I don’t mean to minimize at all the horrific devastation that has befallen thousands and thousands of people. I’m just looking for the bigger picture to try to make sense of it.

I’d love to hear what you think about all of this.


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  1. My fiancé and I are so made for one another based on everything other than HD. My energy (MG) can be way too much and being near me for too long can “fry” his system (projector) Upon learning this we decided to stay together. This is like the above article, hugely beneficial and a great risk. (He’s seen no couple survive with our unique energetic makeup) He has far more experience with HD than I and so I’m slowly becoming pessimistic that we can survive in a marriage. This article nd your page is such a blessing, thank you. Being a disabled mom of 5, I am not able to afford a reading at this time, so I spend much time here. Thank you for your viewpoint! I really appreciate it.

    1. You and your fiance are fortunate to have an understanding of your Human Designs. Awareness can be a huge benefit in understanding what makes a relationship challenging, and how to manage the rough spots. I have definitely seen successful partnerships between Projectors and Manifesting Generators. Follow your Strategies and Authorities. Understand the energy overwhelm that the Projector can experiencing so plan for time away, out of each other’s energy field, and recognizing the early signs of energy overwhelm can help. Sleeping alone is ideal for Projectors if that is possible. Best of luck to you both!

  2. But what is happening is not normal in nature. Ireland is facing a tropical storm, unheard of in a zone that is far north. Let’s not keep our heads in the sand as the oceans are getting warmer, the icebergs and glaciers are melting fast. Iceland got little snow last winter. The mid USA is getting more each winter. Climate change is here to stay and nature’s message is loud and messy. It’s for man to adapt now as things are no longer in balance and the future is unpredictable. What will it take for leaders and their followers to wake up and heed nature’s message? I love HD but let’s NOT use it as an excuse for doing nothing! We have created this reality of turbulence and adjust we must. Time to teach survival skills in schools.

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