Scared, Angry, Exhausted? This one’s for YOU! 

by Evelyn Levenson

With the turbulence and stress of the world right now, it is easy to get sucked into that chaos and lose connection with your heart and who you truly are.

That happens to me occasionally, I must admit. Recently, I felt SO angry after reading a news article, that I blasted something out on Facebook and stalked around fuming for most of the day.

Anger is not a usual feeling or expression for me. As a Projector, I’m more likely to go into resentment or simply ignore something to protect my energy. But this was pure, powerful, reactive anger.

This is not to say that anger is bad. Whatever we feel is valid because that is what we’re feeling. But we’re often not connected to how that surface feeling actually makes us feel deep inside. And we may not be aware of the impact that our feelings and related actions have on us, and on others.

You already know about energy… Human Design describes the energetic structure we were born with. The energies of the transits affect us every moment of every day. The gate and channel energies of people around us intersect with our own gate and channel energies and produce a “composite” of our energies together.

Our surface energies (our moods, reactions and feelings) affect our personal baseline frequency of energy, and our baseline in turn affects our actions and reactions. We may not have much control over what’s happening in the world or even what happens to us personally.

But we DO have control over our baseline frequency. Another way to look at this is to think of it as your MINDSET.

Your mindset is related to these classic questions: Do you see the glass half full, or half empty? Do you expect good things to happen, or bad things? Do you find the blessings and silver linings in the challenges you encounter, or do you feel like a victim and blame others (or yourself).

One of the powerful lessons I’ve learned from well over a decade of working with Human Design is that we have FAR more control over our mindset—our baseline—than we think we do.

Our mindset is far more of a CHOICE than we realize.

When we are deliberate in our choice of how we view and interpret the world, we can consciously affect our baseline. We can deliberately raise the vibration of the core of who we are, which then affects everything we think, feel, say, and do.

A dear friend recently shared with me a mantra she has been using that helps her to be conscious and deliberate. When she’s feeling stressed, reactive, or off-kilter, she says to herself: I can choose peace instead of this.

I’ve been finding this so helpful that I wanted to share it with you. When I feel riled up about what’s going on in the world, I now use that mantra. It helps me balance and calm myself.

Feel free to substitute whatever choice YOU want to make. My friend is a Manifestor so it makes sense that choosing peace would resonate with her.

From a purely Human Design point of view, a Generator or Manifesting Generator would choose satisfaction, a Projector would choose success, a Reflector would choose surprise and delight.

But you can also choose what feels right for you and your circumstance. Another friend who often feels a deep sadness inside changed the mantra to: I can choose joy instead of this.

None of this is to suggest that we simply bliss-out and forget about the rest of the world. But I encourage you to pay attention to the baseline that is underneath your actions and reactions. Are you coming from peace, love and caring, or from resentment, anger or retaliation? I submit that where you are “coming from” will powerfully impact how effective you are with your words and actions.

When you’re coming from love, from understanding, from acceptance… your actions will have a different baseline frequency and a different impact on others.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” What energy are you contributing to the tide? Is that the energy you want to see more of in the world? How are you feeling deep inside? Is that what you want more of?

The world around you may not be peaceful but you can choose inner peace and calm, which will help you navigate the outer world with better balance, greater resilience, and more effective action.

I hope this helps you to be more “at choice” in your life and your interactions with the world. Let’s fill the tide with positive energy and lift the baseline frequency of the planet… and take care of ourselves and our own baseline frequency in the process!

“I choose love, instead of _____ [fill in your surface feeling].”

Or, even better (because the subconscious mind remembers the last word):

“Instead of _____ [fill in your surface feeling], I choose love.”

Instead of chaos, I choose calm.

Instead of confusion, I choose clarity.

Instead of fear, I choose power.

Instead of anger, I choose peace.


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  1. Love it, Evelyn! You write as eloquently and clear as you speak. I admire your honesty and authenticity! Thank you for sharing your baseline frequency with all of us! I choose joy!

  2. Very nice supportive article. I often check myself and ask where am I coming from and try to come back to love. My question is how do you apply this? Often it feels like saying it isn’t enough when that other pained part of you wants to hang on. How do you break the lock.

  3. Thank you Evelyn, this was just what I needed. Just thinking “I can choose peace instead of this” brings the stress level down a bit.

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