Allow Me to Be Your Guide to the Centers!

We will explore all 9 Energy Centers of your Human Design Chart so you can USE and LEVERAGE these energies to your greatest advantage, and BE the 
fullest and best version of

Who You Really Are!

Course by

Evelyn Levenson

10-Module Home Study Course

Success by Centers
Master the Energy Dynamics that Control Your Behavior (and the Behavior of Others!)

Dear friend,

Our behaviors and motivations can sometimes seem like big mysteries to us.

Have you ever wondered--after the fact--why on earth you chose to do or say something that you knew wasn't a good idea?
Or caught yourself in the process of making a less-than-stellar choice... but then did it any way?

Or wondered why you keep repeating the same unhealthy behavior pattern over and over... 

  • Maybe in relationships?
  • Or in how you take care of yourself?
  • Or in saying YES when you really wanted to say NO?
  • Or in not letting go (of someone or something or some place) that you know you need to let go of?
  • The nine Energy Centers of your Human Design Chart literally hold the KEYS to the magical realm of YOUR IDEAL LIFE

The Energy Centers powerfully direct our behaviors and our decision making.

You can use these Energy KEYS to unlock your lifelong "conditioned" influences from the people around you, and accelerate your de-conditioning process.

A de-conditioned life is a life that lights you up, aligns you with your soul's deepest purpose for being here, and is a full reflection of the Truth of WHO YOU ARE. It is the best and fullest expression of ALL that you are.

I passionately believe that each and every one of us can have this. Can live this. Can completely LOVE our lives.

I believe we each deserve this. And that it doesn't have to be hard, complicated, or expensive. It does take time. It also takes awareness. And a little faith...

I'll supply the awareness and share with you everything I know about how to USE and LEVERAGE these energies to your greatest and best advantage

All you need is a little time to learn and apply this, a smidge of patience with yourself, and a little pinch of faith that your life can unfold naturally and perfectly.

Can you do that? I promise you that the acceleration in your life's transformation will astound you. And delight you!

I would love for you to join me.


Learn the "Secrets"
of Why We Behave as We Do, and How to Master Our Behaviors!

Human Design is... hands down... the BEST tool I've ever found (and I've been looking for most of my 60+ years on this planet) to help us access "heaven on earth."

Understanding and leveraging the Energy Centers, in my experience (and from the experience of 100's of my clients), is one of the most impactful segments of knowledge from Human Design.

The Centers are where most of our conditioning happens in our lives. And they are where our de-conditioning can be understood, aligned with, and accelerated.

I invite you to dive into this Self-Study Course where we will explore together:

  • the power of each of the nine Energy Centers
  • how they influence (and often, hijack) our decisions
  • how they forge our unhealthy patterns
  • and how we can use this specific knowledge to:
  • break those patterns
  • reclaim our decisions
  • leverage our true inner strength and wisdom
  • and be the fullest and highest expression of WHO WE ARE!

. . . Imagine stepping into and BEING the unique and magnificent YOU that you were born to be.

This course is called "Success by Centers: Master the Energy Dynamics that Control Your Behavior (and the Behavior of Others!)" and that is exactly what you will learn.

This is the perfect time to dive deeply into this knowledge and wisdom so you can truly turn things around for yourself and make this year an extraordinary year.

"Evelyn, Thank you for this course. I learned so much through your wisdom in teaching a complicated subject in a clear way. Lots of good examples and explanations. You rock! ;-)"

"Wow, that was a phenomenal course, Evelyn! You have really mastered human design concepts and have an inordinately amazing way to translate and communicate it in a very deep, succinct, and, respectful manner."

"Thank you so much Evelyn! Your course and bonus classes were absolutely excellent. So much wonderful info!"

"Another piece to the puzzle--I have a defined root. This has been a great class. Evelyn--I like the way all phases of the class was taught. Learned so much, and so much yet to learn. Thank you."

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in This Success by Centers Home Study Course


This course gives you 10 training classes that are recorded (~1 hour each) and they include the Q&A segments from those live classes. Through these recorded videos, we cover all nine Centers, both defined and open, plus an eye-opening introduction that explains how Centers actually work. 

The material is organized into 10 Modules, which you will access on a convenient online course platform:

  • Module 1 - Introduction, explanation of how Centers work, conditioning, etc.
  • Module 2 - Head Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 3 - Ajna Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 4 - Throat Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 5 - Identity (G) Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 6 - Will Center, Defined and Open (also called Ego or Heart Center)
  • Module 7 - Emotional Solar Plexus Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 8 - Spleen Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 9 - Sacral Center, Defined and Open
  • Module 10 - Root Center, Defined and Open
  • You'll learn how to leverage the consistency and advantages, avoid the pain and confusion, break the behavior patterns, and access the wisdom of each Center
  • You'll have access to all of the slides used during the trainings, in convenient PDF format
  • You'll get a 4-page Worksheet for EACH MODULE to help you integrate and master the challenges of each Center
  • PLUS, you'll receive the recording of a BONUS CLASS... "Conquering the Fears of the Spleen and Solar Plexus Centers" along with the slides and the live Q&A from that class

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