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Here is your opportunity to APPLY FOR your Complimentary 30-minute “Decision Breakthrough” Call with me!

If you haven’t already requested your free Human Design Chart from me, you will do so on the Application Form.

Your free Chart (and the free Decision Maker’s Kit that comes with it) will start you on your amazing journey of deep self-discovery and practical self-knowledge. But just having the ‘map’ of a territory isn’t nearly as helpful as having an experienced guide to show you around.

For a limited time, I am offering complimentary private “Decision Breakthrough” Sessions  with me.

A Complimentary “Decision Breakthrough” Session is a 30-minute private session by Zoom where we discuss your Human Design Type and decision making Strategy (based on your Chart), and explore which Human Design Reading would best serve you. By focusing on YOUR Type and Strategy we can literally jump start your smarter decision making and help you choose the right Reading for you!

Here’s what we’ll cover in your “Decision Breakthrough” Session:

  • your Human Design Type
    • this lets you know the role you are designed to play in this life
  • your Strategy for making decisions and taking actions
    • this reduces your stress, uncertainty and margin of error in making crucial decisions in your life, career and relationships, and improves your effectiveness and results
  • whether Human Design could help you reach your personal goals and resolve your personal and interpersonal issues
    • we’ll look at how a private Reading might help you
  • the best “next step” you can take to toward learning and applying this practical self-knowledge
    • we’ll help you decide which Reading would suit you best.

Human Design can change your life forever… and definitely for better!


Often, a Full Human Design Reading* with me is the right next step… but we’ll decide that together. There are a few other options which I’ll describe during our call.

*A Full Human Design Reading with me is 3+ hours of private, in-depth explanation of your Chart, how it affects your life, and how you can apply this self-knowledge to improve every area of your life.

If you are serious about creating
real and lasting improvements in your life,
then fill in the simple “Decision Breakthrough” Call
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Your Complimentary “Decision Breakthrough” Call (no charge and no obligation) will help you start making decisions correctly for YOU so you can move forward with greater confidence and success!

I only consider applications that are filled in completely, and the more information you give me up front the more progress we can make in the short 30 minutes we will have together.

Click the button below and fill in your Application Form.


I’m very much looking forward to speaking with you!

Ready To Learn How To Make Better Decisions?

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"Your Journey of Transformation:
An Introduction to Understanding Your 
Human Design Chart"

a short eBook that describes the parts of the Chart so you start to get familiar with them

"The Five Types, Roles, and Strategies of Human Design"

a handy one-page Reference Guide to help you know yourself and others

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