5 Essential Ingredients for a Great Life! 

by Evelyn Levenson

Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve thought a lot about how to have a happy and fulfilling life. Especially during troubled and trying times. And during the good times I wondered how to sustain those good feelings and that positive flow.

Just in the last few years, the answers have finally come together for me. My background (30+ years of experience in personal growth and development, people management, business growth and development, and lots of formal training) got saturated with years of studying the Abraham-Hicks work and many intense years of studying Human Design.

And… voila!

I pieced together what seem to me to be THE five key components for having a life that truly works–a life that you love regardless of your life’s circumstances.

Essential Ingredient 1 – Self-Knowledge

Before you can begin to have a deeply satisfying life, you need to know who you are. Beyond standard “strengths and weaknesses” you also want to understand your key personality traits and learning styles, your life lessons and biggest challenges, your recurring life themes, and where you have potential for great wisdom.

You definitely want to know where you hold your deepest pain and how to overcome it. And you need to know your greatest sources of blessings, growth and expansion, so you can maximize those and create great advantage for yourself at every opportunity. This is why a Human Design Reading is the starting point for all of my work with clients. Human Design provides astounding depth and insights into who you are and how you are “wired.”

Essential Ingredient 2 – Clarity of Purpose and Direction

Knowing who you are isn’t complete without knowing where you are going. When you know with confidence why you are here—your life purpose—then your direction is usually clear.

Often, people feel confused about knowing “what they want” in life. It’s usually because they don’t have a clear picture of their bigger purpose or mission. Some people know their purpose from a young age, but for others it takes time and a deliberate process to uncover it.

It took me a while to find this clarity, so I’m very patient with clients who haven’t found theirs yet. And I’ve developed both tools and skills to help you find YOUR passion and clarify your mission. 

Essential Ingredient 3 – Aligned Behavior

Once you know yourself clearly, accurately and honestly, and you know where you’re going, then you can learn how to interact with the world in the most effective and successful way possible to get you there.

Using Human Design, you learn a decision-making and action-taking strategy that is specifically correct for YOU. This enables you to improve your choices, your relationships, your work performance, and your personal well-being. Thus, your behaviors finally (and easily) line up with who you are and where you truly want to go in life.

Essential Ingredient 4 – Empowering Beliefs

Self-knowledge, clarity of purpose, and appropriate behavior are necessary but not sufficient ingredients for having what you want in life. If you don’t believe that you can have and deserve to have what you want, then no amount of Law of Attraction seminars, self-help books, or human design study will bring it to you.

Using a variety of techniques and teachings, you can replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Empowering beliefs allow you to receive what you’ve asked for. You experience a life-size paradigm shift when you put empowering beliefs in the forefront and weed out old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Essential Ingredient 5 – Inspired Action

If you are a true spiritual master you might be able think and believe your results into being, but the rest of us need to “move the mud” down here in our three-dimensional reality.

But just “taking action” isn’t sufficient either. Through knowing your unique Human Design, you can learn how to take action correctly… for YOU. Correct action is inspired action. That’s when everything flows, synchronicities happen, and you just go along for the beautiful ride. This is not only possible, but predictable, when you live your life according to your Human Design Strategy and apply the previous four ingredients.

And there you have it–my recipe for a successful and fulfilling life!

I hope this serves you well. It sure is serving me well. I’ve never felt more purposeful, more fulfilled, and more excited about the future.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! You hit the nail right on my proverbial head! Thanx for putting this together so clearly … seven years ago … and re-sharing it with us. It’s as helpful today as when you wrote it … perhaps even more so because many of us are now ready to hear it and take inspired action to implement it.

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