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Free Webinar: Awaken and Align to Your Soul’s Mission

Are you struggling to keep your emotional and spiritual balance during these times of seismic disruption and unprecedented new challenges?

There has never been a more important time to connect with our spiritual essence and be grounded by our soul’s purpose.

I’m thrilled to share a unique combination of tools with you, in a free webinar!

My colleague and dear friend, Alana Blusol, and I are on a mission to inspire and empower people along their Soul’s journey—to help you stay strong and balanced in the face of uncertainty. We use two very different, but very compatible, modalities—she brings the power and clarity of Shamanism and I bring the insights and wisdom of Human Design.

Join us for a guided meditation journey to the Akashic Records to claim the gifts from Your Soul that will help you navigate these unsettling times and find YOUR Right Path.

PLUS learn exactly how to find YOUR unique Life Path and Soul Mission that is encoded in your Human Design Chart… using the chart of John Lennon as an example!

The live event already happened, and you can register to see the replay!

Learn more and register for the replay HERE >>



Edgar Cayce — Still Connecting Us with Wisdom from Source

If you were intrigued by the life and work of Edgar Cayce in my recent Celebrity article, you will LOVE this resource!

Edgar Speaks book coverIn 2007 spiritual counselor and energy healer Rev. Bente Hansen connected with the nonphysical energy of Edgar Cayce, which deliberately (and with her cooperation) integrated into her energy. Since then she has regularly channeled Edgar’s knowledge and wisdom, revealing answers to some of the greatest challenges we face in living on our rapidly changing planet.

In 2011 Bente compiled many of these channeled messages into a book to share with the world. That book, Edgar Speaks, is essentially an instruction manual to help you stay connected to your higher purpose and your true self as you align with the major shifts happening in the world today. It shares strategies to support you in fulfilling your role in the Divine Order and in navigating the dynamic changes taking place at this time of great transformation.

To learn more about the book and about Bente Hansen, who is an internationally noted healer, spiritual teacher, inspirational speakers, and radio host show, please contact Bente.

Bente channels other energies besides Edgar, and she also does Distance Energy Clearing and Healing sessions. You can find more about her and her work here: www.dynamicenergyhealing.net