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If you really want to get to know me, here are more details about my background!


My detail-oriented nature helped me to excel in (and enjoy!) school. I have a B.A. in French (my mother was French and I love the language) from Drake University, and two Master’s degrees.

My M.P.A. (Public Administration) from Drake University led to a fabulous four-year stint in Federal Government in Washington, DC (where I grew up). It started with my being one of 250 graduates selected from 950 applicants across the U.S. to participate in President Carter’s newly created two-year Presidential Management Internship Program in 1978—designed to bring new, qualified talent into Federal service.

Then I shifted gears to move into the private sector and earned my International M.B.A. in 1983 at INSEAD—an intensive 10-month business degree program in Fontainebleau, France. (Have I mentioned that I love France?) INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration, was among the top five business schools in the world at that time, and it was a truly memorable experience.

Work History

Armed with my degrees, I was invited (which is very correct for my Human Design Type) to run the Customer Care Department of the first non-wireline cellular telephone service company in the country—Cellular One of Washington/Baltimore—in early 1984. I was promoted to Vice President of Customer Care within six months of being hired. There I created a flagship customer service department copied by many subsequent cellular telephone companies. I also helped to define the data processing standards that enabled billing for the first inter-system cellular roaming.

After that, I helped create business management software for cellular telephone companies, co-founded a consulting firm serving cellular telephone companies, and provided consulting to several Latin American pager companies.

Then I gravitated to business and accounting management, becoming a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and providing an experienced business perspective in the set up and maintenance of QuickBooks accounting software for managing small businesses.


The rest of my story can be found on the Meet Evelyn page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me! I would love the opportunity to get to know you, and help you improve your life and embrace your magnificence.

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