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Article: NOT an Excuse for Bad Behavior!

A lady recently wrote to me that, unbeknownst to her, her 14 year old son learned from friends that he was a Manifestor type, learned that he was supposed to inform not ask for permission, that he was not supposed to be controlled, that he was not here to work and, apparently, that his Generator mother deserved to be punished for trying to control him.

According to her, this budding young man changed dramatically from a sweet, thoughtful youth into a raging, violent teenager who began physically abusing her. She feared for her safety around him.  He stopped studying for school, was unhappy, unproductive, and angry most of the time.

She blames the Human Design information given to him for this radical shift in her son.

She had not heard of Human Design at that point and had no idea what was happening. She has since learned of it, had both their charts run, and began to piece things together.

In my view, receiving incomplete or not age-appropriate Human Design information may not fully explain what happened in this particular case.  The transition into teenage years alone can produce dramatic (though usually temporary) personality changes without any influence from Human Design information!  And there could be other factors at work as well.

But there is an important point here about being mindful, responsible and appropriate in how we share this information with others.

The mother asked in her email whether it was responsible of HD practitioners and people who post online to share this kind of information (about Manifestors, in her case).  She even asked if it is appropriate to tell 70% of the population that they were slaves because of their type [Generators and Manifesting Generators]!  Apparently, this is something she read or heard when learning about Human Design.  I was horrified that someone might have said or written that.  It is never appropriate to categorize any type as destined to be slaves. 

I responded to her email privately but also wanted to share her story with everyone because it brings up some very important issues that are worthy of discussion and appropriate action.

I ask you ALL to be careful and responsible in how, when, and with whom you share information about Human Design, particularly about others’ designs if you are not a trained practitioner.

Believe me, I totally understand the enthusiasm and zeal we can feel when we first learn about this system and about our own charts, and how much we want everyone to learn about it, too.  I felt the same way!

But it clearly can have unexpected and potentially disturbing consequences under certain circumstances if not shared responsibly.

For example, you can tell mature Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector Types that they are not designed to work in the same way as defined Sacral Types, and they will understand it in a practical yet abstract way. If they look back on times in their lives when they struggled to “keep up” or made choices that were not in alignment with their energy type and it didn’t work out the way they had hoped, they can relate that to not using their energy correctly.  And they can use this awareness to make healthy choices moving forward.

But if you tell a young Projector or Manifestor or Reflector that they are not designed to work, and you don’t give them the full picture and description of what that really means, you could potentially give them a distorted view of themselves and their capacity to be effective and successful in their life, which could undermine their full expression and negatively affect the choices they make in their lives.

There are many other ways that HD information could possibly be shared inappropriately or be misinterpreted.  For that matter, any information, scientific, esoteric, or otherwise, can be used and applied inappropriately or incorrectly.

The gift of Human Design is the knowledge of how to make our life experience more authentic and more satisfying, and how we can be the full contribution to the world that we are magnificently designed for.  It can help us bring forth and express our highest potential.

That’s something that a casual dabbler or someone new to Human Design wouldn’t necessarily be able to do.  Because of this I do recommend a private reading with a trained and certified practitioner, to get the most benefit and most accurate and uplifting interpretation of Human Design.

Find a practitioner with whom you resonate! I invite you to consider professional readings with me, and there are many other qualified practitioners.  I also offer free Human Design charts which come with a free report about decision making.


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  • Jamie July 28, 2017, 7:24 pm

    So much yesssss Evelyn.❤️

    • Evelyn July 28, 2017, 8:28 pm

      Thank you, Jamie!

  • Sandy Freschi July 28, 2017, 10:11 pm

    Excellent point Evelyn!

  • Esther July 29, 2017, 3:30 am

    Very important post!

  • AudreyLynn July 31, 2017, 10:53 am

    Thank you for these insightful thoughts.

  • Nicole Reid July 31, 2017, 1:22 pm

    Evelyn, this is such a great point. And I think you summed up HD succinctly when you say:

    “The gift of Human Design is the knowledge of how to make our life experience more authentic and more satisfying, and how we can be the full contribution to the world that we are magnificently designed for.”

    THIS is the true gift we can all receive from HD, working together as puzzle pieces in a far larger puzzle than we can imagine.

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