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Evelyn Levenson

Learn How to Be a More Successful Projector with this Success for Projectors course

Dear friend,

My name is Evelyn Levenson and I'm on a mission to help my fellow Projectors.

As a Projector myself, I've struggled with many (maybe most?) of the challenges that Projectors face in this Generator-driven world.

The work, money, and productivity paradigms of our culture today simply don't fit the natural energy and work style of Projectors.

But the truth is... Projectors have a vital role to play in the current evolution of consciousness on the planet.

So, I'm helping as many Projectors as possible learn how to live their lives effectively, joyfully, successfully, and IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE TRUTH AND MAGNIFICENCE OF WHO THEY REALLY ARE, so they can make the important contribution to the world they are designed to make.

It's not easy being a Projector. Sometimes, it's downright hard. And it can feel very unfair.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

There ARE answers and solutions to the Projector's dilemmas and challenges.

Obviously, I can't promise you "instant relief" from all of your struggles. But in my 5-module course, I can promise that you will learn WHY you struggle (and why it's not your fault), and HOW to operate in your life in ways that are easier, more fulfilling, and more successful.  You will learn to focus on your gifts and brilliance, and leave behind the pain and despair.

I invite you to learn more about this course below... and consider how your life might be different (and better!) if you struggled less and succeeded more!

Projectors have a VERY special role and purpose in this world

We're NOT here to struggle, suffer and be miserable.

There is no "suffering" in the Human Design chart.

And it's possible (though it may be hard to imagine right now) that you can shift out of any "negative" Projector mindset you might be in, and move into expanded possibilities and fresh, new realities.

In my 14+ years so far of understanding my own Projector design and working with hundreds of Projector clients and students, I've seen (and experienced) a lot of what works and what doesn't.

I've seen enough to know for sure that a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work.

We are each quite unique. There are some 1,470,000,000 (yes, 1 billion 470 million!) of us Projectors on the planet. (That's 21% of 7 billion, if you want to check my math ;-)  And no two of us are exactly the same.

We are here to guide the energies of others with our insight, our wisdom, and our brilliant awareness. The rest of the planet NEEDS us. (Well, Manifestors probably don't think they do, but... they do, too!)

But what about your everyday life?

It's nice to think there is a higher purpose out there, but if your daily life isn't working, if you're struggling, if you're not fulfilled, if you're not thriving in important areas of your life... it's hard to care about a higher purpose.

This 5-module Course will give you BOTH the practical answers you need NOW and the insights you need for clarity on your higher purpose.

I've put together ALL I've learned about how Projectors can be more successful in their lives, and distilled it into a Course that is both inspiring AND practical

Because I get it.

And I want to help.  I want to help you as a Projector, personally.  I want to help those who love you so you can be better supported and loved by them.

I want to help those who work with Projectors in their business or practice to better guide and support their Projector clients.

And I want to help the planet by helping as many Projectors as possible to THRIVE so they can fulfill their super-important role in the evolution of humanity (AND have a life they love at the same time!). 

What you will learn in this course

  • Why you are here as a Projector and the vital role you are designed to play
  • How you are wired to catalyze the evolution of humanity and the expansion of planetary consciousness
  • HOW to operate effectively and successfully AS A PROJECTOR right now
  • How to align your decisions and actions with your fundamental energy structure, creating flow and synchronicity (sometimes called magic!) in your life
  • What your wealth strategy is as a Projector and how to create sustainable abundance in your life
  • A Projector’s best approaches for success in business and career
  • How to make sense of your relationships by learning how you impact others, and discovering how to improve any relationships you are in
  • How to protect, manage and sustain your energy and your health as a Projector
  • How to live the fullest expression of YOUR UNIQUE AND MAGNIFICENT contribution to the world with confidence, clarity, purpose, grace, joy, well-being, resiliency, and power!

I know that's a tall order.  
But this is my commitment to you.  And I know that this can work for you.

But it will work ONLY if you are ready and willing to be FULL-IN as you go through the course, as if your life depended on it. Because... it actually does.

Plus, this is a course that will keep on giving because it won't "end" as you finish the last module.  That day will simply be the launching pad of your new, more successful and more empowered life moving forward.

So it will take your commitment... for the full 5 modules, and beyond.

This isn't just another course that you take, say "gee, that was nice," then put your notes on a shelf and forget about.

This Course can shift your life. 

It can transform you... at the very core of your being.

If you are ready for it.
Could you be ready to go FULL-IN?  

"You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.
That is how important YOU are!"

~ Eckheart Tolle

This Course is for YOU if . . .

you ARE a Projector and you want to:

  • Be more effective in your life
  • Feel and BE more empowered in your life
  • Fulfill your soul's purpose
  • Play the role you were designed for, to the benefit of all humanity
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Gain confidence, clarity and direction
  • "Fix" what's not working in your life
  • Understand why things don't work for you the way they work for other people, so you can stop blaming yourself and start turning things around
  • Get a break from all the struggle... and finally end the suffering
  • THRIVE in your life, and wake up each morning delighted to be YOU!

you LOVE a Projector and you want to:

  • Learn how to support and love them in the best ways possible
  • Bring out the best in them and help them truly THRIVE in life

you WORK with clients who include Projectors and you want to:

  • Learn how to work with them more effectively and respectfully
  • Guide them to their fullest and most authentic self-expression
  • Help them THRIVE and live a life that they love

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in This
Success for Projectors Home Study Course

  • 5-module course - 5 training classes (90-minute video for each) with slides, plus a specific worksheet for each class designed to help you integrate and apply the material learned in each class
  • **BONUS**  - recording of a live Q & A call to help you continue to deepen your understanding of the material and how to apply it

Each module covers a different important topic, addressing major areas of life:

  • Module 1 - Projector role, purpose and importance; major characteristics of Projectors and how to best cope with each one
  • Module 2 - Decision-making and action-taking for the Projector... what really works and what doesn't; how to stay true to yourself even when it doesn't make sense to others
  • Module 3 - Money, wealth and business strategies for the Projector; plus, if you have your own business you'll learn to align your marketing and branding choices with your energy
  • Module 4 - Healthy relationships for the Projector; healthy relationships with a Projector; parenting and other challenges for the Projector
  • Module 5 - Health, balance, burnout, self-care and resiliency for the Projector; knowing when enough is enough; sustainability despite an "unsustainable energy" design
  • For EACH MODULE you have access to the video replay, the audio recording, a PDF of the slides, and the PDF worksheet for the Module
  • You have access to a Student Membership Page (password protected) where all course materials are found
  • You may join our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share insights, communicate with your fellow Projectors, and deepen your exploration of your Projector-ness!

What students of Success for Projectors
have to say

"Your course is brilliant and it so evident that you are working with passion and diligence to produce something this good! I am having such a breakthrough. With the depth we are exploring and through your examples I am getting a richer “context” for “waiting to be invited”, “bitterness”, coming across as pushy instead of the intended “desire to help” and much more!"

Bonnie Gallup

"I think my biggest takeaway was better self acceptance through understanding my behavior. I always thought I was cautious and withdrawn but now I understand that I am processing and will respond once the processing is done. I am finding the whole class to be transformation and invaluable. I now better understand my strength and weaknesses. This is exceptional material and I am so grateful for your class. Wow! Each week has been very powerful and very healing."

Kasey Capener

"The whole module [Module 1] was an A-Ah for me :) This course is so eye opening, giving me such clarity. I look forward to the next 4 modules. Thank you Evelyn!"

Julie Wolf

"I'm enrolled in the Success for Projectors class and am really LOVING it, thank you! I'm getting so much valuable information that feels really accurate for me, and it is a deeply worthwhile investment of my time, money and attention. Thank you so much for both the wisdom, and the inspiration of modeling success AS a projector for us!"

Andrea Sholer

"Thank you for so freely sharing your knowledge to help each of us be that all important puzzle piece that fits without jamming it into the wrong spot. ;) You are such a blessing to me and to the planet!"

Teresa Thomas

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