Celebrity Combined Chart: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2012/04/01)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity couple’s Human Design charts and composite chart, focused mainly on their Types, Centers and Profiles. These are just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you a quick glimpse, through Human Design, into this couple’s relationship dynamics. (Co-written with Karen Flaherty)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt TOGETHER

Angelina Jolie
Birth info:  Wednesday, June 4, 1975 at 9:09am in Los Angeles, CA

Brad Pitt
Birth info:  Wednesday, December 18, 1963 at 6:31am in Shawnee, OK


Human Design is an exceptionally powerful and practical tool for understanding—and improving—our relationships.

As promised, in this article we look at Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s Human Design charts together to see what we can learn about the nature of their relationship.

We previously wrote an article about each member of this famous couple. You can read about Angelina and see her chart here.

You can read about Brad and see his chart here.

The most striking aspects when looking at their two individual charts are their dramatic differences, so let’s start there.


Angelina is the busiest version (with her 34/20 Channel) of the Manifesting Generator—which is already the busiest and most energetic of all five Human Design Types.  By contrast, Brad is a Projector, which means he does not have sustainable energy. He needs breaks, naps, and alone time (away from Angelina and all their children) to discharge the Sacral energy he picks up from them and to restore the energetic integrity of his own body’s system. He is NOT the “energizer bunny”… but she IS!


Angelina has six Defined Centers (of nine) and only three Open Centers, which means she puts out (broadcasts) a lot more energy than she takes in.

She is emotional, has inherent will power, and has a motorized Throat Center enabling her to speak and be heard, and to have an easier time making things happen in the world.

Brad has only two Defined Centers and seven Open Centers, which means he takes in and amplifies a LOT more energy than he puts out into the world. He is deeply affected by people and events around him and needs to “manage” his energy to not be overwhelmed and unduly influenced by others.

Brad is Open emotionally, so he takes in Angelina’s Defined emotional waves and amplifies them. He might appear at times to be more emotional than she is, but those aren’t really his emotions and passions. When left completely alone, he would be rather even-keeled emotionally!

Brad does not have inherent will power. He takes in and amplifies Angelina’s will power, so for short bursts he can have super will power. But her sustainable Defined Will Power will always win in the end.

Brad also has an Open Throat Center which can make it challenging for him to be heard (literally and figuratively) and tough for him to get anything going in his world.

It’s not energetically correct for a Projector to initiate something directly from an idea and “make it happen.” Projectors function best when invited into opportunities and projects, and Brad’s mega-status as movie icon and sex symbol has certainly opened doors and garnered him plenty of invitations!

He may have had good fortune (helped no doubt by his good looks) and lead a more charmed life than most Projectors. But that doesn’t change his energetic configuration as an Open Throat Projector, which demands that he wait for the right timing to speak his wisdom, or else it won’t be heard or it won’t have the desired effect.


Angelina is a 3/5 Profile—a natural and eternal experimenter who draws people to her but also draws their projected expectations of her. When she doesn’t wait to “respond” with her Sacral energy and wait through her emotional wave for clarity, she’ll have trouble fulfilling the expectations heaped upon her.  Unconscious 5th lines like Angelina can sometimes be rather secretive to protect themselves from unwanted and unfair expectations.

Brad is a 4/6 Profile—a powerful networker and “people person”—and at 48 (he’ll be 49 in 2012) he is nearly “off the roof” as an unconscious 6th line. For the last 8 years or so while “on the roof” he’s been focused on his career and family and not been as “experimental” as he was in his youth.  In the next few years he’ll fully emerge as the Role Model he is destined to become.


Below is a COMPOSITE CHART showing their two individual charts superimposed on each other.

Brad’s conscious (black) and unconscious (red) Gate energies are shown on the left, and Angelina’s are on the right.

All of Brad’s Gates show up on the composite as GREEN, and all of Angelina’s show as BLUE. Where they have the same Gate energy, it shows as checkered green and blue.


We see from the composite that together they bring Definition to the Ajna Center through an “electromagnetic” combination of his Gate 11 (ideas) and her Gate 56 (storytelling).  Electromagnetics are usually fun and “juicy” points of attraction between two people. She is attracted to his ideas, and he’s drawn to her ability to articulate ideas through stories.

There are many other compatibilities in their composite chart, but this seems like a good place to close this article.

We’ll leave you with one magnificent example of their positive relationship dynamics. With Brad’s Incarnation Cross – which is the mythology of one’s life – in the Cross of Eden, he is always moved by the less fortunate. While Angelina was already involved with a number of causes prior to their relationship, since 2005 they have started, funded and been intimately involved in a number of new philanthropies, as well as starting the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Together, they seem to be on a mission to save the world!


There is far more that could be said about this famous couple and their composite chart. If you’d like to learn more about them through a continuation of this relationship article, please let me know by commenting below. And feel free to suggest other famous people and/or couples for us to look at in future articles!


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  1. 🙂 Hi Evelyn

    Thank you for Angelina and Brad’s charts and comments..I want to know more please!!

    do you simply superimpose the charts or you have to do reading for the ‘relationship?

    as an artist I would love to see the chart of American painter Georgia O’keeffe and as a couple I would be interested in Frida Kalho and Diego Rivera..give me time i will think of others i will be interested in ;-).

    Thank you and enjoy the Conference and let me know how it went…


  2. Hi Evelyn,

    This is interesting and I’d like to hear more. Might be fun to see George Clooney’s chart with Brad Pitt since they seem to have a good relationship, and/or you could do George and his current girlfriend.

    Since this is an election year it would be interesting to see President Obama and Michelle, and also whoever is the Republican candidate. ❓ 👿

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! 😀


  3. Mahalo, Evelyn, for the reading on Angelina & Brad. Would love to see more of their compatibilities and differences. Would also be interested in seeing comparisons for couples: Prince William & Princess Kate, Michael Douglas & Katherine Zeta-Jones, David & Victoria Beckham.

  4. Hi Evelyn, Thank you for posting this. I have not dived into composite charts yet and I was wondering how you determine their composite chart. If you simply lay them on tiop of each other, then how do you get the define anja center? Neither of them have this in their individual charts.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Lizi,
      Sorry for my delay in posting and replying to your question!

      When one chart has a Gate that is 1/2 of a channel, and the other chart has the Gate that is the other 1/2 of that channel, it completes the channel and creates definition in the Centers that are at both ends of the channel. That’s called an electromagnetic!

  5. I would like to hear more of them, and I would also like to see how he matched up with Jennifer Aniston and what in their charts explain why it didn’t work. And maybe one on Jennifer and her fiancee. Hope this one is right for her and she’ll have a lifetime of happiness.

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