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Article: Are You Ready for the Coming Changes?

Human Design’s 2027 “Solar Plexus Mutation” is only 10 years away now. It predicts significant shifts in how we operate personally, in relationships and in community.

How we do business will change.  How we eat, how we bond with each other, and the functioning of our governments and other support structures will change.  Because WE will be changing—from the inside out.

Bottom line:  Change is coming, and it’s already begun.

Massive changes like these take time.  They don’t happen overnight.  They start decades before and take many decades after, to fully integrate and fully play out.

Doesn’t it seem like things are getting crazier every day?  It’s part of the shift.

We see evidence in the news every single day of positive progress, plus evidence of the inevitable backlash that always accompanies change.

Here’s the most important (and most urgent) question:  Are YOU ready?

And the next question is:  What can each of us DO to BE ready and help ease the transition for all?

The answer is actually quite straightforward.  Like they tell us on every airline flight… in case of emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first, then help others.

It starts with YOU.

The good news is that most of us (and you are reading this so that obviously includes you!) have been doing our inner work for some time now.  Raising our awareness, our vibration, our intentionality, our embracing of diversity, our connection to Source, our trust in the perfect unfolding of everything around us.

But there may be a few key pieces missing.

Do you TRULY know who you are and how you can BEST function and thrive in your life?  Do you understand how your personal energy works and how relationship energy dynamics work?

Do you know HOW to make decisions correctly for YOU?

There is actually a personalized and very specific decision process for each of us.  And it lines up our choices and actions with the Truth of Who We Are and with the fulfillment of our Soul’s Purpose.

Making choices in alignment with our natural, unique energy configuration and our Soul’s Purpose is the surest and fastest way to create flow, fulfillment and success in our lives and to be prepared to thrive during (and well beyond) the shifts that are underway. 

For good, aligned decisions, you need to know:

  • Who you are: your role, style and personality
  • How YOU are designed make decisions correctly
  • Why you do what you do (and how to shift behaviors that aren’t working for you)
  • How you are wired for relationships, business, health and resiliency

My passion is helping people with ALL of those points above.  And my particular talent is making the information easy to understand and apply.

If you are ready to step into full alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and your personal path in this lifetime, then you are ready for a professional Human Design Reading to illuminate your energetic blueprint and how you can achieve alignment on an ongoing basis.  Learn more about Human Design Readings HERE.

Thriving through these changes begins with you.  Humanity NEEDS for you and as many people as possible to be aware, aligned, activated, and operating from a love basis and an abundance paradigm… so we can mid-wife this magnificent transition of humans into fully integrated and loving beings.

But this shift won’t happen all by itself.  It needs us.  Every one of us.

You don’t need to do anything “big.”  You just need to start with you.

Thank you for BEING you.


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  • wendy becker August 20, 2017, 2:29 am

    beautiful article Evelyn. Thank you. How exciting!!

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