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This instantly downloadable Ebook  Human Design 101 - A Crash Course in Alligning with Your Authentic Self
is a powerful, positive step towards YOUR self-empowerment
through understanding your personal Human Design!

The 7 modules of this Crash Course are carefully designed to help you quickly understand and apply basic knowledge about YOU contained in your Human Design Chart.

This self-knowledge puts you in touch with the TRUE YOUyour Authentic Self. You will also see clearly the NOT-YOU — the person you have been programmed and conditioned to be throughout your life.

With this self-knowledge and a little practice, you will be able to align with your Authentic Self, make choices consistent with your deeper purpose, and live a truly authentic and fulfilling life—the life you are magnificently designed to live!

  • Have you ever wondered why you think or act differently than your family … or your spouse … or your friends?
  • Do you sometimes think that maybe you missed out on a specific gene at birth and that’s why things don’t work for you the way they work for others?
  • Do you feel like a ‘round’ peg trying to live your life crammed into a ‘square’ hole that doesn’t fit you?

How would you like to make better-informed choices … ones that will suit your uniqueness and play up your positive character traits?

What if I were to tell you that you ARE perfect, just the way you are,
and that you’ll come to know this
once you understand your Human Design Chart?

If you already know that you want a full, personalized, one-on-one Reading with me (because that’s the BEST and FASTEST way to understand yourself and improve your life) and you’re READY, click here.

But if you’re not quite sure yet, and you know you want to learn more about what makes ‘you’ YOU … now you CAN in an easy, downloadable format that lets you learn at your own pace!


For years I’ve been giving personal one-on-one Readings and coaching sessions to clients on  embracing their individuality through better understanding their Human Design chart… and with great success! However, I know there are many people who prefer to do some of the “leg work” themselves—that’s why I developed this crash course.

Each of the 7 Modules of this course addresses an area of Human Design that is fundamental to discovering and aligning with your Authentic Self. Written in plain language with an emphasis on practical applications, these Modules will walk you through your personal journey of self-discovery.

At the end of each Module, I’ve included several immediate things you can to do to deepen your understanding and begin integrating the material of that Module.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in each Module:

Module 1 – Stop the Struggle and Get Control of Your Life

Learn about inner guidance and the power of your mindset.

Module 2Learn and Apply the Decision Making Strategy of Your Authentic Self

Become familiar with the decision making and action taking Strategies of all five Human Design Types, plus learn how Authority affects how you apply your Strategy.

Module 3Your Deepest Pain and What To Do About It – Open Centers

Learn to manage your Open Centers to maximize your wisdom, and avoid the pain and unhealthy behavior patterns associated with them.

Module 4How To Improve ANY Relationship — Even Difficult Ones

Learn the ideal approach for each Type to have healthy relationships, including examples.

Module 5If Marketing Yourself or Your Business Feels Like an Uphill Battle, Do THIS

Understand and apply the correct approach for YOUR Type in marketing yourself and your business.

Module 6 – Your Learning Style and Relationship Style

Each person has a Personality Profile that indicates the major themes in their behavior. Learn YOUR Profile and the meaning of each “number” contained in your Profile.

Module 7 – Tying It All Together and Aligning With YOUR Authentic Self

Where to put your focus and attention — and in what order — to accelerate the benefits of applying Human Design in your life.

Never before has there been an opportunity like this
for learning about YOUR Human Design in a “crash course” format.

 Easily worth more than its price, it’s available for you today at only


Simply click above to purchase your copy today – your downloadable ebook is ready for you to begin learning from immediately.

Human Design 101 - A Crash Course in Alligning with Your Authentic Self