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Healing the Projector Level 1

 a 10-week Program to

Clear your Blocks, Heal your Issues, and Restore your Resiliency
— one Resiliency Key at a time

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About the Healing the Projector Level 1 program

Projectors are special. Plain and simple.

And distinctly different from everyone else… by design.

We Projectors are here to provide insightful wisdom and guidance. We’re here to help our human family use their energy more effectively. We’re here to hold and organize the whole energy grid of the planet. And we’re here to help usher in the coming evolution of humanity to a love-based and abundance-based paradigm. (Moving away from lack, fear and conflict.)

We’re sensitive. We’re smart.

And we’re tired.

If you’re a Projector and you’re struggling to feel heard, to be recognized for your contributions, or just to have your life work passably well… it’s not your fault.

Given our unique wiring, it’s understandable to question our value, or struggle with trusting ourselves, or doubt whether we have the courage to face how hard life can feel sometimes. It’s sadly common for Projectors to have a challenge with creating consistent income.  And to struggle with making things happen… and with having them turn out well.

Sorry to take such a negative angle here — but this is the truth for many Projectors.

With so much energy swirling, shifting and changing around all of us these days, it’s more important than ever to get clear about who we are, what we want, how we wish to serve, and what is in our way (that keeps us stumbling, hiding or hesitating). And we need to clear that stuff out of our way so we can get on with fulfilling our very important role AND having an amazing life.

When I first found Human Design, in 2008, I was totally blown away.

I was a struggling Projector, myself. I felt lost. I questioned my competence. Despite two masters degrees and several high-powered successful jobs, I was unemployed and adrift. I doubted my value as a human being, and whether I’d ever figure out why I was here and what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

Through learning about the nature of Projectors, I very quickly I realized that:

  • I truly wasn’t broken, I was just different
  • There were lots of others like me
  • We weren’t doing anything wrong
  • And there was nothing to “fix.”

Huge relief! And I’ve experienced great transformations within myself since learning and studying this work.

THEN, not long ago I came across a new twist on Human Design — a system that combines Human Design with energy clearing and healing modalities.

It’s called the Quantum Alignment System.  (It’s part of Karen Curry Parker’s newest work.)

THIS NEW WORK takes Human Design to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of power, effectiveness and practical improvement of life.

For Projectors in particular, this work is a game-changer.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be bringing this work forward in a program exclusively for Projectors called Healing the Projector.

This new work combines the wisdom and profound self-knowledge of Human Design with proven energy clearing and healing modalities to make it possible for you to find new levels of clarity and well-being and learn new ways to restore balance and resiliency to your life.

It gives you conscious choice about your life, about healing yourself, and about stepping fully into your power.

Imagine what you could do if you felt unquestionably lovable, empowered, courageous, decisive, emotionally wise, and authentic. Imagine if you really trusted yourself, if you truly felt valuable, and if you managed your energy well for long-term sustainability.

Imagine what you could do if you truly LOVED yourself. Unconditionally.  And if there was nothing in your way of moving forward into the life you truly desire and deserve.

As Projectors, we have unique needs and issues, so this program is tailored specifically for Projectors and only open to Projectors.

This is an intensive 10-week program designed for Projectors who are ready to:

  • clear the clutter of old, disempowering thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that keep you stuck and depleted
  • heal the wounds of living as a misunderstood and under-recognized Projector in this Manifestor-led and Generator-driven world
  • build sustainability and reserves, and re-align with your unique Projector purpose

In this program, we use energy clearing and self-healing techniques to address each of 9 Resiliency Keys (related to your Human Design chart) to help you become more balanced and harmonized with your full power and potential.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, resentful, unsuccessful, unworthy, burned out, discouraged, unclear, unlovable, or unsure of yourself, this program is for you.

If you’ve been feeling pretty good, but you know that you’re hiding out or holding back, that you are capable of being more effective, or that you’ve been undervaluing your contribution, this program is for you, too.

This new program leverages the profound insights that only Human Design offers, and weaves into it Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other energy clearing and energy aligning methods to clear the blocks, heal the wounds, restore balance and wholeness, and recharge your resiliency and long-term sustainability.

This work is the missing piece I’ve been searching for since I started working with Human Design clients in 2009. While Human Design is brilliant at showing you who you are, why you’re here, and how to be successful as YOU, it doesn’t provide specific steps for you to take if you’re stuck, in pain, or out of balance.

My colleague and co-creator Robin Gallob and I are certified by Karen Curry Parker to use this system with our clients. Robin is a fellow Projector and fellow certified Human Design specialist. We  co-created Healing the Projector to provide a safe space for Projectors to heal the wounds of living in a world that doesn’t yet understand us and doesn’t value us for the amazing assets and resources we are.

Details of the Program

  • 10 weekly calls of approx. 90 minutes each
  • each call includes information and slides as well as group healing work and processes
  • these are videoconference calls (using Zoom) so we can see each other as we work together
  • calls are interactive, with volunteers on the call working one-on-one with us as the rest of the group follows along
  • all calls are recorded and available within 48 hours
  • everyone on the calls (and watching the recordings) benefits from the one-on-one work done in the group
  • there are slides, handouts, and resources for each call
  • you get a self-assessment tool to use at the beginning and end of the program, to assess your progress and to help you beyond the end of the program
  • there are bonus materials on the foundations of the Healing by Human Design system that are available as soon as you register

Participation in this program is by application. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated and it won’t take you long to complete. Our intent with this is to get to know you a little better and for you to understand more about the program itself – so you can make an informed choice about whether this is a good fit for you, and we can make an informed choice as well. This is a limited-size, highly interactive, and deeply transformative program so we want to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone involved.

This Healing the Projector program may be what YOU need if you are you ready to make a powerful commitment to yourself and you want a transformative step-by-step program to walk you through clearing and healing what’s been in your way — so you can finally step into the thriving, successful and empowered life you long for.

We hope you’ll consider joining us to realign yourself with your personal blueprint for health, wealth, joy, happiness, empowerment, and freedom.

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