Celebrity Chart: Mother Teresa 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2012/12/31)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Birth: Aug. 26, 1910 at 2:25 pm in Skopje, Macedonia
Death:  Sep. 5, 1997 in Calcutta


Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
in the Balkan Peninsula of southeasternEurope in the area now known as Macedonia  (created from the former Yugoslavia, and which at her birth was part of the Ottoman Empire) to Albanian parents. She was raised Roman Catholic and by age 12 was already certain she would commit herself to a religious life!  She left home at 18 to become a missionary.

Having learned English at an abbey in Ireland so she could teach school in India, she arrived in India as a novitiate (“novice”, prior to taking vows) in 1929. She took her first vows as a nun in 1931 and chose the name Teresa. Her solemn vows were taken in 1937 while teaching at a convent school in eastern Calcutta, where she served for almost 20 years and was appointed headmistress in 1944.

Although she loved teaching, she was disturbed by the poverty and hunger surrounding her in the city. She began her missionary work with the poor in 1948, adopting Indian citizenship and receiving a few months of basic medical training.

She started a school in Calcutta, committing to serve the “poorest among the poor,” but had no money and resorted to begging for food and supplies her first year. But Indian officials, including the prime minister, noticed her efforts and she began attracting help and support. In 1950 she received Vatican approval to start a new congregation dedicated to caring for the poor and those discarded by society.  It became the Missionaries of Charity and by 1997 had grown to more than 4000 nuns running orphanages, hospices, charity centers and leper houses worldwide.

Her tireless efforts on behalf of the poor, the hungry, and the victims of disasters and wars around the world are legend.  Due to declining health, she stepped down from running the Missionaries of Charity in March 1997 (at age 86), and passed away that September.

By 2007, her main legacy—the Missionaries of Charity—had grown to 450 brothers and 5000 sisters operating 600 missions, schools and shelters in 120 countries.

Throughout her life she received many awards and recognitions, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.  Refusing the ceremonial banquet given to laureates, she asked that the $192,000 instead be given to the poor in India.

Her Chart

Mother Teresa’s Human Design chart explains volumes about this remarkable human being, and also shows the simplicity (and powerful impact) of expressing one’s design.

First, she was a Manifesting Generator—so she had both the sustainable energy and the ability to make things happen that she needed to accomplish the significant impact that this petite woman of meager means had on the world.

As is often the case for people with a defined Identity Center (yellow diamond), Mother Teresa knew from a young age (and with certainty from her defined Ajna—green triangle) who she was and what direction her life would take.

All of her defined (colored) centers were connected to each other so she was very independent energetically. She did not “need” others to be able to express her energies fully. She cared deeply about people (Gates 27 & 59) but only needed to wait for her internal guidance (Sacral Center—red square) to take action on her mission in life.

Much could be said about what her chart reveals, but let’s focus on the influences of her five Defined Channels, as they shed very clear light on the energetic force she was in the world.

43-23 The Channel of Structuring. Informally, the “freak-to-genius” channel. This is a natural talent for seeing the world and what’s possible from an unconventional point of view and thus impacting the thoughts of others. This is quantum leap thinking and out-of-the-box solutions. Mother Teresa had no shortage of simple but unconventional approaches and solutions to the world’s most persistent and vexing problems of poverty, hunger and suffering.

34-20 The Channel of Charisma. The busiest of all energies in the chart, this channel fuels people who “can’t sit down.”  It combines natural pure power (Gate 34) with wisdom and charisma (Gate 20) resulting in nearly unflagging energy and an ability to engage others in their ”present moment” focus.

34-10 The Channel of Exploration. This is an energy based in self-love that makes possible empowering others into their own healthy sense of self. Clearly Mother Teresa transcended the low expression of blame that is possible with this energy and focused on uplifting others and helping them regain independence through a centered sense of self from feeling loved.

14-2 The Channel of the Beat.  This energy is both the ability to sustain creative work and generate resources, and the gift of knowing how to use that work and those resources to empower others.  It involves surrendering to inner guidance, something Mother Teresa undoubtedly attributed to her faith in doing God’s work. This channel helped her efforts to be effective.

53-42 The Channel of Maturation. This is the energy of cycles—beginnings, middles and endings—and the repetition of cycles leading to wisdom. It’s the ability to start things and complete what has been started through correct actions and timing by following internal sacral guidance. Mother Teresa undoubtedly trusted her “instincts” and “higher guidance” throughout her life. (The sacral is higher guidance expressing through us.)

What a powerhouse combination of energies!  No wonder she was able to leave an indelible mark on this planet. Wikipedia states: “In 1999, a poll of Americans ranked her first in Gallup’s List of Most Widely Admired People of the 20th Century. In that survey, she out-polled all other volunteered answers by a wide margin.”

Two last observations about her chart. Her Incarnation Cross, the Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (3), says that her path in life was to share and spread the awareness that true abundance comes from spirit (in her case, God), and do so with power and charisma. She certainly did that!

Her Chiron energies, Gate 55 both conscious and unconscious, repeat the message contained in her Incarnation Cross that our true abundance in life comes from spirit, not from material things. She was the embodiment of this and helped to heal many thousands of people, directly and indirectly, with her living message of abundant love.


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  1. Evelyn,
    I cannot express to you how much my human design reading helped me to see myself in a new light! Being an astrologer I have gained so much from the art in knowing myself and others. Human design gave me a whole new perspective on the unique energies that I carry and how to work with them in a way that will move my life and work forward in a way that is uniquely my own. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking knowledge about themselves and what their path is to have a reading with Evelyn. She was very clear and explained in detail to me what all these energies were and how to embody them in a way that will positively impact my life! In receiving this information I can already see wonderful changes happening for me! Thank you Evelyn! You are awesome!

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