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Resources: Evelyn’s Interview on Internet Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Andréa Dykstra on her radio show Shortcuts to Spirituality. Andrea is an accomplished author, coach, speaker and radio host who is always looking for quick and effective ways to help herself and others access our spiritual nature and connect to Source. (Of course she looks for shortcuts, she’s a Manifesting Generator!!!)

Human Design is a great fit for her new show. She had a little experience with it even before we met last year at a business conference, then I did a quick Reading with her and also explained the basics about her husband’s chart and their energetic composite.

During the radio interview, Andréa shares about how Human Design has changed the way she makes decisions and has given her new confidence for following her powerful instincts and piercing intuitive awareness. She also talks about the impact this knowledge is having on her marriage.

I gave a quick yet comprehensive overview of Human Design and the five energy Types and Strategies during the interview. Plus, I did an impactful mini-Reading live on-the-air with the winner of the mini-Reading drawing. I think you’ll really enjoy the replay!

Here’s the replay link:  http://ctrnetwork.com/profile/S2SRadio (easily navigable on the left hand side, under archives, or via the inline player—look for Human Design).

I also made a special offer to the listeners (which includes YOU if you listen to the replay!) for my Success By TYPE Self-Study Courses and a brand new combo of SBT courses with an Initial Reading.

These special offer prices expire May 15, so I encourage you to act soon if you’re interested. And if you would like a Reading with me, the sooner you sign up the sooner you can get on my calendar (which is booking up).

I hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities….the SBT courses are 50% off and the combo package is an excellent deal!

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