Quick Spotlight — A Projector’s Experience with Not “Waiting to Be Asked” 

by Evelyn Levenson

As a result of having a Full Reading, a 5/1 Projector client reported that she was no longer assertively “engaging” with her adult son—who has ADD—about his issues and his high-strung emotions.

She of course had been concerned about him and was asking lots of questions and “pressing him” about things. This approach was having negative results but she hadn’t known what else to do.

Through her Reading she understood that as a Projector she needs to wait to be asked or invited before offering advice and guidance.  She realized she was overstepping her bounds in trying to help him. She meant well but he had not invited her to talk with him about his issues, and it had become a source of stress and friction for both of them.

Her deliberate change in her behavior had two immediately positive results: she was not as stressed about him, and he was no longer getting riled up by her questions. It also had a longer-term potential benefit of giving him the space to eventually ask for her help when he is ready. She is still communicating to him that she cares and is there for him… but she isn’t pushing any more.

Core Message: Despite the best of intentions, when Projectors don’t wait to be asked before “trying to help” their help will often not have the intended results. But please remember that it’s not personal. It’s just the energetic configuration of the Projector.

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