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Deep Human Design Reading

your 6-Session Mix-and-Match Package

Are you a serious seeker of self-knowledge? Or maybe you have big issues you’re grappling with? Why struggle on your own?

In these 6 sessions you will access a deeper understanding and application of the profound knowledge, wisdom and insights about yourself, the world, and your relationships that are only available through a deep Human Design Reading and advanced Reading sessions!

Imagine living your life authentically as who you truly are, and with the highest expression of all your potentials. Wouldn’t you love to just relax — knowing you are on your personal path to success.

Imagine actually falling in love with yourself (in a healthy way!), and experiencing life as the grand adventure that it is. Imagine new-found, unshakeable confidence knowing there isn’t anything you can’t handle…because you will have the tools to access your personal power at will.

It’s a delicious glimpse into what is possible for your life.

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The Package

This package includes six 75-minute Reading sessions by Zoom. Each session is recorded for your repeated listening.

Optional convenient monthly payments give you two sessions per month, to use as you choose (see below).

Or, if you pay in full up front you receive an automatic 10% discount and can schedule your appointments at rapidly as you like!

Either way, you have email access to mevia a private, exclusive email address—between sessions, for support as you apply what you learn.


Create Your Customized Package

If you haven’t had a Reading with me yet, we can use your first several sessions to complete all three levels of a Full Reading, if you wish. Then we can explore what other Readings would best serve you.

If you have had a Reading with me, you may use these six sessions in whatever ways will serve you best. Of course, bring any questions you have to any of our sessions.

You may mix and match Full Reading sessions, Specialty Reading sessions, and even Initial Reading sessions. Here are some ideas:

  • If there are two of you (could be spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent, teen or adult child, relative, or close friend), you could each have a Full 3-session Reading.
  • If you have children, we could do a Full 3-session Reading for you then one session about each of three children, or about a spouse and two children.
  • You could have a Full 3-session Reading for yourself, a one-session Reading about someone else (such as spouse, parent, child, etc.), a one-session Relationship Reading about you and that person, plus a one-session Reading about anyone else in your life, or one Specialty Reading session for you (like a Solar Return or a Chiron Return Reading).
  • Or any other creative combination you would like!

Or, we could also go deeply into your chart over several sessions, with lots of focus on application and implementation of what you’re learning, then add a Solar Return session and/or a Saturn Return session for you, for example.

For a complete description of your options, please have a look at my Custom Reading package, then come back here to review the bonuses below and complete your Deep Reading purchase.

If you’re not sure which sessions you’d like, just let me know and I’ll invite you to a short complementary call where we figure out together the best combination of Reading sessions for YOU!


Details About Your Deep Reading Package

-You will receive SIX Reading sessions of approx. 75 minutes each.

-Your Readings are conducted as private one-on-one Zoom conversations. We can have video on or off—your choice.

-Each Reading is recorded; after each session you will receive a link to the video and downloadable audio recording for that session, plus you’ll get an automatically generated transcript of the session.

-Generally we allow one week between each Reading session, but your timing will depend on your schedule (and mine), and on how rapidly you are ready to move forward.

-Your Reading is interactive –your participation is encouraged!

-You will receive a short, pre-recorded Introduction to Your Reading.

-You will receive several bonus gifts by email after your purchase.

-Please complete all six sessions of your Deep Reading within six months of purchase.


Program Bonuses

Bonus #1:  ebook

Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self

This 56-page instantly downloadable ebook is a powerful, positive step towards YOUR self-empowerment through understanding your personal Human Design!

Each of the 7 Modules of this course addresses an area of Human Design that is fundamental to discovering and aligning with your Authentic Self. Written in plain language with an emphasis on practical applications, these Modules will walk you through your personal journey of self-discovery.

At the end of each Module, you’ll find several immediate things you can to do to deepen your understanding and begin integrating the material of that Module.

Bonus #2:  complete audio programs about ALL 5 TYPES

The entire Success By TYPE Home Study Program Series

The most powerful place to begin (or continue) a personal transformation journey is by deeply understanding and LIVING your life according to YOUR Human Design Type.

You will receive a separate email within a few days with a link to access all of the recordings of this in-depth exploration of the five Human Design Types. For each Type there are three audio recordings with complete written transcripts. Topics covered include: characteristics of the Type, Strategy of the Type, that Type in relationships, that Type as children, that Type as parents, that Type with each other Type, and how to be happy, healthy and resilient as that Type.

Bonus #3:  specially created tracking form

“Blueprint to Your Authentic Self” form

This simple but powerful form will help you keep track of, integrate, AND APPLY all of the vital and valuable information about yourself that you learn from your Reading sessions and all the related materials you receive. You have instant access to the form so you can begin using it as soon as you dive into the ebook (Bonus #1 above) and when you receive the Type recordings (Bonus #2 above).

 I Guide, You Focus, You Grow

This 6-session package is YOUR journey. I share with you profound knowledge about yourself and the key other people in your life that you select. We focus on the areas of your life that you most want to transform, because where you focus is where you get results.

You learn to leverage the magnificent Design you were born with — to ensure your success and fulfillment in this life… Success BY DESIGN!

Your investment for this quantum leap in personal growth is only $497 per month for three months. You will have two Reading sessions per month to use as you choose, plus all the bonuses listed above!  This is the 3-Pay option.

 Want a Faster Transformation?

Would you rather be able to schedule your Reading sessions at your own quicker pace? If you make one payment of $1397you’ll save 10% and be able to schedule your appointments as quickly as you’d like. You’ll get the same six sessions, plus all of the bonuses, only faster!

Want to Take Your Time With This?

Transformation can take time to process, integrate, and incorporate into Who You Are. You are shifting a lifetime of patterns and assumptions. This 6-Pay option let’s you pay for your Deep Reading over six months and receive 1 Reading session each month. It’s $257 per month for six months. It gives you time to reflect, experiment, try new patterns, and bring your questions and insights to each next session. You’ll get the same six sessions as above, plus all of the bonuses, only slower!