Strategy and Authority Basics for Projectors 

by Evelyn Levenson

The Choices We Make

Our life experience is directly created by the choices we make. In every moment of every day, we have many options from which to choose. The choices we make, both large and small, determine the path we take… and the paths we don’t take.

What if you could consistently and reliably make choices that lead you along the path that is specifically correct for YOU. This “method” would automatically align your choices with your energetic blueprint and with the mission and purpose of your life.

What if it just took a little practice to get good at using this way of decision making. And what if it could remove the fear, uncertainty, second guessing, and analysis paralysis that may be keeping you stuck, struggling, or repeating the same “mistakes” over and over.

Well, you can.

You can consistently and reliably make choices that are correct for you, and that align you with your truth and your purpose. It does take a little practice, but it will break you out of old patterns of making decisions that are not aligned with your truth and are not in your best interest.

This way of decision making is your Human Design Strategy and Authority.

Strategy and Authority

Each of the five Human Design Types has a decision Strategy specifically for that Type, which is based on the shared energetic structure of that Type.

Let’s take Generators for example. Roughly 37% of the world population are Generators, which is not quite 3 billion people. That is a lot of people with vastly different personalities and decision styles who have the same strategy! Projectors are approximately 21% of the population which is well over 1.6 billion people.

The Authority shown on your Human Design chart gives you a specific way to apply your Strategy, so it is more personalized to YOU.

This combination gives you the step-by-step decision-making process that you may have longed for your whole life. Our education systems across the planet attempt to prepare us for becoming adults and making our way in the world, but they do not teach us how to make decisions that resonate with the truth of Who We Are.

We are taught to use our minds to analyze decisions and come to the best conclusions, but that does not produce consistently good choices for most of us.

Here is what I’ve learned about making decisions:  Our minds may be smart, but our bodies are much wiser. Our bodies know what resonates with us and feels correct for us, without analysis, struggle, leaping in too fast, or procrastinating too long.

Not surprisingly, most decision-making Authorities in Human Design are about trusting your body, your impulses, or your feelings—not your mind!

The Human Design Strategies may sound disarmingly simple, but they are exceptionally powerful when applied consistently and correctly. When you do, you line up your choices and actions with your inborn energetic structure, and your life begins to flow better. You experience less struggle, less uncertainty, more confidence, more success, and a more fulfilling life.

In a private Human Design Reading, we would spend significant time discussing your Strategy and Authority so you would understand exactly how to use them correctly, because these are the most important pieces of information you learn from your Human Design chart. Little else in your chart has the opportunity for the full expression of YOU if you are not living in alignment with your Strategy and Authority.

YOUR Strategy and Authority are both found on your personal Human Design chart, though the layout of chart information can vary by the software system used to create the chart.

Projector Role

To explore the specific decision making and action taking Strategy for the Projector Type, let’s begin by looking at the role of Projectors.

Projector Role:  Projectors are here to guide and direct the energy of others.

This means you are designed more for a consulting and guiding role, than a “work hard and get ‘er done” role. Your brilliance is in your innate sense of how people can use their energy more effectively.

Karen Curry Parker’s Quantum Human Design system calls Projectors Orchestrators, which is a perfect description. An orchestra conductor does not play the instruments, she guides those who play.

While Generators and Manifesting Generators have consistent Sacral Center energy for working and having a busy life, the energy of Projectors functions differently and needs to be understood and leveraged more carefully.

Projectors are truly not designed to work regular 9-5 jobs or, worse, 50 or 60-hour work weeks! However, many of us can and do work these schedules because we all live in a Generator-led world and need to earn a living in whatever way we can.

An important thing to remember is to manage energy, not people. People do not like to be “managed” unless they are specifically asking for that. But they are often willing to be guided if they are interested in your input and give you permission.

Projector Strategy:  Wait for invitations

Invitations are specific and personal, and in this case apply to big life opportunities: relationships, marriage, jobs, career, business endeavors, and where you live. The invitation provides personal recognition of you and your skills and abilities, and provides an energy flow you can step into rather than needing to create it for yourself.

Only accept the invitations that feel “delicious” to you, using your Authority (see below). Once you accept an invitation, you do not need to wait for further invitations to do specific tasks related to what you have been invited to do. You can take all the action you need in the context of that invitation!

Ideally, you also want to wait to be asked or recognized before sharing opinions, advice, corrections, suggestions, feedback, etc. If you don’t, you may be considered pushy, bossy, irritating, nosy… you get the picture. Worst of all, others won’t hear you or will misinterpret what you say, and your well-intentioned comments and advice will not have the effect you hoped for. So, better to not waste your time or breath — learn to stay quiet and wait to be asked. Then your communication will be powerful and effective.

Example #1: You have the idea to have a booth at a local fair to test the response to a new business you are considering. To enter this activity correctly, it’s best to wait for an invitation from the organizer or from someone with the authority to invite you to have a booth (i.e., not your mother), and then see if that invitation feels really good to you.

Example #2: You are in a group and you have experience with something the group is attempting to do. Although the group would benefit from your wisdom and advice, your words will likely not be appreciated or even heard (unless the group is very enlightened) if you don’t wait to be asked or directly acknowledged first, e.g., eye contact or some form of communication or recognition.

Projector Authorities

While the Strategy is correct for all Projectors, the specific way for you to apply your Strategy is determined by your Authority, which is shown on your Chart.

Authority clarifies your timing and/or your approach to using your Strategy. It influences your Strategy but does not change it.

All Projectors benefit from talking with others about the decision they are making, the issues around it, and their concerns about it. When you verbally process, you will hear yourself articulate your thoughts and feelings as you may not be directly aware of them. But you are not seeking advice from others. Their role for you is to be a sounding board so you can find your own clarity. This verbal processing is in addition to most of the Authorities below.

Projectors have more possible Authorities than any other Type. We are indeed very complex beings. Exactly how to apply your personal Authority with your Strategy would be explained in detail in a Human Design Reading, but the information below is enough to put you on your correct path for now.

Here is a brief description of all possible Authorities for Projectors. Find YOUR Authority below and apply it WITH your Strategy. Keep in mind that different software programs for Human Design charts may have different ways to name or describe the Authorities.

Authority:  Emotional Solar Plexus

You have emotional energy that operates in waves. To make a correct decision, you must wait through at least one complete up and down cycle of your emotions and see how you feel about the decision at various points on your wave. You are not designed for spontaneous decision making—your clarity comes only over time and by feeling your way through the decision, not thinking your way through. When faced with a decision, it is important to give yourself enough time to sleep on it.

Authority:  Splenic Awareness Projected (or has the word Splenic in it)

You have intuition/gut instinct to guide your decisions. You are designed to make decisions in the moment with the benefit of your intuitive awareness. That intuitive “hit” always happens in the immediate moment, only speaks once, and is usually very quiet, so it can be missed if you’re not “listening” for it. It is a primal instinct that wants to protect you and keep you safe and healthy, so it sometimes shows up as fear. But it can also let you know what IS safe and healthy for you. Learn to “tune” yourself to listen for that instantaneous hit. It gets easier with practice.

Authority:  Ego Projected

You are your own authority; whatever your ego-self wants is usually correct for you. You can make decisions in the moment as long as you follow your Strategy for big decisions. Small decisions can be based purely on what you want and what you have the willpower to do. Your energy is precious, so only commit to things that you really want. When you hear yourself say that you “will” do something, you have already decided. This is how you know your truth. You are designed to have impact on others and the world.

Authority:  Self-Projected

Your internal guidance is based on what feels resonant with Who You Are at your soul level as well as in your human form. You may gain clarity about what feels “like you” and what does not by talking about it with others—not for their advice but so you can hear yourself speak about it and feel whether it resonates in your body and feels aligned with Who You Are and your truth. This is how your truth emerges.

Authority:  Mental Projected, or None, or Environmental

You gain clarity about your decision by talking about it with others—not for their advice but so you can learn how you feel about it by hearing yourself speak about it. You generally don’t have direct access to your feelings about decisions on your own, so you need for your environment to reflect it back to you. You will hear what’s right for you when you talk it out and it resonates throughout your body as the right thing for you. You can also try talking to yourself out loud or recording yourself talking about it.

What to Do Next

The best way to adapt to this new way of seeing yourself and operating in the world is to experiment. Try applying your Strategy and Authority and observe what happens. Be aware when you are NOT applying it and see what happens. Refine the nuances of how YOUR Authority works for you. And develop a “track record” so you begin to trust your decision-making process so it can serve you for the rest of your life.

We are always learning and growing, adapting, and moving forward. Now you can do these more consciously, purposefully, and productively, and in full alignment with the truth of Who You Are.

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