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The Truth About Projector Recognition and Invitations

This series, called Navigating the Projector Path, is intended to explore and address the issues that Projectors face and help Projectors align with their Truth, step into their power, thrive as the full expression of themselves, and perform their vital global role of guiding the energy of others and creating and maintaining the quantum energy grid of the planet (thereby guiding the world!).

A Projector does not need recognition and invitations from others in order to feel good about themselves and about what they have to offer. Period.

They only need others in order to help make things happen or, even better, to contribute to things already happening, so Projectors can bring their immense brilliance and wisdom to help grow and improve those “things.”

If opportunities/invitations are not being offered for whatever reason, that in no way diminishes (or, in no way should diminish) the Projector’s sense of self and value. Getting the correct recognition and invitations may simply be a matter of positioning yourself well and then waiting for the right opportunities to show. Lack of recognition or invitations is NOT a judgment against you. [continue reading…]