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Celebrity Chart: Philip Seymour Hoffman – Tragedy by Design? 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2014/02/27)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Birth:  July 23, 1967 at 2:39am or 5:30am in Fairport, New York
Death:  February 2, 2014 in New York City


Philip Seymore Hoffman
Georges Biard [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Versatile and prolific actor with a successful career and bright future—dead of heroin overdose at age 46. WHY? What can we learn from his Human Design chart to help the us make sense of this tragedy and perhaps avoid similar fates for people like him?

Let’s understand a little about him first.

Early Life

  • Middle class upbringing; parents divorced when he was 9; he and 3 siblings raised mostly by their mother
  • At age 12 saw his first stage play and was transfixed; when an injury at 14 ended his sports future he turned to acting (with the support of his mother who also loved theater); acting became his passion for the rest of his life


  • Accomplished actor and director in both film and theater, appearing in more than 50 films during his 2-decade career
  • Awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor (as well as various other awards and accolades) for his title role in the 2005 biographical film Capote
  • Nominated three times for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor
  • Numerous Tony Award nominations for his work in theater
  • The New York Times called him “perhaps the most ambitious and widely admired American actor of his generation”
  • Despite all the recognition, he was modest and humble about his success

Personal and Relationships

  • In a serious relationship for last 14 years of his life with costume designer Mimi O’Donnell
  • They had three children together 2003-2008
  • They separated in fall 2013, a few months before his death


  • Drug and alcohol abuse during college; went to rehab for addictions and was in recovery from age 22
  • Relapsed 23 years later in 2012
  • Checked himself into rehab for 10 days in May 2013 for prescription pills and heroin
  • Found dead in bathroom of his NYC apartment with a needle in his arm and heroin and prescription drugs in his apartment

There is not a confirmed birth time for Philip, so I compared the two “rectified” times I found. The differences between them were not significant for our purposes here, so I used 2:39am.

His Chart

Philip Seymore Hoffman

Philip’s chart gives us many clues about his behaviors and his struggles.

I’ve recorded my review of key aspects of his chart. Simply click the arrow to listen, or download to listen later.

CLICK HERE to download MP3

I welcome your comments!


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  1. It would be interesting to see hers. I suspect his open 6-59 could have played a part in their relationship also. And if her g center was defined he might feel lost without her. I have an open g too and what I am coming to discover it that it is ok to be other self’s reflector. Good audio. Work. Thanks

  2. Thank you — makes great sense – enlightening!! Going to take some time & go back into e-mails & read your material!!
    Am new to this. Called my hometown clerks office in Camden, Maine & the one for the hospital where I was born in 1947 – the hospital, too. None know the time – have a hand written birth certificate – parents dead. Any suggestions to find my time mof birth?? Have arbitrarily picked 4:44 am. (My lucky #) 😛

    1. Hi Mary, some people have good results with muscle testing (by someone trained to do it correctly) to determine birth time. If you were to book a reading with me, I would run your chart for every few hours over the course of the day and see how it changes. Sometimes changes are very minor, sometimes quite significant. It just depends on the day. Then together we would choose the chart that is the best fit for you, and we would use that one for your reading. In the meantime, you could request your chart (for example) for 1am, 6am, noon, 6pm, and 11pm and see for yourself how much it changes. Karen Curry’s book “Understanding Human Design” (available on Amazon) is a great resource for reading about the differences.

  3. Thank you Everlyn for your very interesting sharing.

    I’ve noticed that you also included Kiron in your reading, which I truly like.
    I realize that Kiron ‘does’t turn on a gate’, yet I also feel that it’s important programing energy in some sort of sense when it comes to being stuck in the body as a theme of the ‘Wounded Healer”. I wonder how much influence Kiron has in a composite chart?

    I would like to add something, if it’s ok with you …

    Pluto has been residing in the 38th gate for quite some time (although it went into the 58th for a moment last year) Pluto retrograde in the 38th now may speak of struggles that have returned. Then Neptune resides in the 55th for several months as well, which turn on his SP in reference to emoting.
    What I also see as an overall theme for everyone is Uranus in the 21st of ‘biting through’ for the tribe. Whether it defines one ego-center or not, reaches the throat with this transit or not, there is a general pressure to prove something which may fail even for defined ego-centers when they do NOT operate via their S&A in reference to particular Type.
    He was a Generator and feeling melancholic through the 39/55 and struggling for purpose (a particular purpose) in the 28/38 due to this Pluto transit (which may have been something re-occuring) and not satisfied but depressed, there is to point out that his transitioning into the other dimension happened right at a time where the nodes entered into the 3/50 which are his design-nodes as well, with his design Sun conj. the transiting south node and his hearth in the transiting north node.

    I felt drawn to respond, Evelyn, and I hope it has met your interest.
    I’m a Mental Projetor, 6/2 single def. Quad Right with P Sun/Earth in the 28.6/27.6 😉
    and I sense that this particular recording of yours in reference to Philip’s has spoken deeper to me in order to do so.

    Best wishes,
    Yvonne L.

      1. You’re very welcome Evelyn.

        I was also looking at his split too, and how he may not have been able to bridge that split in reference to the 48. Having skills is one thing (gate 16) yet the bridge for Depth in it all, the well as a resource has to come from elsewhere, which may not have been present at this point and time in his life. The story of the mind could have been of hopelessness as well as frustration due to lack of support from the outer world in a time where he felt most in need of it.

        Have a wonderful week-end 🙂

  4. Thank you for this. I was brought to a place, while listening to how you were describing Philip to being touched & being able to relate as you spoke with my friend Bobby who struggles with a lot of what you were saying…….he’s so easily caught up in negativity……half full ( not enough……even empty ) thinking that takes him into a very dark place inside himself…….overwhelmened, used, abused, resentful, bitter to feeling like he has failed at everything in his life. Thank you for helping me come into my compassion for him Blessings Peace & Love georgine

  5. Well, I completely empathize with Phillip for checking out of this planet. The man strikes me as very intelligent and perceptive and I sense he felt devoid of authentic love (especially in his business), and life is empty and meaningless comes to mind. As filled with great people as there are in the world, it’s a bit of a hellish place to live for now. Btw, Evelyn thank you for being great with your HD work. It’s fantastic info you generiously share.
    I have the 28 38 channel defined and I struggle to find contentment in this world. I’ll stay the duration of my life, i am just saying, i can imagine the hell he was experiencing at the time he killed himself. Maybe it was accidental, but sure seemed like a death wish.

    1. Thank you for you comments and feedback, Mylene. Yes, that 28-38 can be a tough channel to live with. But it’s also a great ally as it forces us to get really focused about what holds meaning for us in this life–or to check out when we can’t find or hold on to that meaning.

  6. i like the way you analyzed the chart. but mostly i like it because it was a recording and it is better for me to grasp

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Sunshir. I plan to continue recording the Celebrity Chart reviews that I do, in part because of feedback like yours!

  7. Wow, thank you Evelyn! Truly fascinating and helps me to understand my own chart better.
    You are such a blessing — thank you for living your Design!

  8. I just happened upon your site, and also really enjoy this audio format.
    Your reading is revelatory, and I would add, as an actor with a totally open G Center, that we get confused about who we are. It makes us great actors, allowing us to fully identify and inhabit our characters…and we can sometimes get stuck. And then when we are not playing a role, we don’t know who we are. It’s especially weird when we are “loved” for a role we play..
    Just wanted to add that to the mix.

    1. Phillipe, thank you for sharing about your experience as an actor with an Open G. Fascinating. It makes total sense.

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